I Sent DEADLY DONATIONS to This Streamer Until They RAGE QUIT...

poor kid

victim: rsfire.info/green/viw...

Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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  1. TapL

    TapLПре годину

    let me know if you want to see me donation troll more of my friends :L!

  2. Heng Kok Chan

    Heng Kok ChanПре месец

    I want it

  3. Mutlu SKY

    Mutlu SKYПре месец


  4. Renee Simpson

    Renee SimpsonПре 2 месеца


  5. The Creepy Stalker

    The Creepy StalkerПре 3 месеца

    i stalk you

  6. Hp Roblox

    Hp RobloxПре 4 месеца

    @O k no poop

  7. DevilishRak

    DevilishRakПре 4 сата

    more like poor skeppy

  8. hawk _Crow

    hawk _CrowПре 10 сати

    tapL STOP

  9. Shena Mali

    Shena MaliПре 15 сати


  10. smith helen

    smith helenПре 16 сати

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  11. John Willis

    John WillisПре 19 сати

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  12. Brody Bainter

    Brody BainterПре 23 сата

    I love skeppy

  13. Brody Bainter

    Brody BainterПре 23 сата

    I hate you

  14. Zaneeqa Parvez

    Zaneeqa ParvezПре дан

    poor skeppy

  15. wild rift montage

    wild rift montageПре дан

    this is so funny

  16. Neorain

    NeorainПре дан

    TapL giving Bobe vibes.

  17. Just a boi around here

    Just a boi around hereПре дан

    Skeppy is down

  18. Eva Mihaila

    Eva MihailaПре дан

    Rip TapL’s money

  19. Noobbyist Zane

    Noobbyist ZaneПре дан


  20. Owen Walter

    Owen WalterПре дан

    Skeppy's real name is Zach 0:47

  21. Owen Walter

    Owen WalterПре дан

    Skeppy's real name is Zach tapl said lol

  22. Edwin Esquivel

    Edwin EsquivelПре дан

    This was pretty rude and sad but it was kinda great

  23. J D

    J DПре дан

    Shut up 9:00

  24. Nightmare Dream✔️

    Nightmare Dream✔️Пре 2 дана

    Rip skeppy

  25. Nightmare Dream✔️

    Nightmare Dream✔️Пре 2 дана


  26. Kara1366

    Kara1366Пре 2 дана


  27. Kiel Migo Garcia

    Kiel Migo GarciaПре 2 дана

    Why u bullying skeppy bro:(

  28. youssri reda

    youssri redaПре 2 дана


  29. Christien Widodo

    Christien WidodoПре 2 дана

    Hi TapL

  30. kavita srivastava

    kavita srivastavaПре 2 дана

    What,this video is in 1440 p

  31. The_Unknown_Agent

    The_Unknown_AgentПре 2 дана

    8:12 is where Harvey released his inner dolphin

  32. Sherryl Keith

    Sherryl KeithПре 2 дана

    I think you can learn more about this on Woodprix.

  33. 3Dot

    3DotПре 2 дана

    “poor guy” Are ya sure?

  34. tossboi

    tossboiПре 2 дана

    Alt title: Harvey gets threatened for18 and a half minutes.

  35. Brosco Shineson

    Brosco ShinesonПре 2 дана

    ohh skeppy

  36. Celeste Moreno

    Celeste MorenoПре 3 дана


  37. Muhammad Ameen

    Muhammad AmeenПре 3 дана

    I am a normal person, i see skeppy in the thumbnail i click on the video

  38. Enriqueeee

    EnriqueeeeПре 3 дана

    rest in peace: skepy

  39. Rey Ann Manio Gaual Grijaldo

    Rey Ann Manio Gaual GrijaldoПре 3 дана


  40. Rey Ann Manio Gaual Grijaldo

    Rey Ann Manio Gaual GrijaldoПре 3 дана


  41. Dsitai Beifti

    Dsitai BeiftiПре 4 дана

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  42. 𝕊 𝕡 𝕠 𝕠 𝕟 .

    𝕊 𝕡 𝕠 𝕠 𝕟 .Пре 4 дана

    Desc : Victim : S k e p Me : Oh shi-

  43. iltersinavv

    iltersinavvПре 4 дана

    bad tapl

  44. Abel's Epic Show

    Abel's Epic ShowПре 4 дана

    9:13 walter da dog

  45. Roland Valter

    Roland ValterПре 4 дана

    poor Skeppy :,-(

  46. Lunartubbie

    LunartubbieПре 4 дана

    TapL Stop pls ✋

  47. Sam F

    Sam FПре 4 дана

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    guillermo mendozaПре 4 дана

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  49. NotGalactek

    NotGalactekПре 4 дана

    dumdeedumdeedum.. oh what’s this

  50. Sulaiman Rahman

    Sulaiman RahmanПре 5 дана

    Skeppy is a Muffin

  51. Blackops_EE08

    Blackops_EE08Пре 5 дана


  52. Samantha Weber

    Samantha WeberПре 5 дана

    No one: TapL: *demonic pterodactyl screeching*

  53. TANVANTHシ 0980

    TANVANTHシ 0980Пре 5 дана

    Dude kids are hating this me loving this

  54. Inkceptionist

    InkceptionistПре 5 дана

    I hate you y u bully skeppy

  55. TANVANTHシ 0980

    TANVANTHシ 0980Пре 4 дана

    @Inkceptionist skeppy also trolled a streamer he cryed that's why he got revenge

  56. TANVANTHシ 0980

    TANVANTHシ 0980Пре 5 дана

    Ikr but it's the point of stream

  57. Inkceptionist

    InkceptionistПре 5 дана


  58. Inkceptionist

    InkceptionistПре 5 дана


  59. TANVANTHシ 0980

    TANVANTHシ 0980Пре 5 дана

    But he gave over 500$ and

  60. Skarbrand the Exiled One

    Skarbrand the Exiled OneПре 5 дана

    This guy is a shitty slimecicle

  61. TheWOWCraft

    TheWOWCraftПре 5 дана

    Bouncy bouncy bouncy

  62. james farrington

    james farringtonПре 5 дана

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  63. Hudson Charlap

    Hudson CharlapПре 5 дана


  64. Flaring Pk

    Flaring PkПре 5 дана


  65. Meep

    MeepПре 5 дана

    Dude this is the funniest video I’ve ever seen🙃

  66. Ryan Kathi

    Ryan KathiПре 5 дана

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  67. Mr. Happy

    Mr. HappyПре 5 дана

    This video is the whole meaning of “Depressed from success” because imagine how much money Skeppy made from this one video

  68. Crystallized Gaming

    Crystallized GamingПре 6 дана

    That’s skeppy

  69. Jack Aspin

    Jack AspinПре 6 дана


  70. Sue Kostelnik

    Sue KostelnikПре 6 дана


  71. Mohamed Ali

    Mohamed AliПре 6 дана

    Tapl when are you gonna do a face reveal?

  72. Zyle Lycuz Consorte

    Zyle Lycuz ConsorteПре 6 дана

    Skeppy is Really Hate you TapL....

  73. Sanjeev Kumar

    Sanjeev KumarПре 6 дана


  74. Faiz Sumardi

    Faiz SumardiПре 6 дана


  75. isaacjohnabilaLNCG7

    isaacjohnabilaLNCG7Пре 6 дана

    TapL is like a demon here haha

  76. Vexx Cloud

    Vexx CloudПре 6 дана

    If I were sleepy I’d be happy HES literally making so much money from that

  77. Christopher Maier

    Christopher MaierПре 6 дана

    Wait we watch a RSfire but we watch RSfire

  78. Connor Zoromski

    Connor ZoromskiПре 7 дана

    You’re Great you make me laugh a lot

  79. MrPotato

    MrPotatoПре 7 дана

    Just a little bit


    ANGELICA RIVASПре 7 дана


  81. Smarty 7040

    Smarty 7040Пре 7 дана


  82. Mikael Sandberg

    Mikael SandbergПре 7 дана

    :0 me me me me me me me meeee :D :L

  83. the racoon boi

    the racoon boiПре 7 дана

    "The poor lad" -tapL 2020

  84. Charles Jason Demingoy

    Charles Jason DemingoyПре 7 дана

    It was my birthday that was so funny

  85. Brandon Farfan

    Brandon FarfanПре 8 дана

    I feel so bad for skeppy :(

  86. Connor Ford

    Connor FordПре 8 дана

    lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your vids

  87. Lucas Chen

    Lucas ChenПре 8 дана

    Troll BBH

  88. SuperSayanGaming

    SuperSayanGamingПре 8 дана

    Do dream

  89. Angelica Mcdonald

    Angelica McdonaldПре 8 дана

    Why so many people yrold him tho?😅

  90. t1ger虎

    t1ger虎Пре 8 дана

    skeppy is just fixing his hair every second xD

  91. Divyansh Mittal

    Divyansh MittalПре 8 дана

    Tapl: "This streamer" Me:Boi thats SKEPPY

  92. bacon4life

    bacon4lifeПре 8 дана

    skep is lucky because mr beast wasn't here

  93. Liza Ahmat

    Liza AhmatПре 8 дана

    Skeppy is Muslimic Don't make him so MAD

  94. Nalan pro

    Nalan proПре 8 дана

    TAPL your name is harvey?

  95. Michiheal Espinoza

    Michiheal EspinozaПре 8 дана


  96. Chris.T

    Chris.TПре 8 дана


  97. ItzEvan

    ItzEvanПре 8 дана

    Imagine you su

  98. devin sierra

    devin sierraПре 8 дана

    I feel bad for skeepy i love his vida 😔😔😔😭😭💔

  99. the racoon boi

    the racoon boiПре 7 дана

    Skeepy go skeeeeeeeet

  100. TimurHexagon

    TimurHexagonПре 8 дана

    5:17 What were the odds that Skeppy would fall into lava?

  101. JOELJOE

    JOELJOEПре 8 дана

    This is skeppy

  102. Juan’s Animations

    Juan’s AnimationsПре 8 дана

    Skeppy disappeared faster then my dad

  103. Elite Releases

    Elite ReleasesПре 9 дана

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  104. İO Gamer

    İO GamerПре 9 дана

    tapl ı scared pls no more

  105. abu ainabe

    abu ainabeПре 9 дана


  106. Erik Lajos Grósz

    Erik Lajos GrószПре 9 дана


  107. LittleLovelyLuni

    LittleLovelyLuniПре 9 дана

    @Skep was not having a good time AT ALL

  108. Karina Guillén

    Karina GuillénПре 9 дана

    " i know where you live" *harvey get scareeee*

  109. Wolfighter17

    Wolfighter17Пре 9 дана

    TapL: he’s like a magician he just disappears Me: he’s like my dad he just disappears

  110. Kb Bryant

    Kb BryantПре 9 дана

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  111. Hannah Illes

    Hannah IllesПре 9 дана

    At first I thought it was a Skeppy video, not TapL