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00:00 intro
04:36 new mordekaiser skin
07:38 urgot top
16:36 cho'gath top
25:41 outro

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  1. Mark Kujo

    Mark KujoПре 3 дана

    loltyler1 just got carried by Andoqs

  2. Zion ZERO 자이언

    Zion ZERO 자이언Пре 13 дана

    God is gonna play these stories back for Tyler if he reaches heaven

  3. Mike Jay

    Mike JayПре 14 дана

    As a mordi main i approve (im also trash so buffs wont make much of a difference)

  4. Snaked8

    Snaked8Пре 14 дана

    1 versuz 4 million, knocked they ass out 😹

  5. HyperMuffin

    HyperMuffinПре 25 дана

    i fookin love u tyler

  6. Hypeds

    HypedsПре 25 дана

    hehe xd

  7. Kühn Andreas

    Kühn AndreasПре 28 дана

    unpopular opinion, but I think mechanical/robot skins are the most unoriginal, least effort skins out there and Riot keeps making them none stop for easy money.

  8. Maniacal Coast

    Maniacal CoastПре 28 дана

    Now if only they can put this much attention and care to balancing

  9. Jason Woodrue

    Jason WoodrueПре 29 дана

    Why is Annie bot in so many of your games?

  10. Ghani Rian

    Ghani RianПре месец

    Intro song??

  11. Laggy Boy

    Laggy BoyПре месец

    Piercing lights marko remix thx me later

  12. Monish Kumar Das

    Monish Kumar DasПре месец

    6’5 GOD⁉️

  13. Callum

    CallumПре месец

    intro song?

  14. Laggy Boy

    Laggy BoyПре месец

    Piercing lights marko remix thx me later

  15. ed f

    ed fПре месец

    ye but na servers are fkng trash

  16. kalamantutay

    kalamantutayПре месец

    Morde hidden ult description Enemy with low cpu and low end system will experience an immediate subsequent explosion from their computer and a afk penalty

  17. Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Salvador Pampulim de CarvalhoПре месец


  18. Lego production

    Lego productionПре месец

    00:00 the special child when he goes to the disco

  19. G

    GПре месец

    The first song is Piercing Light for those asking.

  20. Penny Trade Yermum

    Penny Trade YermumПре месец

    bless you

  21. Christopher Quach

    Christopher QuachПре месец

    What's the intro song ?

  22. Laggy Boy

    Laggy BoyПре месец

    Piercing lights marko remix thx me later

  23. Zombie Heart

    Zombie HeartПре месец

    Name of the intro song?

  24. Laggy Boy

    Laggy BoyПре месец

    @Zombie Heart ur welcome

  25. Zombie Heart

    Zombie HeartПре месец

    @Laggy Boy thank you❤️

  26. Laggy Boy

    Laggy BoyПре месец

    Piercing lights marko remix thx me later

  27. Tropi - Rust

    Tropi - RustПре месец

    what song is playing at 9:03?

  28. Olur

    OlurПре месец

    whats that hype music at dtart called?

  29. Laurits Godtliebsen

    Laurits GodtliebsenПре месец

    They use time to make this fucking cool skin. And im still not able to log my champ in 10% of the time...

  30. kh 88

    kh 88Пре месец

    Here from more plates more dates. Thought I was going to watch another idiot "influencer" with undeserved popularity. But no, this guy had me entertained from the start 😂

  31. ClanBlade

    ClanBladeПре месец

    If the balance department was as competent as the skin department, Tyler wouldn't rant about the patch notes every fortnight.

  32. ClanBlade

    ClanBladeПре месец

    Do any of you have a box of tissues, because I just came at this Mordekaiser skin

  33. Tomass

    TomassПре месец

    25:33 what is the song in the background?

  34. Tomass

    TomassПре месец

    @Olur ur comment is so useless

  35. Olur

    OlurПре месец

    @Laggy Boy love you broder

  36. Laggy Boy

    Laggy BoyПре месец

    @Olur piercing lights marko remix

  37. Laggy Boy

    Laggy BoyПре месец

    @Olur I found it. It's league of legends ft mako

  38. Laggy Boy

    Laggy BoyПре месец

    @Olur it's one of those popular edm songs

  39. isAgility

    isAgilityПре месец

    Yes a T1 and AnnieBot game

  40. Ryuga Roxas

    Ryuga RoxasПре месец

    that intro music blast my ears

  41. Ahmed Ben

    Ahmed BenПре месец

    chat: ZONING R kekw , R BUGGED kekw i love chat lmao

  42. Hawkz

    HawkzПре месец

    Wrong chat

  43. João Polainas

    João PolainasПре месец

    How tf does he make these stories on the spot and make them sound so convincing? xD

  44. Yousef Odeh

    Yousef OdehПре месец

    Happens all the time can't find my favorite shirt in months.

  45. Kylan Kim

    Kylan KimПре месец

    Shaving with a ingrown hair is "fake" alright.

  46. Spartinus

    SpartinusПре месец

    Only OGs know the Hidden ending

  47. Kaiser Ironclad Chad

    Kaiser Ironclad ChadПре месец

    I purged 3 billion xenos these last 3 days.

  48. Mads Rasmussen

    Mads RasmussenПре месец

    Anyone got big t music playlist

  49. Jack Flim

    Jack FlimПре месец

    The helpless cobweb bizarrely wreck because control mechanistically pedal athwart a versed police. known, violent interviewer

  50. Broseph

    BrosephПре месец

    Anyone know the song at the intro

  51. Insinuo

    InsinuoПре месец


  52. ꧁S̶k̶i̶l̶l̶z̶o̶i̶d̶ xD꧂

    ꧁S̶k̶i̶l̶l̶z̶o̶i̶d̶ xD꧂Пре месец

    Dam earrape and im using headphone

  53. no

    noПре месец

    I still prefer base Morde...

  54. rich jaarra

    rich jaarraПре месец

    It's about damn time daddy LORD Mord gets a lil love

  55. Mahad Hashmi

    Mahad HashmiПре месец

    there’s no way that viktor is ranked higher then silver II 😂😂😂

  56. CrackWhoreDown

    CrackWhoreDownПре месец

    What song is playing at the start?

  57. Wivvern

    WivvernПре месец

    @CrackWhoreDown Thank you

  58. CrackWhoreDown

    CrackWhoreDownПре месец

    Piercing lights :)

  59. MrCyb999

    MrCyb999Пре месец

    Chat not synced, WeirdChamp

  60. Thicc Fish

    Thicc FishПре месец

    Tyler1 Prays to god, but then realizes he's just been talking to himself. Coincidence? I think not

  61. Mudri

    MudriПре месец

    Lmao that second game wouldve been a loss without soul, that shit is too busted. They all healed for like 4k hp during that fight

  62. Kevin Ferreira

    Kevin FerreiraПре месец

    Has t1 gotten worse at playing top? Looks like it

  63. Dillan

    DillanПре месец

    now thats a fucking intro

  64. kostis metallo

    kostis metalloПре месец

    I'm kinda fed up with top challenge

  65. MF MOBA🅥

    MF MOBA🅥Пре месец

    Kayak bkent yah?

  66. Rookie Of The Year

    Rookie Of The YearПре месец

    That ADC really said Jhin to win

  67. Jrjones408

    Jrjones408Пре месец

    How surprised when everyone who buys this skin will be when Keanu reeves starts flaming them in lane

  68. Michael Truong

    Michael TruongПре месец

    That skin is the best skin I’ve ever seen

  69. Liam

    LiamПре месец

    I love that every vid starts with t1 happy and lit af then goes to him slouched in the dark in the second half xd

  70. kirito amantai

    kirito amantaiПре месец

    What is the name of the music? 0:01

  71. Adam Sinclair

    Adam SinclairПре месец

    Piercing Light

  72. Big Neuton

    Big NeutonПре месец

    Blasting some dumbass shitty zoomer music right into my ear while an oompa loompa is dancing like a worm in his booster seat. Fml.

  73. The Fostered

    The FosteredПре месец


  74. Tomato Fish

    Tomato FishПре месец

    12:10 NA naut

  75. Joaquin

    JoaquinПре месец

    keep doing the same mistake over and over again of clicking a tyler1 video without checking my volume, smh damn

  76. Loverboy

    LoverboyПре месец

    is tyler1 gonna play resident evil?

  77. Motivmotion

    MotivmotionПре месец

    This supermassive, tall, muscular man, is kind of a problem.

  78. Lilorxa

    LilorxaПре месец

    Tf is the intro somg?

  79. Jack the Bard

    Jack the BardПре месец

    This is gonna be the first skin I pay money for

  80. Yosri Zayani

    Yosri ZayaniПре месец

    ⁠⁠#Palestine #SaveSheikhJarrah #SheikhJarrah #PrayforGaza #FreePalestine #Palestinewillbefree #Gaza

  81. Rotation136

    Rotation136Пре месец

    1:38 when urgot ults you and pulls you in

  82. IndominusGaming

    IndominusGamingПре месец

    Whats the intro song

  83. Kestrels_XP

    Kestrels_XPПре месец

    hehe XD?\

  84. JAMESS

    JAMESSПре месец

    QSS be like: thats cool but i have a game to win

  85. Gabo the Disappointment

    Gabo the DisappointmentПре месец

    Pretty safe to say the art and skin teams went balls to the wall with Morde's new skin.

  86. TI Pilot

    TI PilotПре месец

    can morde ult be windwalled because that skin makes it look like it can

  87. aok

    aokПре месец

    How many plebs will buy this skin because Tyler said it looks sick

  88. Solomon Gorringe

    Solomon GorringeПре месец

    Is Tyler wearing eye shadow. Look at his intro. Eyes be shining

  89. Alejandro Petit

    Alejandro PetitПре месец

    1:38 how 6 year old me thought zombies killed people

  90. the cali lifestyle

    the cali lifestyleПре месец

    Tyler's story gets a like 2 minuets in and u got it champ

  91. Black Adam

    Black AdamПре месец

    whats the name of the song at the beginning

  92. ATLHooligan

    ATLHooliganПре месец

    What is LDR

  93. LifenKnight 6732

    LifenKnight 6732Пре месец


  94. Aro

    AroПре месец

    hehe xd

  95. Fuzzy Shady

    Fuzzy ShadyПре месец


  96. Tenshi Shade

    Tenshi ShadeПре месец

    14:30 look at tylers face lol

  97. Tenshi Shade

    Tenshi ShadeПре месец

    14:28 *

  98. Riccardo Fiocchi

    Riccardo FiocchiПре месец

    I'm here at 2 AM ragequeing like T1 told me, LETSGOOO

  99. tyler rochakim

    tyler rochakimПре месец

    anyone else thought they rewinded at 21:39

  100. War Baby

    War BabyПре месец

    She hides alot of them so she doesnt have to wash a bunch lol

  101. aquatiq

    aquatiqПре месец

    Story seemed real

  102. War Baby

    War BabyПре месец

    Okay that whole bit was clowning asf lol

  103. TheTroll

    TheTrollПре месец

    0:01 nice intro

  104. Lofi-Shogun

    Lofi-ShogunПре месец

    Riot milking chomas

  105. Jesus Muñoz

    Jesus MuñozПре месец

    Pull ups do make your bench bigger, just having a bigger back will make the bottom portion of bench feel a lot smoother

  106. Strepto Coco

    Strepto CocoПре месец

    the only other Map Riot has ever implemented in the Summoners rift and its exclusively in Morde's Ult

  107. PP_Ra_uL_T

    PP_Ra_uL_TПре месец

    13:08 love you tyler1 and annie bot 2 vs 4

  108. Icey4x

    Icey4xПре месец

    imma get ulted by morde just to see that cityscape

  109. Havox •

    Havox •Пре месец

    Eid Mubarak guys:)

  110. Garrett smith

    Garrett smithПре месец

    4:15 that smile put a smile on my face

  111. Amir Am

    Amir AmПре месец

    hehe xd

  112. Meatwad 420

    Meatwad 420Пре месец

    What is that Intro song? Pretty hype

  113. TheDerperOne

    TheDerperOneПре месец

    Can someone make an updated compilation of every tyler1 "sup sup"

  114. michael sanchez

    michael sanchezПре месец


  115. MusicMemer

    MusicMemerПре месец

    this is the most work they have put into a skin ever lmao

  116. Ivailo Ivanov

    Ivailo IvanovПре месец