Coyote Faces Some Of The Deadliest Reptiles Around The World | Coyote Peterson: Brave The Wild

Coyote has been face to face with some of the most dangerous reptiles, here are a few of the most terrifying encounters!
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  1. Christina Fuller

    Christina FullerПре 2 месеца

    He reminds me so much of Steve Irwin. So happy there is another guy out there with no fear and a love for Animals.

  2. David Merritts

    David MerrittsПре 2 месеца

    Senior hot pepper challenge on TV

  3. David Merritts

    David MerrittsПре 2 месеца

    Hey Coyote please try to get bit get bit by a coyote cuz I'm going to be awesome cool and I just I'm watching your hot pepper challenge

  4. Kate Matteson

    Kate MattesonПре 3 месеца

    The frilled dragon is like that Dino

  5. Kate Matteson

    Kate MattesonПре 3 месеца

    And watch coyotes vids

  6. Kate Matteson

    Kate MattesonПре 3 месеца

    Plz I would like some like don’t have to first 😀

  7. Uriel Fantilanan

    Uriel FantilananПре 3 месеца

    Imagine if you caught a snake then you get angry and when it opens its mouth u put its body on the mouth and close it xD idk just my brain saying i should comment it

  8. Its Freddie

    Its FreddieПре 4 месеца

    You already know this guys an asshole off camera, *20 seconds before* dude its getting tight around your neck let me get it off you 'na dude its fine' *20 seconds later* Damn this things really tight around your neck now 'yeah couldn't you see my face turning purple'? What a prick lol

  9. Amn Ha

    Amn HaПре 5 месеци

    this is a Burmese python venomous snake

  10. Shalinee Belcon

    Shalinee BelconПре 5 месеци

    hey i`m Zayda I am your biggest fan

  11. Carlito

    CarlitoПре 5 месеци

    First,the anaconda is so scary yet so cute. And second why does Mr.Peterson look like Johnny Sins

  12. wanderingdead

    wanderingdeadПре 6 месеци

    Me thinks it’s a dilo from ark

  13. Aurora Gibson

    Aurora GibsonПре 7 месеци

    the frilled lizard is an amazing creature fairly harmless but they look like the dinos I forgot what their called that spit a slime that was poisonous

  14. Shiv Patel

    Shiv PatelПре 5 месеци

    ​@Aurora Gibson sure, lol I think I was over-enthusiastic, my bad, but hey you love it , and that's what MATTERS! have a nice day!💖

  15. Aurora Gibson

    Aurora GibsonПре 5 месеци

    @Shiv Patel i'll let you know if there is a lizard I would like to know more about! I will probably bombard you with lizards to tell me about I love lizards and like to learn all about them. everyone thinks i'm weird because I prefer reptiles over dogs and cats! lol

  16. Shiv Patel

    Shiv PatelПре 5 месеци

    @Aurora Gibson Yea Ofc! 😊 If your interested in Frilled Dragons🦎.. there's MORE Here you go, enjoy: Frilled Lizard [belong in the Agamidae family "dragons"] (The frilled DRAGON has well developed limbs with the Hind limbs being LONGER {lets them run BI-Pedal!}; 5 Super-DUPER Strong CLAWED digits; thick tongue; Body-adorned with ROUGH-textured Scales and spines on many!!! The Frantic, smooth FRILL's 'threat' display looks like 2 BIG Eye: the Skin expands with the help of long Cartilage Rods, and helps with Thermoregulation in both genders!! Despite the movie JP, Dilophosaurus' frill was Not Accurate & just a mere outcome of creativity/magic, these Grilled Dragons are the ONLY Animals to ever have a Impressive frill as Big as 1ft + LONG in diameter!!! Ohh yea, Let's Not forget about their TAIL SLAP as their final Defensive Attempt!) 🐊🦎Want to Hear Facts About more COOL Lizards, like these or anything else?!🐲

  17. Aurora Gibson

    Aurora GibsonПре 5 месеци

    @Shiv Patel thanks guess the people that made jurassic park dont know dinos very well thanks for helping me learn something new

  18. Shiv Patel

    Shiv PatelПре 5 месеци

    Actually, they are called Dilophosaur, and they Don't have Frill display or Spit Venom like it was in JP movie!

  19. Ashley Brumfiel

    Ashley BrumfielПре 7 месеци

    Dued you are pissing him off. 😬 He wants to bite you so bad.😅

  20. Zaima Shahid

    Zaima ShahidПре 7 месеци

    I love animals, I even like to see the little spiders crawling on the wall and I never get scared because *brave the wild* and coyote is my ideal .

  21. Kelly McCracken

    Kelly McCrackenПре 8 месеци


  22. Kelly McCracken

    Kelly McCrackenПре 8 месеци

    Green aniconda

  23. Kelly McCracken

    Kelly McCrackenПре 8 месеци

    Go go go coyote

  24. Maryam Saudager

    Maryam SaudagerПре 8 месеци

    Great jump buddy 👍

  25. Maryam Saudager

    Maryam SaudagerПре 8 месеци

    the python was really awesome mr. coyote peterson but the way he was coiling u I don't think it's safe to be near a python. stay safe a say hi to pup

  26. Joseph Senior

    Joseph SeniorПре 8 месеци

    The olive snake looks like a black mamba

  27. Lacrosse Wonders

    Lacrosse WondersПре 8 месеци

    Lizard: “Somethings wrong, I can feel it”

  28. King Vonn

    King VonnПре 8 месеци

    lol I own a dwarf reticulated python, his name is king I’ve had huge snakes such as red tail boas, boa constrictors. They outta be the nicest snakes ever, I’ve had snakes for 8 years

  29. Krab A

    Krab AПре 8 месеци

    None of these reptiles are very deadly

  30. Krab A

    Krab AПре 8 месеци

    Big N yeah it would be painful but it wouldn’t kill you

  31. Big N

    Big NПре 8 месеци

    U get bit by the anaconda

  32. Stephanie Jackson

    Stephanie JacksonПре 8 месеци

    Really though foreal,fr

  33. Stephanie Jackson

    Stephanie JacksonПре 8 месеци

    White folks just always messing with wild animals, its like they cannot get enough yes exotic animals are absolutely gorgeous that's a fact Jack however c'mon now just sit down some where like dam got dam !

  34. Stephanie Jackson

    Stephanie JacksonПре 8 месеци

    That was really risky ,and stupidity at its finest hour

  35. Dilshodbek Qudratov

    Dilshodbek QudratovПре 8 месеци

    What is monster 👹

  36. Carmen Jimenez

    Carmen JimenezПре 8 месеци

    Anacondas wont bite underwater theyll Choke undeewater

  37. Heather Forman

    Heather FormanПре 8 месеци

    Great video

  38. Official Lil Sant

    Official Lil SantПре 8 месеци

    Didn’t even jump that high

  39. Mohammed Saifullah Khan

    Mohammed Saifullah KhanПре 8 месеци

    the frilled lizard is like dilofosour

  40. frank davis

    frank davisПре 9 месеци

    A frilled dragon and an olive python super deadly lmfao 2 common pet reptiles neither could kill u or even really hurt u most deadly my ass folks might have forgotten the top 7 most venomous snakes on the planet are from Australia where these 2 reptiles are from and let's not forget about saltys lmfao CLICKBAIT

  41. Brandon Beshears

    Brandon BeshearsПре 9 месеци

    Caught the Borat reference

  42. Animals around the globe

    Animals around the globeПре 9 месеци


  43. Alivia Garcia

    Alivia GarciaПре 9 месеци

    The first one is a demogorgon

  44. Camryn

    CamrynПре 9 месеци

    "LeBron James, eat your heart out!" yeah right LOL

  45. Patrycja Lack

    Patrycja LackПре 9 месеци

    The photo of the frog in the outro is staged and this type of photography has previously been exposed for animal cruelty. Animal Planet probably doesn't know this, so please help inform them so they can stop using these photos!

  46. ELFB aka 'Old Lady Cynic'

    ELFB aka 'Old Lady Cynic'Пре 9 месеци

    So brave with a frilled necked lizard. Not.🤣

  47. C. Torres

    C. TorresПре 9 месеци

    Your the best!!!!

  48. Peachy Blupples

    Peachy BlupplesПре 9 месеци

    He grabbed the frilled dragon by its tail. I do not approve.he also yanked the snake from the tail and grabbed it by its head. No wonder they were tried to bite him.

  49. Abigail Smith

    Abigail SmithПре 9 месеци

    The olive python is legit a Karen when it tries to bite the camera like it's saying "Stop filming me! Don't put it on your RSfires.". It literally reminds me of that!


    GAME HOMEПре 9 месеци how to make a artillery fun😃😃

  51. Abdul Kalam

    Abdul KalamПре 9 месеци

    Be Brave and stay wild 🤩🤩🤩

  52. blackcosmos

    blackcosmosПре 9 месеци

    "LeBron James eat your heart out" lol I sure he would have been very proud! 😂🤣

  53. rewindingApocalypse

    rewindingApocalypseПре 9 месеци

    I don't know enough about anacondas to say but frilled dragons? olive pythons? "deadly"? LMAOOOOO

  54. aaronpiper92

    aaronpiper92Пре 9 месеци

    *sees reptile frilled* .. .. .. .. *jurassic park flashbacks*

  55. Sebastian Alvarado

    Sebastian AlvaradoПре 9 месеци

    That snake was like little dog coming up to his goggles like that. Snakes are cool

  56. Sebastian Alvarado

    Sebastian AlvaradoПре 9 месеци

    Wow I’m early. Not early enough to still be on his other channel

  57. Jacob Danner

    Jacob DannerПре 9 месеци

    "some of the deadliest reptiles" shows a harmless frilled dragon 😂

  58. Jacob Danner

    Jacob DannerПре месец

    @Caitlyn D cant argue on that one lol

  59. Caitlyn D

    Caitlyn DПре месец

    to be fair they have a nasty bite lol

  60. HadesCollectables

    HadesCollectablesПре 3 месеца

    Hayashi Shirou they’re harmless

  61. Deagánach Ó Cathasaigh

    Deagánach Ó CathasaighПре 4 месеца

    They can secretly breathe fire😂

  62. yael cruz-aguirre

    yael cruz-aguirreПре 6 месеци

    Maybe he just found it and wanted to exclude it

  63. Mitsuri

    MitsuriПре 9 месеци

    Man these are staged :(

  64. Mitsuri

    MitsuriПре 9 месеци

    @Super Tactical Droid well the first clip yes

  65. Super Tactical Droid

    Super Tactical DroidПре 9 месеци


  66. Icy 420

    Icy 420Пре 9 месеци

    I think this guys does a lot of cocaine

  67. dre's reptilians and arachnids

    dre's reptilians and arachnidsПре 9 месеци

    Really awesome

  68. Alex Mora

    Alex MoraПре 9 месеци

    Sell out!

  69. Jeremy

    JeremyПре 9 месеци

    I always love seeing people come across animals like this 😊

  70. Holy Potato

    Holy PotatoПре 9 месеци

    Wow those creatures are adorable

  71. Mariana Bivol

    Mariana BivolПре 9 месеци

    This was so intense 😂

  72. ANKUSH Bowlekar

    ANKUSH BowlekarПре 9 месеци

    Coyote peterson was insearch of anaconda named big mama.her huge slide beside water was seen but nobody saw that huge snake.

  73. Animal Lover

    Animal LoverПре 9 месеци

    Wow 🤩 Coyote is a great hunter

  74. Bella Nathalia

    Bella NathaliaПре 9 месеци

    Wow. Coyote is so Amazing!

  75. Jorge Guerra

    Jorge GuerraПре 9 месеци

    "Get the snake under control" wtf? And he says "we dont want to stress it too much" Just leave it alone why the hell bother it!!! Stupid ass people!!

  76. MC AL

    MC ALПре 9 месеци

    *This is* _Nice_ *.*

  77. Small Town Horror Stories

    Small Town Horror StoriesПре 9 месеци

    But the dragons aren’t deadly????

  78. Protéger les animaux

    Protéger les animauxПре 9 месеци

    Already see this

  79. Azliana Lyana

    Azliana LyanaПре 9 месеци

    Man, that frilled dragon was just chillin'... 😅

  80. Diego Brando

    Diego BrandoПре 6 месеци

    @My Channel cuz he want to

  81. My Channel

    My ChannelПре 8 месеци

    Yea not sure why coyote overreacts all the time

  82. Nakita Milledge

    Nakita MilledgeПре 9 месеци

    Missed opportunity to say “frillin’ “ 🤦🏾‍♀️

  83. Juno Disarapong

    Juno DisarapongПре 9 месеци

    @Abigail Smith XDD

  84. Abigail Smith

    Abigail SmithПре 9 месеци

    It really was just chillin'. Then Coyote was like "NOPE NO MORE CHILL!" lol

  85. Samuel Lown

    Samuel LownПре 9 месеци

    Bro calm down with the comments

  86. ryan damon

    ryan damonПре 9 месеци


  87. Violates

    ViolatesПре 9 месеци

    Has Coyote earned the world record for the biggest nut sack ever?

  88. Bro

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    Sam OrozcoПре 9 месеци

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    J JПре 9 месеци

    Why do you guys keep re - uploading old videos??? I've seen these like 5 times already

  109. hamza 760

    hamza 760Пре 9 месеци

    @Alex Mora what Mariana Bicol said

  110. Alex Mora

    Alex MoraПре 9 месеци

    Because coyote is a sell out

  111. Mariana Bivol

    Mariana BivolПре 9 месеци

    Because he in quarantine and also this is a compilation of coyote facing deadliest creatures

  112. Sophia Hamblen

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