Transforming ALL of Minecraft - The ULTIMATE Survival World | Part 2

Some people call me a madman... and I guess they're right. 100,000 LIKES for part 3 of the ULTIMATE survival world. My partner in crime @StephBlox has been helping loads with the planning, research, and writing the story for this project, so go show her some love and support for all of her hard work!


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Instagram: trixy.blox
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Shaders: BSL

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Replay Mod
World Edit
Voxel Sniper
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Song List:
RocknStock -
Patrick Patrikios - Simple
Ofshane - Sunset n Beachz
Cheel - Smokey Eye
Cheel - Anywhen You Say
Cheel - Blind Memories
Kwon - Lofi Mallet
Bad Snacks - Block Party
Lakely Inspired - Blue Boi -
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  1. TrixyBlox

    TrixyBloxПре месец

    Sup gamers! I know a lot of you have been waiting for this one! 😎 Remember to join the Discord if you have any questions about the world: Edit: okay we hit the like goal in just over 2 hours 😅 guess I better get building ⛏

  2. Tamara Hynes

    Tamara HynesПре месец


  3. Fermin Fernandez-Villaverde

    Fermin Fernandez-VillaverdeПре месец

    Can you give the island for free download because my parents are not going to let me spend money on a minecraft map

  4. DFC

    DFCПре месец

    Are you going to transform the nether?

  5. Макс Цырков

    Макс ЦырковПре месец

    My man, you built a ship based on Black Pearl

  6. giacomo morasso

    giacomo morassoПре месец

    for the next biome i vote jungle

  7. Jatermif

    JatermifПре 33 минута

    The end music gave me flashbacks to a horrible event in my past (for context the end music is very common in the Gachalife “animations”)

  8. Jegobo

    JegoboПре сат

    Can we just talk about how the desert village looks like a 1:1 build of gerudo city

  9. Rhett Pate

    Rhett PateПре сат

    Do you think you’ll customize the music files?

  10. Toys, games and movies

    Toys, games and moviesПре сат

    16:39 shrek

  11. John Ross

    John RossПре сат

    15:00 reminds me of Shadow of the Colosis

  12. Coop Tran

    Coop TranПре сат

    this must’ve taken so long w building and scripting and editing. Cant help but notice you said temple of mohammad ali the boxer

  13. Fireincarnate24

    Fireincarnate24Пре 2 сата

    Um, isn’t that called the eye of Horus, not Ra?

  14. Blue the frenchie

    Blue the frenchieПре 2 сата

    *surprised grumble*

  15. •Arian•

    •Arian•Пре 2 сата

    Bad thing I don't have minecraft java-

  16. PVJ

    PVJПре 2 сата

    Forsure the taj mahal

  17. TheBurner172

    TheBurner172Пре 2 сата

    Wait will this be on java or pe/bedrock

  18. Foxyy Courtepatte

    Foxyy CourtepatteПре 3 сата

    Why don't you make the pyramids

  19. faddymaple

    faddymapleПре 3 сата

    "i hate building ships" me thinking they look dope af...

  20. soul picnic

    soul picnicПре 3 сата

    The detailing….. the detailing!!!

  21. Creeperslayer 123

    Creeperslayer 123Пре 3 сата

    Hint: the ogre is shreck

  22. Cazu _

    Cazu _Пре 3 сата

    this pyramid is just amazing

  23. Cazu _

    Cazu _Пре 3 сата

    i love everything you built, this is awesome

  24. BruhNom

    BruhNomПре 4 сата

    After all of this is done. I wonder what will be the file size.. But I will clear anything in my PC so that I can store this Minecraft masterpiece...

  25. Quinn Bero

    Quinn BeroПре 4 сата

    Ships look absolutely badass. Amazing job

  26. Ethan Li

    Ethan LiПре 4 сата

    You should do the sphinx

  27. BruhNom

    BruhNomПре 4 сата

    I would like to see the golden temple of India in this Minecraft world...

  28. Bragadeesh R

    Bragadeesh RПре 5 сати

    Please do a survival series in this map!!!!

  29. Evan Kruger

    Evan KrugerПре 5 сати

    TrixyBlox should join hermitcrafrt

  30. jeffrey nunez

    jeffrey nunezПре 6 сати

    But what about the nether and the end?

  31. jeffrey nunez

    jeffrey nunezПре 6 сати

    Hope Mojean add all of this

  32. CHEN ZI XUAN Moe

    CHEN ZI XUAN MoeПре 6 сати

    Trixy I have a question. How can your computer handle all this files?

  33. Pedro Trad de Macedo Soares

    Pedro Trad de Macedo SoaresПре 6 сати

    I think he has a turbo pc

  34. Pedro Trad de Macedo Soares

    Pedro Trad de Macedo SoaresПре 6 сати

    after you finish the island like edit all of the videos together into one or make a playlist so I won't have to go scavenger mode triyng to find all videos


    ARNESH SOLANKIПре 7 сати

    Can I get a map

  36. ~ $p1th¡× ~

    ~ $p1th¡× ~Пре 7 сати

    Props to my guy for building a mosque (my place of worship as a Muslim) in the desert biome.. You also pronounced Mohammad Ali very well :) ~ ✨

  37. Tom Versteeg

    Tom VersteegПре 7 сати

    the dessert village be looking like gerudo town XD

  38. Gardeotocus

    GardeotocusПре 7 сати

    somebody copy the map in mineways, and make an animation about it

  39. Kineticwizzy

    KineticwizzyПре 8 сати

    I literally just watched the first pirates of the Carribean lol

  40. Alexander Stanford

    Alexander StanfordПре 9 сати

    The only reason I'm watching this is because... I literally suck.

  41. PaluGarde

    PaluGardeПре 9 сати

    Vikings/Nordic/Celtic builds in Taiga? Perhaps Stonehenge for the church?

  42. apartamentul13

    apartamentul13Пре 9 сати

    IT is is super cool!

  43. Ludwik Amerykano

    Ludwik AmerykanoПре 9 сати


  44. Conner torence

    Conner torenceПре 10 сати

    bro why his teeth so yellow and only his bottom teeth

  45. Foxythepirateboyy

    FoxythepirateboyyПре 10 сати

    Bro NEEDS to be hired by mojang

  46. Jerry Dronenberg

    Jerry DronenbergПре 11 сати

    So you’re making people pay to access this map? You know the plant minecraft exist right? Their are hundreds of maps of this scale that anyone can download for free.

  47. Luknė Fominskytė

    Luknė FominskytėПре 11 сати

    work with mojang

  48. Its G

    Its GПре 11 сати

    am I the only one to notice that this map looks similar to the amphibia map?

  49. RER Gaming

    RER GamingПре 12 сати

    This shouldnt be in patreon we have waited for this so much and now its paid

  50. Syamil Mukhtar

    Syamil MukhtarПре 12 сати

    Why don't ask mumbo to add redstone traps in the temple

  51. Okse Boys

    Okse BoysПре 12 сати

    Imagine if you were one of the 16,000,00 :did you count me?:

  52. Okse Boys

    Okse BoysПре 12 сати

    Are men allowed in geroudo town

  53. Israel Mathis

    Israel MathisПре 13 сати

    Do it just do it don't let your dreams be dreams

  54. FizzyMelon

    FizzyMelonПре 13 сати

    God I cant wait to be able to play this map

  55. Marc Jonathan Marin

    Marc Jonathan MarinПре 14 сати

    MAKE PART 3!!

  56. ItsTankCraft

    ItsTankCraftПре 15 сати

    Cant believe he made all of this. Imagine teaming up with some crazy people and making a whole mod and story for this map. Keep up the crazy work man

  57. Athoiba Yumlembam

    Athoiba YumlembamПре 15 сати

    Bro your are god builder

  58. Kyle

    KyleПре 16 сати

    We want more

  59. Crisanthony Hollero

    Crisanthony HolleroПре 17 сати

    Your a God and Your gaving them A world

  60. waffle

    waffleПре 17 сати

    him: builds an insanely cool and epic pyramid me: wait... IS THAT A JO-

  61. Baru

    BaruПре 17 сати

    I kinda want to see an Asian style village with a Shinto or Buddhist shrine

  62. Hello

    HelloПре 18 сати

    14:14 the wind and water dont aline

  63. CuongBeBo

    CuongBeBoПре 18 сати

    14:08 The wind is blowing the sails. Also wind: moving the opposite way

  64. Emily Herdt

    Emily HerdtПре 19 сати

    You should make a sick bay in the snow so people don’t get frost bite

  65. Paul Dickinson

    Paul DickinsonПре 19 сати

    I'm sending this to anyone who says video games can't be art.

  66. Joel Ruz

    Joel RuzПре 19 сати

    How's the Nether and End going to work? Because if the overworld is this extreme, the other dimensions may be dissappointing

  67. Bloodshadowsoul

    BloodshadowsoulПре 19 сати

    Are you going to add the iron golems for the villages

  68. Isaac pizzacraft Gaming

    Isaac pizzacraft GamingПре 20 сати

    Omg so cool 🤩

  69. Mason Hill

    Mason HillПре 20 сати

    Botw is a great game to play if you just want a good time

  70. mun bun low

    mun bun lowПре 20 сати

    DANGGGGG this guy is so talented mann

  71. Miko Rabago

    Miko RabagoПре 20 сати

    You are awesome man!

  72. Sohib minejeux

    Sohib minejeuxПре 21 сат

    0:43 you need to pay for a world 😠😠

  73. Jimmy Codaga

    Jimmy CodagaПре 21 сат

    16:40 shrek

  74. Jimmy Codaga

    Jimmy CodagaПре 21 сат

    Like a mountain monastery in a jungle

  75. Chocolatebunny586

    Chocolatebunny586Пре 21 сат

    You can use ancient debris to make palm trees

  76. Rainbowfn

    RainbowfnПре 22 сата

    Im just gonna say i would pay 100 dollars for just one of these biomes alone

  77. Icey Ice

    Icey IceПре 22 сата

    Is there gonna be a neither biome ?

  78. Kate Taylor

    Kate TaylorПре 23 сата

    I love the botw inspiration!!

  79. Usman

    UsmanПре 23 сата

    Love these beautiful mosques ❣️

  80. InkedVenom

    InkedVenomПре 23 сата

    Imagine doing that without world edit😵🥴

  81. Fox Braisthorn

    Fox BraisthornПре дан

    Me: {on my way to conquer the epic and uncharted Mushroom Biome} Shrek: *W H A T A R E Y A D O I N ' I N M Y S W A A A A M P*

  82. Kiyoshi Kaito

    Kiyoshi KaitoПре дан

    Omg I just had an idea that has nothing to do with this whatsoever Since we have horses and pig on the over world and those thing in the nether shouldn’t we have a water animal we can ride??

  83. Surrepio

    SurrepioПре дан

    In the jungle I guess it could be cool with like a cannibal village or something?

  84. Erin Hobbs

    Erin HobbsПре дан

    u should make a jungle tree house

  85. Yeet Mcteet

    Yeet McteetПре дан

    What shaders are these?

  86. Orange Parzival

    Orange ParzivalПре дан

    when i get this map im going to add some mods to it

  87. Hore Fathur Time

    Hore Fathur TimeПре дан

    I like masjid

  88. Hore Fathur Time

    Hore Fathur TimeПре дан

    Your very smart

  89. some rando clips

    some rando clipsПре дан

    My man be playing to much breathing wild game...

  90. Golden master 12 G

    Golden master 12 GПре дан

    Jangle biome next pleese

  91. Adam Reimers

    Adam ReimersПре дан

    4:36 "Freeze! Where do you think you're going?! Not into town-that's for sure! No voe allowed. Off with you!"

  92. Luca Graf

    Luca GrafПре дан

    For the worship places, maybe the St-Basil cathedral, from Russia ?

  93. Corbin Travels

    Corbin TravelsПре дан

    You should put iron golems in the villages

  94. Finn Robinson

    Finn RobinsonПре дан

    We need either Trixyblox Vs Grian or a team up between them XD

  95. Henry Lind

    Henry LindПре дан

    Will this cost money to play?

  96. John Mastin

    John MastinПре дан

    I wish it was free how is a kid gonna persuade there parent to pay 5 pounds to play on a Minecraft world :(

  97. Alex Galvan

    Alex GalvanПре дан

    I hope I could play this but I also don’t because I suck at building

  98. d4hper

    d4hperПре дан

    Trixy : “There is a mysterious ogre down in the swa-“ Me : “ SAY LESS”

  99. Forty McMeme

    Forty McMemeПре сат


  100. Totality

    TotalityПре дан

    you deserve more subs than dream, there, I said it

  101. pretty_in_ink

    pretty_in_inkПре дан

    That mushroom swamp! ❤🍄

  102. Revanth Bottu

    Revanth BottuПре дан

    Oscar better be in Hermitcraft Season 8.Ik u guys are saying it’s different from hermitcraft,but I feel like his building style and personality would be a great addition to hermitcraft

  103. Eighteen Thirteen

    Eighteen ThirteenПре дан

    Hindu temples

  104. Tiny Oats

    Tiny OatsПре дан

    Trixy are you the to scale minecraft to earth irl thing?

  105. Sarah Olin

    Sarah OlinПре дан

    You are truly an artist dude!

  106. Thatgoat848

    Thatgoat848Пре дан

    Mojang make this world generation and hire him

  107. Christian Luczejko

    Christian LuczejkoПре дан

    Hit 100k likes so I can give you the option to buy a minecraft map. Fuck you. I was with you til' you started yammering about like goals and patreon.