Draymond Green on how to guard Jokic and Embiid



  1. pucia mateu

    pucia mateuПре 3 дана

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  2. thomas gregg

    thomas greggПре 4 дана

    a power forward is no match for a true super center. so I guess he would have shut down chamberlain too , yeah right

  3. Trumpet-01 Rocket

    Trumpet-01 RocketПре 7 дана

    Embiid dominate diving to the floor known as a flopper

  4. Marquis Victor

    Marquis VictorПре 8 дана

    By the choices he made in crunch times for the warriors I would never let him coach my child cuz he ain’t clutch what so ever

  5. Wisely Chen

    Wisely ChenПре 10 дана

    Jokic and Embiid: u can’t guard me

  6. Wavy Bone

    Wavy BoneПре 13 дана

    Excited to listen to Draymond talk basketball for hopefully the rest of my life. Dude knows the game and explains everything very well.

  7. vladimir panic

    vladimir panicПре 19 дана

    It would have been funny if he said : both of them got me by 5/6 inches at least..... & they are both taller 😂😂😂

  8. FlamingSoupCan

    FlamingSoupCanПре 28 дана

    Draymond Green on how to miss a floater

  9. STXshine

    STXshineПре 28 дана

    Reporter: How do you guard Draymond Green? Teams: You don't need to.

  10. fousseymon play

    fousseymon playПре 28 дана

    And he missed the game winner

  11. Jayson Gaoiran

    Jayson GaoiranПре 29 дана

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  13. Ache Prime

    Ache PrimeПре месец

    Draymond can actually coach I guess after his Nba carrer.

  14. Gg Notre

    Gg NotreПре месец

    Man draymond gets hate for no reason. He has heart and is a great leader for a team. He’s very old school in that way. And his basketball IQ is through the roof.

  15. SIEGE

    SIEGEПре месец

    Draymond's so smart

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  17. mark beaver

    mark beaverПре месец

    I think it was Shaq who told Joel to post up more and use more physicality a couple of seasons ago and it has finally sunk in to where he is a dominant NBA player. Always had the skills!!

  18. Neal Holloway

    Neal HollowayПре месец

    I’ll be a fan if he becomes an analyst once he retires

  19. mazzb305

    mazzb305Пре месец

    Jokic is Dirk-esque sometimes

  20. Leslie Paler

    Leslie PalerПре месец

    Honest and humble answer form green

  21. Hector Tovar

    Hector TovarПре месец

    This man just gained some more of my respect. Kept it 💯

  22. James Carter

    James CarterПре месец

    Green is so straight to the point talker , a great guy

  23. Hussain Farhat

    Hussain FarhatПре месец

    Love draymond as a player but this dudes persona changed the second the dynasty ended 😭

  24. dijon johnson

    dijon johnsonПре месец

    I seriously love dray, very thoughtful & always has a reason for his actions or words.

  25. wahuwant ??

    wahuwant ??Пре месец

    Man Draymond is one of those players personality wise and skill wise that would fit PERFECT with Joker

  26. wahuwant ??

    wahuwant ??Пре месец

    @tulbanhawk oh no totally but I mean Jerami Grant is also a perfect fit with him and look what happened there haha. Just more of a wow moment after that interview for me

  27. tulbanhawk

    tulbanhawkПре месец

    Yeah, but there is no way they are going to play together due to salary cap imo, and I don't see any one of them leaving their respective teams any time soon, if ever.

  28. Timo Cruz

    Timo CruzПре месец

    This is an audition for the next phase in life. Knowing retirement is around the corner 😂

  29. Meir Bandz

    Meir BandzПре месец

    Draymond a funny nigga 😂😂😂

  30. rb9888

    rb9888Пре месец

    lol. we saw his guarding prowess very well in last nba finals, where siakim just ate him alive

  31. PingPing

    PingPingПре месец

    Always liked steph, klay and draymond, but just hated gsw.

  32. Artyy

    ArtyyПре месец

    greatest role player playing right know. he was so great on his role that he became an all star once

  33. Maksym Tarnowski

    Maksym TarnowskiПре месец

    Wait, is Draymond likable?

  34. Darien S

    Darien SПре месец

    I hate that I like Draymond. Much love

  35. Maximilian Smith

    Maximilian SmithПре месец

    Embiid and skill doesn't go in the same sentence. Jokic tho has skill

  36. Five8 Gotti

    Five8 GottiПре месец

    Embidd would give him 35 and 15 one on one all game

  37. Lost Nnotfound

    Lost NnotfoundПре месец

    I didn’t like draymond at first but dude is just too real for me to hate

  38. schneideywhitey

    schneideywhiteyПре месец

    I want to see Draymond play for as long as possible but I’m excited for whatever he chooses to do next: coaching, broadcasting, he’s got some wisdom to share

  39. Jack Salonsky

    Jack SalonskyПре месец

    i think every comment section says the same thing

  40. TheModer8ter

    TheModer8terПре месец

    "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life." John 3:16

  41. Nunya Beezwaxx

    Nunya BeezwaxxПре месец

    “Why are you single?” Me: 0:25

  42. Clay Hales

    Clay HalesПре месец

    When I played pick up games in high school, I always got stuck guarding my friend who had 6 inches on me because I could jump. That is a big challenge by itself (no pun intended). It's tough, but I got a few blocks in there. That experience taught me to be judicious with when I went all out to block, and when to just turn around and box out. Years later I played against another guy about the same size that knew how to use his body to protect the ball better. I never once blocked that guy. There were times he said he knew I was coming in to block, and he altered his shot, but never got the block.

  43. Logan Dykhouse

    Logan DykhouseПре месец

    Kinda clickbaited but aight

  44. MrBlkleaf

    MrBlkleafПре месец

    Calling it now Draymond gets atleast two more rings after his career is over. Going to a heavily sought after coach

  45. Antarah Ibn Shaddad

    Antarah Ibn ShaddadПре месец

    Yup coach draymond loading.....

  46. Positive Virtues

    Positive VirtuesПре месец

    Jokic mvp

  47. Brian Rogers

    Brian RogersПре месец

    Draymond must have changed his car oil himself

  48. Batman

    BatmanПре месец

    Gotta get that knee out draymond and start kicking some nutssss

  49. Finlay Sklar

    Finlay SklarПре месец

    draymond the analyst is very goo

  50. TheRealest Asian

    TheRealest AsianПре месец

    “A good 5-6 inches at least” -Draymond Green 2021

  51. Chris Vaccaro

    Chris VaccaroПре месец

    The subtitles on the thumbnail called embiid and jokic mb and yogis🤣🤣🤣

  52. griplimit

    griplimitПре месец

    What he wanted to say is “if you breath on them it’s a foul”

  53. Marko Marković

    Marko MarkovićПре месец

    Jokic has no respect at all from the refs and shoots only 5.4 fts on average, although he's constantly getting beaten. On the other hand, Embiid has 11 free-throw attempts on average

  54. John Vincent Ferrer

    John Vincent FerrerПре месец

    Very intelligent player in and out of court.

  55. Neel Moudgil

    Neel MoudgilПре месец

    Love this side of draymond, seems like someone who would be really cool to have a conversation with

  56. Lappin

    LappinПре месец

    I'm starting to like this guy again...respect 👏

  57. Alt Delete

    Alt DeleteПре месец

    Though he was actually gonna try ta say something bout guarding them. Was bouta say man u cant guard not one of them lol. Respect basically he said they're both unguardable

  58. Jessamyn Sasaki

    Jessamyn SasakiПре месец


  59. Vahe Toutikian

    Vahe ToutikianПре месец

    Draymond is not a top 3 defender in the league

  60. Dulo Gmaz

    Dulo GmazПре месец

    Draymond is one of the smartest players on the league, he wouldn't be the defensive beast he is without his basketball IQ.

  61. deancj1

    deancj1Пре месец

    Since he started in the league people have gone after him but make no mistake the warriors are a much different team without this guy. What he brings is immeasurable. By the way, he was right about kd.

  62. Marko Marković

    Marko MarkovićПре месец

    He's much more important for the GSW than KD

  63. Waleed Dreegia

    Waleed DreegiaПре месец

    that jokic jumpshot impersonation had me dying of laughter hahahahahahahahaha

  64. MrBazsi888

    MrBazsi888Пре месец

    - Draymond, how do you guard Embiid & Jokic ? - I'm just a fan.

  65. Marko Marković

    Marko MarkovićПре месец


  66. BoysLockDown

    BoysLockDownПре месец

    Lol donkey

  67. It’s True

    It’s TrueПре месец

    They score like 30-40 points on Draymond every matchup. This dude is ass 💩

  68. Charlie Cameron

    Charlie CameronПре месец

    Sounds like he’ll make a good coach, hopefully with GS

  69. G O A T

    G O A TПре месец

    Dray is so cool off the court

  70. Myk Hollywood

    Myk HollywoodПре месец

    I can see LBJ playing with this dude.

  71. Samo Istina

    Samo IstinaПре месец

    aaaaaaa just put a point finger in his eye

  72. BYT Beats

    BYT BeatsПре месец

    Draymond should be a coach when he retires

  73. True Foxes

    True FoxesПре месец

    Wouldve been funny if he just said "2 defenders"

  74. donald new jr.

    donald new jr.Пре месец

    I really see Green would be a great Coach or analyst... Dude have that Mamba mentality, RIP Koba and his daughter

  75. Clips In 6 2021

    Clips In 6 2021Пре месец

    They both dropped at least 30 on Draymond He can’t talk

  76. Spoil Spoil

    Spoil SpoilПре месец

    TV is next for this man, very insightful and charismatic.

  77. Landon L.

    Landon L.Пре месец

    "Punch them in the nuts."

  78. Victor S

    Victor SПре месец


  79. Brandon Rogers

    Brandon RogersПре месец

    Draymond gave respect and in doing so he gets some back.

  80. Solomon King

    Solomon KingПре месец

    future coach Green.

  81. It’s your boi NickyG1020

    It’s your boi NickyG1020Пре месец

    Once Joel gets in the post it’s game over

  82. Jerry Jazzbo

    Jerry JazzboПре месец

    Why didn't he talk about how to avoid a donkey kick?

  83. Jayydabest

    JayydabestПре 12 дана

    Lol I guess

  84. Mark robinson

    Mark robinsonПре месец

    Thats one way of saying "I really can't guard them"

  85. Cashmade Shawn

    Cashmade ShawnПре месец

    The greatest players can't be guarded.. especially 1on1🤷🏾‍♂️

  86. CeeTee Thomas

    CeeTee ThomasПре месец

    Coach Green, it’s apparent

  87. Unknown Alien

    Unknown AlienПре месец

    just let Draymond talk. this is why he doesn't deserve all the hate he gets. he's a smart guy with a high basketball IQ and knows the game.

  88. Lindo

    LindoПре месец

    Discipline 🙏🏾

  89. Barack Obama

    Barack ObamaПре месец

    1:07 “those right foot joints”💯😂😂😂

  90. InfiniteCaliber

    InfiniteCaliberПре месец

    Draymond always has fantastic insight.

  91. EpilepticRabbit

    EpilepticRabbitПре месец

    Who knew once Embiid started playing like an Olajuwon who can shoot rather than a spot up shooter who can post up he would have more success.

  92. kiddshand

    kiddshandПре месец

    Brett didn’t lol

  93. rmafans

    rmafansПре месец

    Dark skin nigga

  94. Meshari

    MeshariПре месец

    Just kick them in the NUTTS Draymondts!!

  95. Dejan Popovic

    Dejan PopovicПре месец

    32 last night, and pure judge steal!! Jokic is Alien this year for all teams. Pure horror!! MVP

  96. Nas Holston

    Nas HolstonПре месец

    Draymond did a pretty good on Joel. With that being said the Warriors were double teaming him on the catch. Draymond is not stopping him consistently 1 on 1.

  97. michael spagnolo

    michael spagnoloПре месец

    IN MY OPINION... Jokic is the best player in Basketball today! This man is a 7ft player that has EVERYTHING needed in today's game including passing,scoring & rebounding to confirm that argument!

  98. MVP Harden

    MVP HardenПре месец

    Draymond giving advice on how to stop the two best centers in the league yet tbh he washed up when he only averaging 5 ppg

  99. YouVikeThat?

    YouVikeThat?Пре месец

    Draymond “all you gotta do is hit Em in the nuts”

  100. Elie Guapo

    Elie GuapoПре месец

    He would be a great former baller tv guy just like Shaq, Charles, DWade etc. His interview on lebrons show was fantastic too

  101. Alvar C

    Alvar CПре месец

    I dont think he gets enough credit on how intelligent and articulated he is

  102. Isaac Losh

    Isaac LoshПре месец

    Draymond is most known for his heart and passion, but he is also a very high IQ player

  103. LECRON

    LECRONПре месец

    Best defender and best passer of all time! 🤪

  104. Eric Phan

    Eric PhanПре месец

    This man really did put on his TNT analyst hat lmao

  105. Samuel Loetscher

    Samuel LoetscherПре месец

    And people say he's cocky

  106. Hugo Tavares

    Hugo TavaresПре месец

    Good Answer

  107. Mijezz BSL

    Mijezz BSLПре месец

    Jokic MVP!

  108. Top Shotta

    Top ShottaПре месец

    Green is one of those guys that you hate him if he’s on the other team, but love the hell out of him if he’s on your team. Respect. Great question also 👍🏼