Will Cam Newton be New England Patriots' starter for entire season? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Mike Florio and Chris Simms predict what Cam Newton's second year in New England could look like as he tries to hold off Mac Jones for the starting QB job.
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Will Cam Newton be New England Patriots' starter for entire season? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


  1. a615254 Jones

    a615254 JonesПре месец

    Newton is OVERRATED. Patriots finish 7 and 9

  2. D D

    D DПре месец

    Look how injuries have increased since the NFLPA started negotiating downwards on the preseason workouts. If the players support that, that’s fine, but really think the net result is negative.

  3. Murray Spain

    Murray SpainПре месец

    Cam is the guy case closed Bellichek not going to start a rookie despite all the calls to do so Mac Jones is not ready for the NFL you can only protect a rookie so much those defenses will eat Mac Jones alive he don't have the experience see you next year Mac maybe

  4. ninjamaster802

    ninjamaster802Пре месец

    I think still newton starting they pay him big! He have 1 year deal! So I don’t see mac jones starting.. because he still train him he still developing... maybe they let Mac jones play in 4th round.. that’s my guess.

  5. Brenda Hudson

    Brenda HudsonПре месец

    You already know the answer..sports anylast (fortune teller)..don't forget to tell Cam..smfh

  6. Jake Wilson

    Jake WilsonПре месец

    Cam Newton is the week 1 starter for the New England Patriots!!! Let's go Patriots and do your job New England Patriots!!! I'll be rooting for Cam Newton!!! I 🖤 #1!!! Cam Newton is going to be the week 1 starter for the New England Patriots!!! Go Cam Newton Go!!! I love Cam Newton!!! Go Cam Go!!!

  7. Carlos Martinez

    Carlos MartinezПре месец

    Cams gonna ball out mac is 22 he can sit bak for a year learn everything and get ready to roll in take over next year. Would be nice to have cam retire with a superbowl

  8. Michael Riddell

    Michael RiddellПре месец

    I am a huge lifelong Pats fan and there is no chance Cam "balls out". He has a slow delivery, he is inaccurate, he can't read a blitz, he has poor arm strength, he has lost a step, and he is no longer elusive. On top of all of that, he is injury prone. He simply is not an NFL QB any more, even if they surround him with more talent this year (which they have)

  9. Ben Crawford Books

    Ben Crawford BooksПре месец

    These 2, I like 👍🏾

  10. Deontrez Albury

    Deontrez AlburyПре месец

    They seem to be pretty fair in their analysis.

  11. Antonio Caballero

    Antonio CaballeroПре месец

    Cam had one of the worst seasons a QB has had in 10 years last season. He is washed washed

  12. Antonio Caballero

    Antonio CaballeroПре месец

    If cam plays anything like he did last year and Mac doesn't start by week 10, then he's a bust

  13. John O'Neil

    John O'NeilПре месец

    Wasn't Chris Simms the IDIOT who told the world his Boyfriend Kyle Shanahan was picking Mack Jones with the third pick in the draft?? He's an IDIOT (just listen to him!!)!!! If his last name was Smith he wouldn't even have a job!!!

  14. John Lavvas

    John LavvasПре месец

    The workable bonsai densply amuse because message separately pump mid a curvy blanket. forgetful, materialistic jason

  15. Junior Santos

    Junior SantosПре месец

    Do you guys think they do like Brees and Hill, duo thing? With Cam and Mac?

  16. Junior Santos

    Junior SantosПре месец

    I think it's Cam, super Cam baby. If it's not him, it's Mac, and if it's not Mac, It will be Jarrett for sure..lol

  17. Steven Vargas

    Steven VargasПре месец

    The opposite of what ever nonsense Simms spues out.

  18. Relentless Gaming

    Relentless GamingПре месец

    Buccaneers are going undefeated this Season!

  19. Edward Nevarez

    Edward NevarezПре месец

    I think cam would make a better TE than a QB

  20. Kevykev388

    Kevykev388Пре месец

    I agree. With his overall size he oughta be a deadly redzone threat. There's practically nothing anyone can do to him pre-catch without drawing a flag lol

  21. Honest Abe

    Honest AbeПре месец

    I get critized for trashing black media like Marcus Spears, Stephen A Smith, Emmanuel Acho, Rodney Harrison, Louis Riddick for their poor analysis of Cam Newton. They need to come watch how real analysis is done. Black media needs to do a better job in analyzing black players.

  22. craig walrath

    craig walrathПре месец

    Most QBs don't play a whole season. With one more game it's even more likely that Jones will play a couple of games but Cam is the man and he will have a great season.

  23. Kevykev388

    Kevykev388Пре месец

    @Antonio Caballero and still won 7 games. About 4 more than expected. Can't wait to see how awful he is this year with slight upgrades to WRs and TE. Along with the defense potentially returning to top 10 or top 5

  24. Antonio Caballero

    Antonio CaballeroПре месец

    Cam was AWFUL last season.

  25. Choco Latte

    Choco LatteПре месец

    I hope not. Cam is the guy? How did last year go?

  26. EBK Jess

    EBK JessПре месец

    Cam Been Coming back off Months and the Patriots Reloading 7-9 Was Way Better Than I expected This Year I hope a 9-7 Record

  27. Pierce Quinn

    Pierce QuinnПре месец

    Why can't he get better in year two with better weapons?

  28. Connor Jo

    Connor JoПре месец

    Josh Allen.

  29. kevin perry

    kevin perryПре месец

    Cam should go to the Jags, Trevor Lawrence with 2 Power QBs coming out of pistol sets. Good luck trying to figure that out.

  30. Patrick Lemire (Sound On Sound)

    Patrick Lemire (Sound On Sound)Пре месец

    It will be interesting to see how quickly MJ’s supposedly photographic memory picks up the playbook. Cam looked like a corpse after the first month. NE are not going to put up anything like a repeat

  31. Antonio Caballero

    Antonio CaballeroПре месец

    People keep saying that Cam was great the first few games. He did well because they ran power run formation and Cam was able to get wide open passes. After that, teams gameplanned for the run option and Cam couldn't make tight window passes It wasn't COVID, it was teams gameplanned better for Cam

  32. D22 Williams.22

    D22 Williams.22Пре месец

    I'm a big fan of mac jones but I'm in no big hurry to bemch newton

  33. Ben Crawford Books

    Ben Crawford BooksПре месец

    Cam's NEVER been hurt running the football. He was hurt in the pocket. But no one has ever hit Cam and took him out of the game. If anything, he probably put some guys out. He'll be fine.

  34. Papa T

    Papa TПре месец

    Did I just hear Simms say Cam Newton played well last year? Give me a break, Cam cost the Patriots at least two games with his crappy play.

  35. Honest Abe

    Honest AbeПре месец

    @Papa T , LOL, funny how Edelman, Harry, and all the offensive players had career best games with Newton, not Brady passing them the ball. Just because they had more doesnt mean they were any good. The offensive weapons sucked !!!

  36. Magnificent

    MagnificentПре месец

    @Honest Abe Patriots were dead last in the league in separation in 2019 they were top 10 this year...

  37. Papa T

    Papa TПре месец

    @Honest Abe they had more RBs, TEs and WRs on the roster than they did in 2019 hence more weapons. I should have said there were just more of them. Tom made stars out of no-name guys and Cam is WAY overrated.

  38. Honest Abe

    Honest AbeПре месец

    @Papa T , you are smoking crack. The weapons were much worse with Newtoon than Brady. Top WR edelman was out most of the season. Top defender hightower was out all season. How was this team better with Newton than Brady? And the schedule was tougher with Newton too. You are clearly an idiot !

  39. SJ

    SJПре месец

    @Papa T true, what he only had like 2 wining seasons in his career

  40. Jamie Hoxter

    Jamie HoxterПре месец

    Im a Patriots fan this kid played on an allstar college team. Drew Lock, has way more upside. Jones has no quickness no speed no Athleticism. Has quick release & a good decision maker. Bill said brady didnt make the team he just didnt want some other team to have him. Matt will be on the team rather he makes the team or not. Cant wait for preseason. Stidham. Is motivated to stay #2.

  41. Magnificent

    MagnificentПре месец

    @Jamie Hoxter lol, Trask???

  42. tsar bamba

    tsar bambaПре месец

    @Jamie Hoxter I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised. Having NFL receivers is great and all, but he got them the ball on time and in the exact right spot. Made extremely catchable passes that helped the receivers not break their stride, etc. He and Lawrence are the most likely to succeed of the top 5 imo.

  43. Jamie Hoxter

    Jamie HoxterПре месец

    @tsar bamba I'm not happy with the pick. I wanted trask but n later round. Wanted a o lineman. Lost a good starter in Free agency. I like the kid but 1 out 4 qbs taken in top 10 become that guy. Out of the 4 who's going to be better? Look at the Brady 6. Only chad pennington was good til he busted that shoulder. Brady turned out to be unbelievable. We'll see hope I m wrong

  44. tsar bamba

    tsar bambaПре месец

    Jones ran a faster 40 than mahomes. He isn't an improviser like mahomes, but he's not slow.

  45. LulaMash

    LulaMashПре месец

    "What's your over under?" As soon as I heard that, I was thinking, there's no way Chris Simms answers this correctly, I don't think he even knows what that means.

  46. Peter Morrissette

    Peter MorrissetteПре месец

    Over under at 17 starts? I’ll take the under any day

  47. Timothy Norat

    Timothy NoratПре месец

    I think he probably will be. In fact I expect he will have a bounce back year and I think Mac Jones will be a disappointment.

  48. Cjballin

    CjballinПре месец

    All this depends on how Mac does. Chris saying he has to learn football is incorrect. He has to learn a playbook, which he has already shown all the skills necessary to do quickly. His raw ability to read what the defense gives, and make quick decisions based on it is something Cam doesn’t bring, and something that is needed. Best case scenario is that he is too good not to get a shot. It will be interesting.

  49. Cjballin

    CjballinПре месец

    @Honest Abe Cam’s been in the league since 2011 and can’t make simple throws or go through his progressions, your point is?

  50. Honest Abe

    Honest AbeПре месец

    He has done nothing in the nfl

  51. travis phillips

    travis phillipsПре месец

    If cam doesn’t ball out this year it’s just not in him 🤷🏾‍♂️

  52. Edward Lynch

    Edward LynchПре месец

    I agree. And i dint think id down him. As a panther fan he gave everything to carolina. And almost won a super bowl. He ran into a juggernaut defense and his coaching was awful.

  53. Money my motive

    Money my motiveПре месец

    He will ball this year

  54. Steven & Tracey Jiles

    Steven & Tracey JilesПре месец

    If they want to miss the playoffs, play cam Newton every game.

  55. greg arius

    greg ariusПре месец


  56. Sean Pen

    Sean PenПре месец

    Chris Simms is an idiot and clearly didn't watch Patriot football last year

  57. Sean Pen

    Sean PenПре месец

    Cams 🗑

  58. Zach Chmael

    Zach ChmaelПре месец

    Chris Simms is spot on. Exactly what will happen

  59. Eddie Winehosen

    Eddie WinehosenПре месец

    If Bill don't play Jones, A REAL QB, and tries to ride Scam then they're an 8-9 team at best. Scam is one of the biggest frauds to ever play the position. He's had two good seasons, the rest is average at best!

  60. Honest Abe

    Honest AbeПре месец

    Newton is a HOF'er

  61. Christopher Hermanowski

    Christopher HermanowskiПре месец

    They have been planning this since the beginning of the off season. Think about it bill went to one pro day and that was mac’s. They already had a playbook in plan.

  62. xConceptz1

    xConceptz1Пре месец

    Mike Florio just explained how the NFL is fixed... if you would call a penalty on a hit of a smaller qb, then that same hit on a big qb should be penalized. Brady gets breathed on, 15yd penalty. Big Ben or Cam Newton take a blatantly dirty hit or hit wayyy after the play, nah they’re big guys they can take it. NFL equals No Fairness League

  63. Bryce Peters

    Bryce PetersПре месец

    Because big guys try to overpower defenders. And defenders have to right away to do the overpowering. Brady buckles at the knees before a shot even comes close to landing on him.

  64. Die Lawn

    Die LawnПре месец

    Mac and Cam will be on the field at the same time

  65. Speedyreedy1218

    Speedyreedy1218Пре месец

    @Bryce Peters That's one pot of gumbo that didn't quite end with a satisfying bite.

  66. Bryce Peters

    Bryce PetersПре месец

    @Speedyreedy1218 But it was spicy.

  67. Speedyreedy1218

    Speedyreedy1218Пре месец

    @Kevin Cooper Just giving you all credit. Ravens tried copying you with Flacco & Jackson in 2018. Suffered the same fate.

  68. Kevin Cooper

    Kevin CooperПре месец

    @Speedyreedy1218 HAHAHA real funny

  69. Speedyreedy1218

    Speedyreedy1218Пре месец

    Saints tried that with Brees and Hill. They didn't get a ring.

  70. John Bacon

    John BaconПре месец

    Anybody that says that Chris simms is a stupid analyst is the absolute stupidest man on planet earth!

  71. John Bacon

    John BaconПре месец

    Everybody who trashes cam Newton is an absolute idiot!what difference does it make if you gain yards through the air or on the ground?This is the greatest running quarterback in NFL history!Robert Kraft said Jarrett Statham has never been been given a chance.anybody who trashes Jarrett stidham is an absolute idiot!

  72. Rocky Puzo

    Rocky PuzoПре месец

    Only reason Simms is saying Mac Jones won’t play and Cam will all year is cause he got totally played in the draft

  73. OG James

    OG JamesПре месец

    or maybe he knows one qb is better than the other and the structure of the organization that is building this roster

  74. mp

    mpПре месец

    Playbook for Cam and Mac - no problem cause this offense can be different every week :)

  75. Jallison94

    Jallison94Пре месец

    Its amazing how chris simms is on tv. Literally one of the stupidest analysts on tv.

  76. Arthas Menethil

    Arthas MenethilПре месец

    Simms is really high on Cam Stock me not so much.

  77. Blake Maddox

    Blake MaddoxПре месец

    @john bush lol sure

  78. john bush

    john bushПре месец

    Yeah n the additions they made on offense aren't good players, Henry is good but is always injured so that don't really help ya n Bourne is injured all the time too, jonnu Smith n agholor are just as mediocre as the guys the Patriots had the past 2 seasons

  79. good egg greg

    good egg gregПре месец

    Did Cam Newton save both of your lives or something?

  80. good egg greg

    good egg gregПре месец

    @UGLYBOY ! good contribution

  81. UGLYBOY !

    UGLYBOY !Пре месец

    @good egg greg stfu you sound dumb

  82. Bryce Peters

    Bryce PetersПре месец

    @good egg greg His receivers were bad.

  83. good egg greg

    good egg gregПре месец

    @Bryce Peters he in no way earned another chance. Plus "deserve's got nothing to do with it"

  84. Bryce Peters

    Bryce PetersПре месец

    Cam Newton deserves one more year to prove what he can do.

  85. cholhwa

    cholhwaПре месец

    No. Cam Newton's body cannot hold up for all 18 week period. You will see Mac Jones starting during the season.

  86. The New New England Patriots

    The New New England PatriotsПре месец

    Happy Birthday Super-Man!

  87. P L

    P LПре месец

    Belichick will coach jones harder than any player hes ever had.. He will make him crawl through broken glass to prove himself to the team he's ready.. Bill knows this kid can take hard coaching and he will have to prove his mental toughness.. Stidham might surprise everyone as the number two who may well be alot better than we expect.. Jones will be redshirted

  88. Bryce Peters

    Bryce PetersПре месец

    We all saw what Stidham can do. He is at best a backup qb that can hold on to lead if the qb goes down mid game.

  89. The New New England Patriots

    The New New England PatriotsПре месец

    Cam is the starter therefore all that dedication you mentioned will be going to him and the first team offense.

  90. Drakorez

    DrakorezПре месец

    2:17 lol

  91. soldragon666

    soldragon666Пре месец

    Its Cam's Birthday today

  92. Adam's Gaming

    Adam's GamingПре месец

    32 year olds man time flies

  93. Igor Ilic

    Igor IlicПре месец

    No Brady. New England Patriots are mediocre team. Until they find another great QB. Better try Jones this year to see what you have. Plus, their receivers are below average.

  94. Magnificent

    MagnificentПре месец

    Below average WRs? but they were top 10 in separation this past year...

  95. Peter Morrissette

    Peter MorrissetteПре месец

    @Eddie Winehosen bad take

  96. Eddie Winehosen

    Eddie WinehosenПре месец

    @john bush Or the other 4 when he rode a DEFENSE to the wins. Don't bring up 2 of the 6 rings and make that as some evidence Brady is so fucking good. He also lost on the biggest stage 3 times, to a backup and a fucking mouthbreather twice!

  97. Blake Maddox

    Blake MaddoxПре месец

    @john bush was that English?

  98. john bush

    john bushПре месец

    @Anthony Yusef yeah like sb 51 after tom broke the td to int ratio record, or sb 38 when tom led the league in tds idiot

  99. Leonardo Bonilla

    Leonardo BonillaПре месец

    I think stidham will be on the roster because once cam is gone you will need a back up who knows and can run the offense next year

  100. EBK Jess

    EBK JessПре месец

    The Patriots gonna Stay On the pats

  101. Leonardo Bonilla

    Leonardo BonillaПре месец

    @The New New England Patriots I called him a back up . This is In case Mac jones gets injured you have a younger Brian hoyer like player in the QB room

  102. The New New England Patriots

    The New New England PatriotsПре месец

    Lay off the crack fool.

  103. Trouble Follows

    Trouble FollowsПре месец

    Cam backwards is Mac

  104. Bryce Peters

    Bryce PetersПре месец

    I love that.

  105. Drakorez

    DrakorezПре месец

    LOL Stidham +900. Who would bet on him?

  106. motown 1970

    motown 1970Пре месец

    @Raymond Ford nope. Mac Jones will see the field.

  107. Joshua Rangel

    Joshua RangelПре месец

    @Ademir Segura you are right

  108. Ademir Segura

    Ademir SeguraПре месец

    @Joshua Rangel unlikely cause everyone would have their third vaccination

  109. Joshua Rangel

    Joshua RangelПре месец

    Cam and mac get covid someone might get lucky

  110. Raymond Ford

    Raymond FordПре месец

    I would. If Cam gets hurt at the beginning of the season, Stidham would be the guy