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  1. Triantalex

    TriantalexПре месец

    Dislike for the title.

  2. Shami

    ShamiПре месец

    Beast aus ?

  3. Cull

    CullПре месец


  4. DrowsyDom

    DrowsyDomПре месец

    Jg sion is so fun and ur clears are fast af

  5. Avalanche

    AvalancheПре месец

    Nocturne TP in the Jangle.

  6. Tage Haugli

    Tage HaugliПре месец

    So disappointed that the baus didnt say taxxident instead of tax accident :'( WHY PAPA BAUS

  7. Jordan Freeman

    Jordan FreemanПре месец


  8. Royal Piece

    Royal PieceПре месец

    26 mins in, “I have to buy mr” That made me laugh, idk why Typical Babus

  9. Gonçalo Gomes

    Gonçalo GomesПре месец


  10. max

    maxПре месец


  11. Algorithmo

    AlgorithmoПре месец

    So here's a tip baus, attack damage sion doesnt do well into rumble because rumble does a lot more damage in 3 seconds than sion could ever dream of doing

  12. Master yi yi yi

    Master yi yi yiПре месец

    á đù sofm kìa ae

  13. Pink Boy

    Pink BoyПре месец

    Unfortunately sion jungle for me becomes weak in platinum 1

  14. Diego Arrien

    Diego ArrienПре месец

    Another "what se do un the shadows" fan!

  15. Mert Hallaç

    Mert HallaçПре месец

    Not yy its by

  16. Nw2343 (Nw2343)

    Nw2343 (Nw2343)Пре месец

    That is why fiora need a complete rework because percent health true damage is the dumbest thing in existence and it should be removed from the game.

  17. michał

    michałПре месец

    Fiora: Best design champion that deal only 80% of your max hp as true dmg in 2s(much faster than vayne). Also her parry doesn't Work properly.

  18. johnnymonsterr tv

    johnnymonsterr tvПре месец


  19. aliensuper

    aliensuperПре месец


  20. Solomon Gorringe

    Solomon GorringeПре месец

    I miss cinderhulk with Sion jng. The ultimate HP stacking

  21. F. Marcet

    F. MarcetПре месец


  22. Илья Маруценко

    Илья МаруценкоПре месец


  23. random person

    random personПре месец

    so is no one gonna mention how twisted fate kept pinging karma and kai'sa when he was inting himself? wp yiyi anyways

  24. ✦ Khajii ✦

    ✦ Khajii ✦Пре месец

    Hi thebausffs. I noticed that in your games you utilize Sion's passive A LOT, but when I watch LEC players I see them go an ENTIRE teamfight without using their passive even ONCE. Are they playing the champion to its full potential or are you?

  25. ✦ Khajii ✦

    ✦ Khajii ✦Пре месец

    Hi thebausffs. I noticed that in your games you utilize Sion's passive A LOT, but when I watch LEC players I see them go an ENTIRE teamfight without using their passive even ONCE. Are they playing the champion to its full potential or are you?

  26. Jhin

    JhinПре месец

    I don't like ur comp at all. You have 2 supports and a tf. They have Qi and rumble so Kaisa is gonna die, and you can't 1v5 against a Rumble so the longer it went the worse it got. They have way, way too much damage.

  27. Naturtaiment

    NaturtaimentПре месец

    too hard to play with 4 wintraders on the team, poor Babus

  28. issi

    issiПре месец


  29. Zach Reddington

    Zach ReddingtonПре месец

    Hi guys can someone remind me who the account Sofm Jr belongs to? Thanks!

  30. josh blake

    josh blakeПре месец

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL live laugh lean, too fuckin funny

  31. Face Mask

    Face MaskПре месец

    The government all the time: 2:27

  32. ayrin

    ayrinПре месец

    solobolo :D

  33. SmarmyPapsmears

    SmarmyPapsmearsПре месец

    Rumble is so obnoxious rn

  34. Josiah Rockafield (BloodNoskey)

    Josiah Rockafield (BloodNoskey)Пре месец

    He doesn't have the money to pay for challenger...he lives in his parents house.

  35. slipknotfan666cro

    slipknotfan666croПре месец

    taxident @2:25

  36. PuCuWkA

    PuCuWkAПре месец

    cringe rumble players

  37. Travis Hance

    Travis HanceПре месец

    Imagine going Tank Karma with 0 damage TF build. You guys actually just can't win this game lmao

  38. luzhyu

    luzhyuПре месец

    Rumble was Inspired

  39. Julian Ayala

    Julian AyalaПре месец

    People swap from yungle, Babus swap to yungle.

  40. Young Ducky

    Young DuckyПре месец

    hola el babus

  41. Fabio

    FabioПре месец

    babus with his yanks from the yungle

  42. Gustav Lykke Jessen

    Gustav Lykke JessenПре месец


  43. Skyward Blade

    Skyward BladeПре месец

    the b in baus is for based

  44. El Risitas

    El RisitasПре месец

    because of you i get fullclear gods playing sion jungle in my games this is probably even worse than nasus jungle

  45. radzio713

    radzio713Пре месец

    i want solobolo merch

  46. Ikey Borden

    Ikey BordenПре месец

    Please more jungle vids

  47. evilbuster

    evilbusterПре месец

    7:05 but his hp is at 4.... edit: or is that just how sion passive works?

  48. evilbuster

    evilbusterПре месец

    @Pau oh didn't know that ty

  49. Pau

    PauПре месец

    If u look closely his hp reaches to 0, dies, and while his passive activates, sion regenerates some hp as if he was still alive. It's jst normal hp regeneration during the passive activation frames

  50. Big Musk

    Big MuskПре месец

    fiora is such a joke of a champion. dogshit design

  51. Deniz Argındoğan

    Deniz ArgındoğanПре месец

    This idiot is playing jungle and says dragon is not important. The opposite team has 4 dragons, he says rumble is op. We understand your true elo gold or less. But we are absolutely you got help from rioters get where you are right now

  52. kylexrex

    kylexrexПре месец


  53. fahlikz

    fahlikzПре месец

    “Bonk see ya wouldn’t wanna be ya”

  54. GosTGamesss L.O.D

    GosTGamesss L.O.DПре месец

    Karma top is so useless

  55. F!RNY

    F!RNYПре месец

    U have to be yoking me

  56. pukesmells

    pukesmellsПре месец


  57. Basti Hil

    Basti HilПре месец

    2:28 "Taxcident"

  58. Chriallt Chief

    Chriallt ChiefПре месец

    U say that every time u get auto filled but then u go straight back to top so shhhh

  59. Kha'Zix The Voidreaver

    Kha'Zix The VoidreaverПре месец

    3:56 i see you fully grasped the true jungle ways

  60. Ph

    PhПре месец

    If Babus was an architect we could call him thebauhausffs Yoking 😂

  61. Qurt Eh

    Qurt EhПре месец


  62. Never Eaten

    Never EatenПре месец

    When is "Flash abuser" montage ?

  63. Sjodiek

    SjodiekПре месец

    The b stands for best toplaner

  64. Tuấn Anh Nguyễn

    Tuấn Anh NguyễnПре месец

    7:47 Easy 1v1, easy 1v1 But not for me xD

  65. Yahya Chtioui

    Yahya ChtiouiПре месец

    yiyi man ;-;

  66. Failando_

    Failando_Пре месец

    kipro if you are locked in baus basement, give this comment a heart, we will help you

  67. Ata Yıldız

    Ata YıldızПре месец

    karma top + tf mid = 0 damage

  68. Velfeeda

    VelfeedaПре месец

    what’s this guy thinking not using the Rumble in the Jungle skin??

  69. Nahum T.

    Nahum T.Пре месец

    that TF toxic af

  70. Thorin Oakenshield

    Thorin OakenshieldПре месец

    shilling in the yungle

  71. Τραχανάς Μπαγλαμάς

    Τραχανάς ΜπαγλαμάςПре месец

    Crab should be mod. Baus should make a referendum and let the people decide

  72. Kornél Zsebe

    Kornél ZsebeПре месец

    I love how a not fed Fiora just deals 2k true dmg in 15 sec with 1,5 items and shoes.

  73. rellik009

    rellik009Пре месец

    @Kayray ree it is justified because unless you otp her you wont be able to play her for shit after a certain rank or carry with her. also if you dont allow her to get to your vitals or if you buy bramble she doesn't do anything. I was literally able to beat a fiora 1v1 late game with darius because i had thornmail and I was close to a wall. It's a hard matchup, but unless the fiora is turbo popping off and is Thanos IRL, you can win.

  74. Makkusu

    MakkusuПре месец

    @Antalgu he would still lose

  75. Antalgu

    AntalguПре месец

    I'm seeing a lot of salty players that dont understand fiora, baus just had to do 1 thing when fighting her, when she ults, you go to a wall and she literally cant activate that weak point. If she can't proc ult, you just win, because most of his damage comes from weakpoints and her healing comes from her ult, by making her stay the 8 seconds his ult lasts without new weakpoints and without her ult healing she has to just back off or she just loses, and another thing, bauss can bait her w easily with q, because as his q has so long of a chargetime and during the first half of that time it doesnt even stun its pretty easy to bait her w. I play both fiora and sion a ton and generally fiora wins against sion, but when sion is a little fed, how bauss was, you just have to do the 2 things i said and she doesn't stand a chance

  76. Big Musk

    Big MuskПре месец

    Champion is a massive joke and the rework design is legit 1/10 in terms of counterplay. The only reason the champion is not nerfed is because all of her damage is single target and she cant teamfight. Laning her is absolute cancer and she's almost 100% guaranteed a win in the side lane even if she's 0/10 just by her overloaded passive dashes healing and the stupid riposte where even if u dont get stunend your attack speed is still slowed by 99%

  77. Korn

    KornПре месец

    @Kornél Zsebe fiora has been like that since some seasons now, her lifesteal always used to be brutal

  78. Mathugg

    MathuggПре месец

    Dajor25 is my friend lmao can't believe he roasted your sion jgl secret op pick

  79. Random Dude

    Random DudeПре месец

    Yungle camps give a lot of healf

  80. Lukita.E

    Lukita.EПре месец

    yangle diff

  81. Ansoj

    AnsojПре месец


  82. Damian

    DamianПре месец

    Jungle is fine as long as u can help ur team. I think understanding if u can help them early or late is important because in this game Sion scales well but Fiora and Rumble too. Laner can apply preasure anywhere Jungle cant he need to be rdy to fight drakes and baron. I like top lane better jungle is more impactfull but more caotic tho.

  83. Demigod Dan

    Demigod DanПре месец

    Yungle lul

  84. spicychickenboi

    spicychickenboiПре месец

    Baus hasn't streamed in 3 days and that makes me sad

  85. kamikaze12

    kamikaze12Пре месец

    6:51 omg is that thebausffs?

  86. Ensar KARAASLAN

    Ensar KARAASLANПре месец

    Not jungle YUNGLE

  87. Emre Turkoglu

    Emre TurkogluПре месец


  88. Jan

    JanПре месец

    B - iggest A - lpha U - nit S - exy

  89. jkE

    jkEПре месец

    kan du bara boosta upp mig från guld till plat elr något!!!!

  90. gabo gamboa

    gabo gamboaПре месец

    thank you man, I was about to do my homework

  91. 2S4IN

    2S4INПре месец

    Fiora champ so stupid

  92. Aissa Bouzgaou

    Aissa BouzgaouПре месец

    Ofc rumble is way worse matchup for Sion than morg . Insane clear speed nearly as good as morg's and his damage based on % max health makes him a tank shreder

  93. Noctiss_Season2

    Noctiss_Season2Пре месец

    why does riot still not ban people who pick karma top on sight?

  94. Owen Stevens

    Owen StevensПре месец


  95. Fias

    FiasПре месец

    I played yion in yungle before it was cool

  96. Doge Sanic

    Doge SanicПре месец

    If babus had a toplaner he could have won, change my mind

  97. Hugo Daniel Cabrera García

    Hugo Daniel Cabrera GarcíaПре месец

    Rumble diff lmao

  98. Walls Of shame

    Walls Of shameПре месец

    Wut did just happened ? Did baus lost the game ? Not yiyi

  99. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻Пре месец

    The Tax Axe

  100. Slam Russ

    Slam RussПре месец


  101. Nick

    NickПре месец

    Why not call it a taxident?

  102. Star Gun

    Star GunПре месец

    Just the normal 1800 true damage

  103. Sriram Koneru

    Sriram KoneruПре месец

    lol randomly watched his stream for one game and it was this ine

  104. Niyoda

    NiyodaПре месец

    5.22 is a big vision play but we dont see it

  105. TiLL

    TiLLПре месец

    Why you succeed in jungle: U are one of the best Players on EUW, but the only thing u are lacking is the laning Phase (even though its better than most players). And in the Jungle, u can just Scale.

  106. Frozen Heart

    Frozen HeartПре месец


  107. Kōngxū

    KōngxūПре месец

    I just had a sion jungle going 2/17, well this explains why