300 DAYS OF WOT?!? QuickyBaby Best Moments #15

World of Tanks. QuickyBaby's Best Moments #15
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Edited by PhiIippopoulos

"Onion Capers", "The Cannery", "Onion Capers"
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  1. Riyamu

    RiyamuПре 9 дана

    8:50 is me 90% of the time playing world of tanks

  2. Nades.R6

    Nades.R6Пре 13 дана

    1:33 I thought I was about to be gnomed with that laugg

  3. Nades.R6

    Nades.R6Пре 13 дана


  4. Mico Pesonen

    Mico PesonenПре 19 дана

    2:17 did I just hear "OwO, what's this?"

  5. Isaac Shiner

    Isaac ShinerПре 22 дана

    You are literally the best wot streamer and youtuber 🤣

  6. 라마현명한

    라마현명한Пре 22 дана

    If that is what 300days of WoT looks like, I'd rather be depressed without WoT than with it

  7. Nikola Maksimović

    Nikola MaksimovićПре 22 дана

    2:40 the most funniest part of the video🤣🤣😂😂😂

  8. Tudor Bălan

    Tudor BălanПре 24 дана

    How em i not good as qb if i have 1370 days of wot.

  9. communist france

    communist franceПре 25 дана

    i have watched the old funny momments some for 3rd time or 5-7th

  10. yuri Komarov1

    yuri Komarov1Пре 26 дана

    game for kids go play war tunder like real one. WoT is just a arcade game this is so disgusting

  11. RDrumcajsek

    RDrumcajsekПре 26 дана

    3:42 that VK30.01P's name is "White_Nigga_invader" in polish lmao

  12. FOertel

    FOertelПре 26 дана

    Favourite moment in the video? Obviously Tanyas face :D

  13. slidoughtnut 194

    slidoughtnut 194Пре 26 дана

    Thing is i have a tiger tank mk2 which has the skill to reduce the chances of penetration which it is 5 percent and the armor is good in the front plus my tank hits like a truck when you shoot it

  14. Heidi Wilks

    Heidi WilksПре 27 дана

    I love how QB shoots a Jagdtiger in the drive sprocket and gets him perma-tracked, but Klaus shoots a KV-3 half a dozen times in the exact same way and WG's RNG just refuses to track said Russian heavy.

  15. Moxie

    MoxieПре месец

    QB why are you crying about everything?

  16. Pasulj Konj

    Pasulj KonjПре месец

    On 8:54 he was Like:nooo im going to die But on 9:00 je just screamd:KILL ME NOW And that's 60.000 games od wot

  17. Christmas Pudding

    Christmas PuddingПре месец

    5:45 i wonder why yellow and red and black are dangerous colors

  18. THE DUDE

    THE DUDEПре месец

    I haven't played this game in close to three years and I'm thinking about getting a gaming computer again just because of this video LOL


    LEFANATIK !Пре месец

    i love your best moments videos its just insane !!! keep going !!!

  20. DJ G

    DJ GПре месец

    was fun ;)

  21. AM GT3

    AM GT3Пре месец

    WOT has bots now?

  22. X36_sword

    X36_swordПре месец

    That was me in that stb .. :(

  23. togerr_2

    togerr_2Пре месец

    1:07 "we were this close from greatness"

  24. vincentcrest88

    vincentcrest88Пре месец

    error 404: M48 Patton not found

  25. Imperagon (Imperagon)

    Imperagon (Imperagon)Пре месец

    Just fill the first year so i can wish you a happy first birthday. ;-) greets

  26. Some Guy

    Some GuyПре месец

    looking forward to that cooking channel. You can be the next binging with babbish

  27. Heinz “The Panzerlied” Guderian

    Heinz “The Panzerlied” GuderianПре месец

    The frustration of being killed just before you shoot.

  28. the cellulon triptometer

    the cellulon triptometerПре месец

    Favorite moment: reaction to your idea to cook for your wife for 100 days.

  29. István Cseh

    István CsehПре месец

    Poor SKill4ltu with over 150k battle how many days he has O.o

  30. kovar

    kovarПре месец

    i see you qb with that athene troll music!

  31. agu1aj

    agu1ajПре месец

    Cheats are killing the game and all the good moments! It's impossible for a LT only notice a HT by is side on open ground when he fire.... Why not talk about that Mr. QuickyBaby???

  32. Salty

    SaltyПре месец


  33. Matthew Praleska

    Matthew PraleskaПре месец

    2:51 through 3:00 not quickybaby but SussyBaby

  34. Laika24102007

    Laika24102007Пре месец

    5:42 300 days of wot? No, you need expert crew and everything on tank, then WOT will not miss ....

  35. Yamato

    YamatoПре месец

    Hey QB! Can you feature a replay where the player obtained the Tarczay medal? I believe that medal is the rarest in the game, would be interesting to hear your thoughts on it!

  36. MacRedbaron

    MacRedbaronПре месец

    I haven't played this terrible game for years now, but will still watch your videos. Big props to you, geeza.

  37. Angry_Cheesecake

    Angry_CheesecakeПре месец

    YES FINALLY THANK GOTT Danke quicky Baby ich wartete verdammt lange auf dieses Video FINALLY DANKE MEIN GOTT

  38. Elliott “Lost One” Gaal

    Elliott “Lost One” GaalПре месец

    I miss this series. Glad to see a new one

  39. CRNR00

    CRNR00Пре месец

    ofcoarse ur getting that perfect shot in and SPG bangs u XD

  40. M7 SOCIAL

    M7 SOCIALПре месец

    Just sold my pc....got into photography. Time to get out in life .

  41. PlasmaDrone

    PlasmaDroneПре месец

    7:47 Tiberian Dawn's infantry unit death scream :D :D

  42. raka asadullah

    raka asadullahПре месец

    8:51 i get that a lot... :') in my case it's always "critical damage"

  43. Grimmsborith1992

    Grimmsborith1992Пре 29 дана

    I don't know what Quickybaby is complaining about at that point that is actual standard RNG for me.

  44. Charles Lee

    Charles LeeПре месец

    1:13 -> daily event happens in asian server...

  45. b b

    b bПре месец

    i hope you two lovebirds work out

  46. Tsanko Petkov

    Tsanko PetkovПре месец

    Manipulative MM and RNG!

  47. No mind

    No mindПре месец

    Mosy annoying thing with WOT is that people living in Europe 2021 and cant speak English.. wtf? is east europe third world or what?

  48. Coasterr200145

    Coasterr200145Пре месец

    Should have titled it 'The 300' so people would know you are an internet Spartan :)

  49. julian amer

    julian amerПре месец

    I really love this Videos

  50. Zhiyuan Sha

    Zhiyuan ShaПре месец

    9:10 rng is quite regular for me

  51. Armand Niemand

    Armand NiemandПре месец

    trim your mustache

  52. Armand Niemand

    Armand NiemandПре месец

    dude please shave you make us all look good lol but if we all had the RNG that would be nice

  53. Shark Dark

    Shark DarkПре месец

    I could watch QB best moments for 300 days

  54. Simeon Angelov

    Simeon AngelovПре месец

    Hey quickie, how you know when there is a bot infront of you? Nice videos tho, greets from Bulgaria :)

  55. MTD_ GamingElite

    MTD_ GamingEliteПре месец

    I really want this american T29 Skin, but also in other Countries aswell xD

  56. KoreaFace

    KoreaFaceПре месец

    1:31 was waiting for “I am a gnome and you got gnomed!”

  57. Ossian Sandström

    Ossian SandströmПре месец

    What are your opinion on Swedish t10 tanks?

  58. Mr T

    Mr TПре месец

    God i fucking love these, these make my day so much better and thanks everyone who clips these moments y'all the best have a wonderful weekend

  59. Chnops Tomodachi

    Chnops TomodachiПре месец

    congrats on you 300 days of WoT

  60. 4lpha H3nter

    4lpha H3nterПре месец

    i think i ended up in this video... feelsbadman

  61. vast Tanja

    vast TanjaПре месец

    Guys ngl I would like to see qb cook for 100 days that actually could be more interesting than wot

  62. potato

    potatoПре месец

    It’s really sad that he’s wasted so much of his life playing video games.

  63. Christian Bonares

    Christian BonaresПре месец

    Yess quaky baby best moment no.15

  64. Thot Slayer 420

    Thot Slayer 420Пре месец

    not a bot is exactly what you would call a bot

  65. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Juan José Del Pino RivasПре месец

    Tanya showing concern about a sudden explosion taking place in the kitchen lol

  66. trunkmunk3y

    trunkmunk3yПре месец

    Foodiebaby when?

  67. Masv1pe

    Masv1peПре месец

    Seeing how quickly baby girlfriend looks and then him gives me hope in life.

  68. Franklin Clinton

    Franklin ClintonПре месец

    Oh i remember that 13 75 clip. So lucky

  69. TjaMats

    TjaMatsПре месец

    So if you miss its bad "RNG", and when yoy hit massive its: high rolling skill with a sniff of luck and most of all experience?

  70. Error 404

    Error 404Пре месец

    best moments 15? what the fuck, i feel like it was yesterday when first best moments were introduced to us by qb....

  71. P51cMustang

    P51cMustangПре месец

    omg the part with tanya had me legit loling

  72. Cosmin Tirlea

    Cosmin TirleaПре месец

    Killing that Bourrasque with a HE one-shot is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, it... it just brings a tear in my eye.

  73. Q_rk MGHOW

    Q_rk MGHOWПре месец

    yes finally Borats get what they deserve

  74. Rob Fox

    Rob FoxПре месец


  75. LewinTheUKGamer Whoopwhoop

    LewinTheUKGamer WhoopwhoopПре месец

    How did you get that FV4005 skin ?

  76. Matos Gaming SVK

    Matos Gaming SVKПре месец

    Finally! I've missed best moments for long!

  77. oWo

    oWoПре месец

    It’s funny seeing things I saw happen live on stream

  78. Jeff

    JeffПре месец

    I have been waiting for this

  79. SamiSh7 (SamiSh7)

    SamiSh7 (SamiSh7)Пре месец

    Wow ... Best best moments I've ever seen ... That sounds weird lol ... Altho thx qb and phill for the AMAZING content 👌🙂

  80. MrZerk815

    MrZerk815Пре месец

    1:31 QB turned into a Gnome

  81. Eric Friel

    Eric FrielПре месец

    So hes gonna be a you tube or twitch tv chef? LOL....QuickyCooky? ChefBaby? QuackyCook?

  82. Paul Richtmyre

    Paul RichtmyreПре месец

    dude I been watching your vids for a long time keep up the good work Bro

  83. Jetson Reginald Baltan

    Jetson Reginald BaltanПре месец

    Been waiting for this. Keep it up sire

  84. しょう

    しょうПре месец

    "How very rude of you, I'm calculating how long I have played the World of Tanks".-Q.B.Archimedes

  85. Billy Joel

    Billy JoelПре месец

    Here in a year or two QB will look at his time played and see that he has spent a literal year of his entire life playing WoT, now that's dedication.

  86. potato

    potatoПре месец

    It’s pathetic. Should have done something better with his life like getting a real job, or joining the military.

  87. Deniel Bal

    Deniel BalПре месец

    Love you QB really appreciate your content over all of these years ❤️

  88. Joren (Maui)

    Joren (Maui)Пре месец

    so how does it feel to have spent a full year of your life in battles xD

  89. Ngo Anh

    Ngo AnhПре месец

    'Ve been waiting for this xDDDD

  90. Scarlet Blader

    Scarlet BladerПре месец

    Honestly, we need a full 1h45min movie of these xD

  91. eliseo eugenin

    eliseo eugeninПре месец

    Thank you phill!!!!

  92. eliseo eugenin

    eliseo eugeninПре месец

    When the cooking class start?

  93. whya2ndaccount

    whya2ndaccountПре месец

    Did Tania / Tanya survive?

  94. Dane Null

    Dane NullПре месец

    Tania *thinking to herself* isn't april fools day already over?

  95. Ashton 2003

    Ashton 2003Пре месец

    I need more Quicky Baby Best moments it has been too long since the last

  96. Ima9ineBreak3r

    Ima9ineBreak3rПре месец

    Ah, that as a treat. Also, RIP Bourrasque. That is such bad luck for that tanker.

  97. Donald Neill

    Donald NeillПре месец

    These vids are the absolute greatest.

  98. Michael K

    Michael KПре месец

    the look on your wife's face was simply priceless! Great video as usual Sir. :)

  99. Eric Wiedenhoft

    Eric WiedenhoftПре месец


  100. Mark (DeaKoN)

    Mark (DeaKoN)Пре месец

    Love these Best bits QB

  101. Gabriel Nolet

    Gabriel NoletПре месец

    Damn that was a good one

  102. ItsMeGordy

    ItsMeGordyПре месец

    Liked that! Good job Phil - gg

  103. La Yi

    La YiПре месец

    Anyone else coming here from his stream

  104. Jonathan Westmoreland (MouseTheMaus)

    Jonathan Westmoreland (MouseTheMaus)Пре месец

    Ngl I thought he was gonna bounce that shell in the first clip...until he zoomed out.