Minecraft, But You're On The Moon...

This is Minecraft, But You're On The Moon... this was stressful.
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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  1. yotoyou

    yotoyouПре 5 сати

    In the intro tapl just randomly has 3 atacks of crafting tables in his inventory, yeah not weird at all

  2. TvHead

    TvHeadПре 11 сати


  3. georgiobgdu16_43

    georgiobgdu16_43Пре 20 сати

    fuze ?

  4. Earl Joseph Salusada

    Earl Joseph SalusadaПре дан

    Way the nether portal is red🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  5. lauren drake

    lauren drakeПре дан

    plz do among us vid

  6. FireWolf

    FireWolfПре дан

    “Then… I must be on the 🐄🐄🐄”

  7. L Hoo

    L HooПре дан

    Win dance

  8. L Hoo

    L HooПре дан

    Pigboys dance is "kaljaa" dance from utuber lakko

  9. Bro GI

    Bro GIПре дан

    1:40 how did you miss the chest



    I think this is his first run by finishing the ender dragon with an apple

  11. Lego Brick Films

    Lego Brick FilmsПре дан

    Can you share the mod for these

  12. Hai Nguyen Thi

    Hai Nguyen ThiПре 2 дана


  13. Jérémy Renaud

    Jérémy RenaudПре 2 дана

    "Hello coal" -TapL 2021

  14. Karen Almazon

    Karen AlmazonПре 2 дана


  15. lolejeth

    lolejethПре 2 дана

    the moom

  16. GeorgiosX.

    GeorgiosX.Пре 2 дана

    I love this "eh"

  17. Harmony Woods

    Harmony WoodsПре 3 дана


  18. Omg_Prince YT

    Omg_Prince YTПре 3 дана


  19. The Amazing David

    The Amazing DavidПре 3 дана


  20. Ira youtober

    Ira youtoberПре 3 дана

    I need the mod now

  21. Kyle McDonald

    Kyle McDonaldПре 3 дана

    4:51 😑😂

  22. marijux

    marijuxПре 3 дана


  23. Alejandro Vega

    Alejandro VegaПре 4 дана

    0.015625 Bits

  24. Aditya Mehta

    Aditya MehtaПре 4 дана

    Bedrock marketplace texture packs be like

  25. YeetyYeetsPlays

    YeetyYeetsPlaysПре 4 дана

    TapL: *bang boom bop

  26. The Toilet Demon

    The Toilet DemonПре 5 дана

    Destiny 2: Shadowkeep in a nutshell

  27. JiroIwa

    JiroIwaПре 5 дана

    I just love that he has 3 stacks of crafting tables

  28. John Jones

    John JonesПре 5 дана


  29. Sarwar Adel

    Sarwar AdelПре 5 дана

    Lets go

  30. LiJei Wong

    LiJei WongПре 5 дана


  31. Voltaicgaming101

    Voltaicgaming101Пре 5 дана

    0:30 dont do drugs

  32. Jup1ter Gaming

    Jup1ter GamingПре 5 дана

    what is the mod link?

  33. MSP c'est nul

    MSP c'est nulПре 5 дана

    FuzeIII skin

  34. Red canada

    Red canadaПре 6 дана

    Milky: huh, Who's There? Andro: Me! That's Your End! Milky: No! Andro: Yes! Milky: OUT OF MY WAY NOW!!! Andro:No! Die Milky Dieeee! Milky: *gets Andro out of his way.* Milky: That's better. Whirlpool: WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!?!?!?! Milky: Hi Whirlpool: oh, hi, what are you doing here! Milky: i'm getting Andro out of my way. Whirlpool: oh, great.

  35. Red canada

    Red canadaПре 6 дана


  36. Red canada

    Red canadaПре 6 дана


  37. lu.

    lu.Пре дан


  38. Red canada

    Red canadaПре 6 дана

    Jupiter: LOLOLOLOL

  39. Red canada

    Red canadaПре 6 дана

    Earth: How?!

  40. Red canada

    Red canadaПре 6 дана

    Moon: nope >:) TapL: NOOOOOO *dies*

  41. Red canada

    Red canadaПре 6 дана

    Moon: Hi TapL.

  42. gamer studio

    gamer studioПре 6 дана

    villager Can Breath in Moon What

  43. Adriana Tula

    Adriana TulaПре 6 дана

    Tapl: weird coal hi coal😂

  44. godlikegamer

    godlikegamerПре 6 дана

    "then lets slam it with our sharp blue stick!" -TapL

  45. elsa jason

    elsa jasonПре 6 дана


  46. Mitrem「amv」

    Mitrem「amv」Пре 6 дана

    Fuze skin PtDr

  47. Mitrem「amv」

    Mitrem「amv」Пре 5 дана

    @MSP c'est nul oe

  48. MSP c'est nul

    MSP c'est nulПре 5 дана

    Mdr même moi j'ai cru c'était une vidéo de fuze

  49. Micheal :THE EVIL HERO

    Micheal :THE EVIL HEROПре 7 дана

    Minecraft but white is quite sus

  50. Tunez

    TunezПре 7 дана

    it was a apple this time nice

  51. Liz Petty

    Liz PettyПре 7 дана

    Dude you are my fav RSfirer not even jokeing...

  52. Justice

    JusticeПре 7 дана

    Minecraft but [no tree, less gravity, no armour]

  53. I’m your daddy

    I’m your daddyПре 7 дана

    Haha comments are at funny number


    RENZO CLAYПре 7 дана

    How does stuff smelt on the moon

  55. Mr Loaded

    Mr LoadedПре 7 дана

    What we learnt in the end is A apple a day keeps the moon dragon away

  56. KhoaPhan2011 - Torkoal

    KhoaPhan2011 - TorkoalПре 7 дана

    i hate when holds stacks of crafting table instead of a stack and 5 crafting tables

  57. Henry Spencer

    Henry SpencerПре 7 дана

    Whe. You got the diamonds din that chest at the village your scream sounded like tommyinit

  58. Rashed Hammoudeh

    Rashed HammoudehПре 7 дана


  59. Rashed Hammoudeh

    Rashed HammoudehПре 3 дана

    N0 _ NO

  60. Rashed Hammoudeh

    Rashed HammoudehПре 3 дана

    Gbmdrngkj ⁿ⁰

  61. TrepidArt 137

    TrepidArt 137Пре 8 дана

    Can you put the survival map moon at the description?

  62. kyle_1l

    kyle_1lПре 8 дана

    64Crafting table 64Crafting table 64Crafting table

  63. Coolestman Uou

    Coolestman UouПре 8 дана


  64. sarah hooker

    sarah hookerПре 8 дана


  65. BeanQueen

    BeanQueenПре 9 дана

    Is it only me, or did that lava look like hot cheetos

  66. Linda Small

    Linda SmallПре 9 дана

    Oh the joy you have when the dragon explodes.

  67. Amanda R

    Amanda RПре 9 дана

    Oxygen 100% ok oxygen 75% ok oxygen 50% not ok oxygen 25% not ok oxygen 0% rip

  68. Amanda R

    Amanda RПре 9 дана

    Oxygen is 100% ok oxygen is 50% not ok 0% rip

  69. Yassine MILED

    Yassine MILEDПре 9 дана

    Fuze III 's skin ? (No )

  70. saksham sharma

    saksham sharmaПре 9 дана

    I felt colour blindness .a

  71. saksham sharma

    saksham sharmaПре 9 дана

    A village on moon ???!!?!?!?!!????!

  72. Imposter Panda

    Imposter PandaПре 9 дана

    Ender dragon 2.0 because of red eyes

  73. Jeffrie Baturiano

    Jeffrie BaturianoПре 10 дана

    tapl: i almost run out of oxgen villager:i will give you oxygen tank for 64 emerald tapl:*killing villager*

  74. James Medina

    James MedinaПре 10 дана

    Jdjd eijrj

  75. Drip Kujoh

    Drip KujohПре 10 дана

    Pros for astronaut suit: *When you fall you don’t die and you can float, and you fall slowly* Cons for astronaut suit: *You lose oxygen*

  76. Stefanie Tull

    Stefanie TullПре 10 дана

    i love your vid

  77. Brannen Lawson

    Brannen LawsonПре 10 дана

    I want your minecraft skin

  78. strouhi

    strouhiПре 10 дана

    Dneska zahodíme ega z lega stavím raketu, naposledy zamávám, směr na zombie planetu.

  79. TimurKral YT

    TimurKral YTПре 10 дана


  80. #Alanblue wolf

    #Alanblue wolfПре 10 дана

    Hi tapl me indonesian hi

  81. VateQ

    VateQПре 10 дана

    chat messages hi yt : 50% POG : 15% lol: 10% Lmao: 5% HELLO youtube: 10% OMG POGGERS: 10%

  82. Reign Marcus not gonna tell you

    Reign Marcus not gonna tell youПре 7 дана

    ara ara:0.00001%

  83. I’m your daddy

    I’m your daddyПре 7 дана

    Letttsss goooo 50%

  84. Dondlo

    DondloПре 10 дана

    Mooncraft is really nice game

  85. Collyn Ayotte

    Collyn AyotteПре 10 дана


  86. Stupidní Bread Studios

    Stupidní Bread StudiosПре 10 дана

    Next: Minecraft, But Overworld is Moon, Nether is Mars And End is Europa (Moon of Jupiter)

  87. pepe

    pepeПре 10 дана


  88. DarkBow_

    DarkBow_Пре 11 дана

    OH, Salut Fuze de la miniature

  89. Mr Memes

    Mr MemesПре 11 дана

    He had 3 stack of crafting tables lol 0:00

  90. Faraz Mortezaee

    Faraz MortezaeeПре 11 дана


  91. M 100

    M 100Пре 11 дана

    Ender dragon was slain by apple

  92. Zam Mubiru

    Zam MubiruПре 11 дана

    how did u make that that is so cool


    SUMIYAT FFПре 11 дана

    End stone with white colour😐

  94. Flight Dragon

    Flight DragonПре 11 дана


  95. Hxnnah_mae

    Hxnnah_maeПре 12 дана

    Do mars :)

  96. satababy

    satababyПре 12 дана

    Wooow amazing mod

  97. Crazy Alex 7667

    Crazy Alex 7667Пре 12 дана

    Moon village= aliens

  98. Crazy Alex 7667

    Crazy Alex 7667Пре 12 дана

    0:23 end but💥 white 💥

  99. Lukas Gontard

    Lukas GontardПре 12 дана

    It's the skin of Fuze III

  100. ckolt09 0

    ckolt09 0Пре 12 дана

    Y he have 3 stacks of crafting tables😂

  101. Brody Smells

    Brody SmellsПре 13 дана

    Bruh the sky is completely different I love it keep up the good work

  102. Noah Blackburn

    Noah BlackburnПре 13 дана

    I seen PIG POGGG in the twitch chat

  103. fairchildjb

    fairchildjbПре 13 дана

    Hum flunk I am a beautiful person . I am a beautiful person . I am a beautiful person . I 6th . I am a beautiful person . I am a beautiful person . I am a beautiful person

  104. live in the dream

    live in the dreamПре 13 дана

    Minecraft on mars

  105. Qt Ghoulzx

    Qt GhoulzxПре 13 дана

    His stream is so annoying😂

  106. Leonardo Regini

    Leonardo ReginiПре 13 дана

    Play minecraft but you are george

  107. Darien Lu

    Darien LuПре 13 дана

    The funniest part of the video was when some guy in the chat said "Ara Ara" I'm a fucking weeb "9:23" By reddpreci

  108. Jerome Poirel

    Jerome PoirelПре 13 дана

    c'est la tete de fuze III sur la miniature