Tom Curran surprised Mac Jones was available for Patriots | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Tom Curran is surprised Mac Jones was available to the Patriots at No. 15 but not that New England selected him. Curran breaks down how the move improves and addresses a position of need for Bill Belichick and company.
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Tom Curran surprised Mac Jones was available for Patriots | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


  1. mrpzpdx

    mrpzpdxПре 29 дана

    Loved this

  2. LittleBilly69

    LittleBilly69Пре месец

    Mac Jones was a much better decision than getting Jimmy G back

  3. John Cutajar

    John CutajarПре месец

    He got the draft picks wrong .

  4. Bill D

    Bill DПре месец

    Curran sitting in his car in some strange parking lot looking like he is waiting on his heroin dealer.

  5. Ray Evans

    Ray EvansПре месец

    If you were to listen to this show without the video i would bet you , you couldn't guess who was the black guy 😫😭😭😭

  6. 1 Alamby

    1 AlambyПре месец

    is that surprising, the guy isnt that good

  7. Truth Seeker

    Truth SeekerПре месец

    If Cam was white the narrative would be different....

  8. Leo Derosia

    Leo DerosiaПре месец

    Cam kind of sucked last year but so did wrs and Tes.

  9. Triple Tray

    Triple TrayПре месец

    The cam Newton disrespect tho lol

  10. OJ Simpson

    OJ SimpsonПре месец

    Bro Cam sucks lol

  11. Mister3Pac

    Mister3PacПре месец

    @Truth Seeker no it’s the fact that he sucked last season, is getting older, on a one year deal, and Mac Jones got picked at 15 overall. He is the future at some point this year or next.

  12. Truth Seeker

    Truth SeekerПре месец

    If he was whit the convo would be way different.

  13. Tom Major

    Tom MajorПре месец

    Surprised? He knows the league is 100%rigged!!!

  14. Joe King

    Joe KingПре месец

    Stidham will be traded for good compensation just like Jimmy G and Cassell because they were trained by New England.

  15. Frank Champion

    Frank ChampionПре месец

    Only the patriots were interested

  16. David Caunter

    David CaunterПре месец

    Another dumb take by one of our clueless Boston national media guys. They were the ones constantly clamoring for a Jimmy G trade that would have been a disaster. One of his colleagues was ready to give up a 1st round pick for a guy who has played more than 6 games ONCE in the last 5 years. Now they think Belichick is just going to arbitrarily insert Jones into the lineup at some set point in the season? The only way he sees the field this season is if he lights the world on fire in training camp or Cam really struggles or gets injured.

  17. Greg Bozek

    Greg BozekПре месец

    tom curran is the best....when he said julian was done, he gave the best reason....those bone on bone guys can not play thru the pain..........julian has no knees.just a huge heart

  18. SFreud

    SFreudПре месец

    Julian came out the other day and explained the same thing about his injuries and he will not be coming back regardless of the location. He just can't physically.

  19. P Pumpkin

    P PumpkinПре месец

    Nick Saban told Belichick to use his top pick on Cyrus Jones in 2016 - it was a bust.

  20. Leo Derosia

    Leo DerosiaПре месец

    Nkeal harry sucks too

  21. Paul Richards

    Paul RichardsПре месец

    @M Brewer I like Damien running back by committee it's the correct way to be in 2021

  22. M Brewer

    M BrewerПре месец

    Damien Harris

  23. Paul Richards

    Paul RichardsПре месец

    If he recommended Dont'a Hightower then I'll forgive him for Jones

  24. Michael Partyka

    Michael PartykaПре месец

    Unless Cam gets hurt or really stinks it up; Mac won’t see the field other than mop up for 2021.

  25. Hot Pastrami

    Hot PastramiПре месец

    @Frank Champion ...except he won't play like last year considering how he now has actual skilled receivers this season...

  26. Frank Champion

    Frank ChampionПре месец

    If cam plays like last year you’ll see Mac this year

  27. xxDuo

    xxDuoПре месец

    Tom Curran becomes more annoying each year.

  28. Jerry McCarthy

    Jerry McCarthyПре месец

    He's a Lib Why would u think he gets better over time?

  29. Stephen White

    Stephen WhiteПре месец

    It’s gunna be so funny when cam Newton beats out mac Jones as the starter and leads the patriots to the playoffs all these clowns will have egg on their face.

  30. Larry Love

    Larry LoveПре месец

    Cam cant throw a 15 yard out! I think mac can throw more then 8 td's In a full season cam is washed he has a wet noodle for an arm


    ACE BOOGIEПре месец

    Cam is the starter already. Bill said it & I hope Cam doesn’t give the job to Mac.

  32. John Smith

    John SmithПре месец

    The only clown will be Scam Newton wearing his clown suits for his post game interviews.

  33. Patrol Masters

    Patrol MastersПре месец

    Tom Curran says the Patriots draft will be CB, O-line, WR. The Patriots picked QB, DT, Edge. That is Tom Curran with his finger on the Patriots pulse. WRONG, WRONG, AND WRONG!

  34. Jerry McCarthy

    Jerry McCarthyПре месец

    A sjw at it's finest That's all he knows and likes to 🤬 a lot because he thinks it makes him 😎 He's a 🔧

  35. A Radcliffe

    A RadcliffeПре месец

    Tom Curran is the worst sportswriter in History...The absolute worst

  36. HueyLewisFan22

    HueyLewisFan22Пре месец


  37. Patrol Masters

    Patrol MastersПре месец


  38. Patrol Masters

    Patrol MastersПре месец

    Mac Jones is far better than Jimmy Garoppolo. Last time I looked Jimmy Garoppolo was picked in the late 2nd round, number 62. Mac Jones was drafted 15 of the 1st round. Tom Curran is a moron!

  39. Patrol Masters

    Patrol MastersПре месец

    The Patriots would have back Jimmy Garoppolo back, but begrudgingly. Garoppolo is reliable to start 6 games a season?

  40. Patrol Masters

    Patrol MastersПре месец

    I apologize to Mike Florio for Tom Currrans views on Mac Jones and the New England Patriots. In the future please call Phil Perry. Perry knows the Patriots and the draft far better than Curran.

  41. trentbateman

    trentbatemanПре месец

    @HueyLewisFan22 he has salty NE disease. It generally manifests itself in younger people through opioid and alcohol addiction, while the boomers were just booze and negativity

  42. HueyLewisFan22

    HueyLewisFan22Пре месец

    What’s wrong w Curran ?

  43. Eric Ciaramella

    Eric CiaramellaПре месец

    Tom E. Curran*

  44. Dadson worldwide

    Dadson worldwideПре месец

    Once again bill bellechek takes advantage of racisl bias against white players like the Edelmans he has always been made to look genuis by taking advantage of the other teams stupidity. He will tap this market every time.

  45. Leo Derosia

    Leo DerosiaПре месец

    @Stephen White the mother is black haha,are u fucking blind?

  46. Stephen White

    Stephen WhiteПре месец

    @Leo Derosia well shows you haven’t been to Africa and know nothing about it they have a lot of different skin tones if Africa just like any other continent it’s full of many countries with many people. Also steph curry parents are both black you clown 🤡

  47. Leo Derosia

    Leo DerosiaПре месец

    @Stephen White the nfl is 70 pct black if it makes u feel better....many in us are mixed anyways like mahomes, Steph curry , klay. U won't find many light skinned blacks like ali or cam in Africa

  48. 1 Alamby

    1 AlambyПре месец

    @Joe King Whats Bill's record without Brady?

  49. Dadson worldwide

    Dadson worldwideПре месец

    @Joe King yeah . Well this was one time he just let them sux

  50. Russ Bailey

    Russ BaileyПре месец

    People are nuts to think that the Pats wanted Garopolo again. Curran's player analysis is the worst! Correction - Curran blows BS at the world!

  51. Francis

    FrancisПре месец

    Anyone else hate everything about Mark Wahlberg?

  52. klo schuessel

    klo schuesselПре месец

    If mac jones had such a season being named smith and playing some place else, yeah

  53. Anthony Yusef

    Anthony YusefПре месец

    Why does Tom Curran continue to make medical diagnosis? does he not realize that people who contracted the COVID virus even after cured had lasting effects of it?

  54. Axe2Grind

    Axe2GrindПре месец

    Same reason politicians think they’re doctors all of a sudden.

  55. Chuck Norris

    Chuck NorrisПре месец

    Toma wats

  56. Joe King

    Joe KingПре месец

    Mac was the most fortunate by far of all the QB's taken in the first round. It's a perfect fit and could easily be NE's next dynasty leader. Fields will have a tough time in Chicago. Wilson will be destroyed in NY. Trey Lance will never pan out. Trevor will be fine but won't make it to the Super Bowl like Mac and NE.

  57. 1 Alamby

    1 AlambyПре месец

    @Joe King Process like Brady? Are you on crack? No one can process like Brady, let alone some rookie QB...Pats fluked it with are back to being a mediocre team they were before...remind me how many SBs the Pats won without Brady? (Zero btw), "many Super Bowls in the next 20 years" what a clown, dont think you realise how real football without the Brady works, just ask the other teams.

  58. 1 Alamby

    1 AlambyПре месец

    @Joe King Josh Allen, just did torched the NFL last season, do you watch football? Do you also know how many QBs actually pan out...its a total crapshoot...NE lucked out with Brady, without him the team is total garbage

  59. Chris

    ChrisПре месец

    @Axe2Grind Josh Allen has only had 1 good year. You can not consider someone great when only 1 put of their 3 seasons had been good. Hes a one hit wonder. Buffalo will win 10 games next year because teams will figure Allen out and BUF has no defense

  60. Joe King

    Joe KingПре месец

    @Axe2Grind Remember when Cam won the MVP? And look at him last year. Allen will follow the same trajectory.

  61. Axe2Grind

    Axe2GrindПре месец

    @Joe King Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha good one sir. Keep convincing yourself of that. It must take a lot of effort sounding that dumb.

  62. DeeKay617

    DeeKay617Пре месец

    Great job Tom E. Curran ! One of the best Patriots reporters , other one being Greg Bedard 👍

  63. thanksfernuthin

    thanksfernuthinПре месец

    Tom wants to make sure Julian knows he'd love him to come to Tampa Bay. Even though he knows that's not going to happen. That's all that was going on.

  64. myko freder

    myko frederПре месец

    You only needed 2 3rd rounders to beat the Patriots, what's Washington's plan tank or Rogers, Wilson, Watson. One of these negative guys going with the odds the 5th QB taken usually is nothing special, but will create revisionist history if he is, I told you he was good and Bill is a QB guru waiting for the guy to drop into his lap.

  65. Joe King

    Joe KingПре месец

    Often the #1 QB taken busts, right?