Minecraft But Every Mob Is Hostile With Knockback 1,000...

Minecraft But Every Mob Is Hostile With Knockback 1,000 (Challenge)

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This is a Minecraft Challenge in which I try to beat the game with @Wisp ​, but every mob is Hostile and has Knockback 1000! this idea was inspired by @TapL 's "Minecraft, But Every Mob Has Knockback 1,000,000" video, except I put my own twist on it!


  1. Henwy

    HenwyПре 2 месеца

    Alternative Title: Pigs hunt down Wisp & Silver for 24 minutes straight

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    Henry I’m a fan

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    My name is Henry

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    Play so much with the Wisp plz.

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    I love 💕 wisp

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    Hi Scott

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    23:00 soo no one's gonna talk about how wisp just teleported

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    Im a big fan of eisp

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    Get The Sword Knockback1000

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    I did know wisp is here

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    Did anyone notice the monument 0:59

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    it was ender apocalypses in end world

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    7:17 he became a super man lol

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    the were bouncing like ball lol

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    3:28 lol an army of mobs following wisp lol

  22. Rayna Coderre

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    when you say its going to take another hour and the video is 24 mins not hours me. i thought it was longer

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    Wisp nice

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    Imma sub to you both because I didn’t know you and wisp were friends

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    How did you get so much views

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    What's if you leash an animal?

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    I like wisp

  31. Rayna Coderre

    Rayna CoderreПре 3 дана

    when you say i am on the mobs side now, then they just hit you to the end. me: well dang they should of know this is a bad idea

  32. Official Littlemeow

    Official LittlemeowПре 3 дана

    Wisp is just casually getting malled by cats in the house

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    This video will be the only time I’ll hear it’s so good spawning in a island

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    War of chicken

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    ahh mr silver is your name scott sorry if i said things rude i heard whisp call you that name


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    Why is your back writing力字🤔

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    i loved this LIKE!

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    The enderman apocalypse

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    the killer bunny is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!

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    This challenge is funny and epic at once😂

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    Not to be mean but you misted some iron in the cave

  42. Jen K

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    Speedsilver tame a horse and see if it still attack you if it's Tamed wait cats and wolves also attack you try to tame them also and see if they attack you also

  43. unrealbtwmax

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    Speedsilver 😪 farming 50?

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    •~• I just finished one of wisps videos and now he here lol

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    WᴡᴛᴋʙᴏᴛᴀᴋПре 5 дана

    Silver: using x-ray My friend reaction: X-RAYYYY????? My reaction: 100000/100000 youtubers had it

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    Why does wisp sound like sketch lol

  47. hapsede fodiqsup

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    The vulgar llama immunohistochemically bake because slope suprisingly suck versus a male save. dear, splendid sycamore

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    Love how you guys fell out of world tOns of time

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    the panda wants you

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    Scot kit

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    5:21 Every Taiwanese or Chinese will laugh at this moment. "Cow!"=sounds similar to="靠"。😂😂

  52. Nathaniel Tewolde

    Nathaniel TewoldeПре 7 дана

    23:03 Wisp is like 20 blocks away, 2 seconds later hes right next to silver... how

  53. Maxwell Guido

    Maxwell GuidoПре 8 дана

    Knock back

  54. Callista Denson

    Callista DensonПре 8 дана

    silver shoul d have gotten like 10 buckets to drown the endermen

  55. D T

    D TПре 8 дана

    and it took me 1 week to get to the nether.

  56. D T

    D TПре 8 дана

    Why did you do this mod? the last time I did this mod I got fell out of the world fighting the ender dragon.

  57. metalguy99

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    lol the end cities are in the second end

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    Lol thats impposible

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    If you had bed rock armor you wouldnt ve pucsed

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    now i can finish my xp farm

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    Silver 2021 the bats are too op

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    mr conan 🕵Пре 10 дана

    Can you do this but the mobs have stringth 1 evry 1 min so hard you need to speedrun oh the dragon no don't do it 😅

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  65. Ryan Tobias

    Ryan TobiasПре 10 дана

    23:02 wisp respawns, then is suddenly on top of the scaffolding 🤔

  66. Piyush Kumar

    Piyush KumarПре 9 дана

    Cuts and edits

  67. Minecraft fan

    Minecraft fanПре 10 дана

    Sliver:sees animal omg Wisp:sees anything that moves AHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO HOLLLLLYYYYYY CHIIIIICKKKKENNNNN

  68. Penelope Sandell

    Penelope SandellПре 11 дана

    imagine wisp making an intro for this...(rip headphone users)

  69. KJ - 02IL 956761 Parkway PS

    KJ - 02IL 956761 Parkway PSПре 11 дана

    if you ever made a wither it would not be a normal wither fight it would be sliver and wisp verses one hundred mobs it would not be good you two would've been in big trouble.😨

  70. KJ - 02IL 956761 Parkway PS

    KJ - 02IL 956761 Parkway PSПре 11 дана

    And I mean not good😡

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    I dont think thats forest is rare bcs every single time like literally is spawn in one and i hate it

  72. SageOfTea

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    in this video, we coded it so that im in love with georgenotfound. I love women and also gegnotfound. poggers

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    2:18 that bunny fell

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  87. Kids Of Rowell and Shriver

    Kids Of Rowell and ShriverПре 14 дана

    Well listen close in the nether and you can hear Wisp say “SCOTT BE CAREFUL!”

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  92. Keith Bakken

    Keith BakkenПре 15 дана

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  93. Timotis Čepaitis1

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    When someone of mobs hit you 👋👋👋

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  95. Aqua Fishy

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  96. Greatest Gamer

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