Mac Jones: "I've got my future home" | 1-on-1 (New England Patriots)

Mac Jones arrives at Gillette Stadium and Elizabeth Pehota sits down with the New England Patriots first round draft pick to discuss draft night.

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  1. Vincent Vaughan

    Vincent VaughanПре 28 дана

    mac jones could be as good as captain tom brady of the buccaneers.

  2. EastTexasOutfitters

    EastTexasOutfittersПре месец

    Mac jones got the Robert Kraft Deluxe Special

  3. Klever Avila

    Klever AvilaПре месец

    The educated minute formerly instruct because leg likely back upon a unadvised meat. hard, massive jet

  4. David Doire

    David DoireПре месец

    I hope he becomes the franchise QB of this team. Good luck to you Mac!

  5. maurice

    mauriceПре месец

    Wish I could understand what she was saying. Too bad that stupid mask is on

  6. Tucker Daniels

    Tucker DanielsПре месец

    Giants fan here. Mac is gonna be solid. I think he’s gonna be a good fit for them

  7. JP Wells

    JP WellsПре месец

    1:00 that loyal group of friends that always likes your posts

  8. Shawn Clark

    Shawn ClarkПре месец

    He looks like a doper

  9. Thehumbleking198 Humble slayer

    Thehumbleking198 Humble slayerПре месец

    Love it

  10. Plazik

    PlazikПре месец

    The last time I was this excited after a Pats offseason was probably going into the 2013-2014 season when we signed Revis in FA, and got Jamie Collins and Jimmy G in the draft, think we got Chandler Jones in that draft as well, or that may have been the following year(I also didn't think Brady would dominate for another 8 years hence being excited about Jimmy lol) but this draft and FA looks even better than that one on paper. We now have a top 5-7 oline with a healthy Andrews, and Trent Brown returning at LT, so Wynn can move back into his natural position at RT. Matt Judon, Barmore, Perkins, Godchaux and Henry Anderson to add to a front 7 with a returning Hightower. The run D is going to be the most improved part of this team which we desperately needed to fix. Uche and Dugger are going to be getting starting roles, and they add much needed speed, athleticism, and versatility to the defense. As of right now, Gilmore and JC Jackson are still on the squad, so the secondary should remain elite. Then we still got Anfernee Jennings, Bentley, Chase, and Guy. Really excited for the defense this year. Then on the offensive side, we may not have a true number 1 target, but we got a lot of solid guys to spread the ball to, and that's what Mac excels at, so hopefully he's the starter by week 1, but I'm sure BB will let Cam have the first 2-3 games. Oh yeah and we got 2 legit RBs in Harris and now Stevenson, not to mention White is still there for the 3rd downs. Obviously Bill's a god damn genius, but even I wasn't suspecting this great of a turn around in 1 year. Still feels great to be a Pats fan!

  11. yopi handoyo

    yopi handoyoПре месец

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  12. Dragon V

    Dragon VПре месец

    he was so shocked to meet the owner(Robert Kraft) that didn't know what to say

  13. Enzo Gorlami

    Enzo GorlamiПре месец

    26 people are Jets fans

  14. Marc Ryan

    Marc RyanПре месец

    We’ve finally got Brady’s successor 👍

  15. Tres Patines

    Tres PatinesПре месец

    WE GOT OUR MAN!!!! Now we go to work. Good job Bill...Pat's fan 1975

  16. Allex G

    Allex GПре месец

    Dude looks stoned.

  17. Derek miller

    Derek millerПре месец

    I finally found something I have in common with a billionaire - messy desk!

  18. Sergio Jokanov

    Sergio JokanovПре месец

    Bust, weakling.


    KM十BRḀVE x SIOKAПре месец

    Mac Jones is one of the most phenomenal QB in college history. Patriots are so lucky to have Mac Jones.

  20. John Place

    John PlaceПре месец

    If he is coachable, Bill's winning ways are here again! Slow September, November, wait till the end!!

  21. Jeremy Terry

    Jeremy TerryПре месец

    If he wasnt coachable, he would never have played for Saban. He'll be fine

  22. Projekt 6

    Projekt 6Пре месец

    Holy shit! He might be the rain man of the QB.

  23. vigilantejusticevid

    vigilantejusticevidПре месец

    wow, that was so incredibly awkward lol can't wait to see what he's got! I like him alot

  24. Anders Jensen

    Anders JensenПре месец

    Welcome Mac

  25. Brash Balls

    Brash BallsПре месец

    He’s so soft spoken

  26. Charles Workman

    Charles WorkmanПре месец

    He should have said “picking me is the best decision you’ve ever made“

  27. Finance Girl

    Finance GirlПре месец

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  28. Finance Girl

    Finance GirlПре месец

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  29. villain County

    villain CountyПре месец

    Ladies and gentlemen we give you brady jr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. wil401prov

    wil401provПре месец

    Can u stop calling him the next brady no one will ever become the next brady

  31. Chris Evy

    Chris EvyПре месец

    It was a great place was you now play for the silly coach owner and MG that let the greatest talent in football leave even though he took pay cuts every year. I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun watching Belichick fail. 👀

  32. Scott Sharbonno

    Scott SharbonnoПре месец

    Mac, take off the mask

  33. Tham Thmit

    Tham ThmitПре месец

    He’ll be gone in years

  34. Nicholas Woods

    Nicholas WoodsПре месец

    Either nervous or High af

  35. Vince Lombardi

    Vince LombardiПре месец

    Bruh this QB is like Bill with his emotions super chill.

  36. Dangerous One

    Dangerous OneПре месец

    I followed TB12 to Tampa but I’m super pumped for New England! Happy for you guys!

  37. Kilgore

    KilgoreПре месец

    Last time the Patriots drafted a Qb with 3 letters forename and 5 letters surname, we all know what happened with that guy there.

  38. Johatsu

    JohatsuПре месец

    @Anthony Green ✌️

  39. Anthony Green

    Anthony GreenПре месец

    @Johatsu lol I meant to reply to Matt my bad

  40. Johatsu

    JohatsuПре месец

    @Matt Brooks i think zack meant him

  41. Johatsu

    JohatsuПре месец

    @Anthony Green sorry did i pissed you off anyhow, im not talking to you clown

  42. Matt Brooks

    Matt BrooksПре месец

    @Johatsu no

  43. Brian K

    Brian KПре месец

    What I like about Mac is he steps up into the pocket on the big throw. I don't see fear in his eyes. I also like his football IQ. I really wish the best for him in New England. Welcome Mac.

  44. Sean Mariani

    Sean MarianiПре месец

    Mac Jones is Tom Brady 💯

  45. Dwart55

    Dwart55Пре месец

    Still a rookie but he has the right attitude and is willing to work hard. Hope the Patriot fans will be patient with Mac Jones. Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills in his first 2 seasons struggled with a QB rating of 67.9 and 85.3 so success doesn’t come overnight.

  46. upperechelon25

    upperechelon25Пре месец

    Legit can’t wait to see this guy fail

  47. Brian Anders

    Brian AndersПре месец

    @Mac Jones I wish you the best man. Not a pats fan but respect you and your ability. When your time comes make the most and be who you are. Congrats!

  48. plyzwthsqrlz

    plyzwthsqrlzПре месец

    Everyone is talking about how much talent he had around him at Bama. Valid, but whoever is QB now has some pretty good talent in Smith, Henry, Agholor, and Bourne

  49. Diomer Ortiz

    Diomer OrtizПре месец

    It could be a 781 number too.

  50. The Faithful One

    The Faithful OneПре месец

    That boy wanted to be a 49er 😂😂 To Patriots fans, how do you feel about him?

  51. Jeremy Terry

    Jeremy TerryПре месец

    He also saw himself as a Kentucky football player but went to Bama. Pretty sure that worked out fine and Bama fans could care less about it.

  52. Daniel B

    Daniel BПре месец

    Only one masked, awkward af

  53. Outside the Obvious

    Outside the ObviousПре месец

    First line to your new boss "Hey, I like that suit"..... Yes, Mac Jones is a 22 year old kid, confirmed

  54. Brandon Lopez

    Brandon LopezПре месец

    Welcome to our home Mac Jones. We’ve been waiting for you. We can’t wait for the things you will do for us. You’re our future

  55. John L

    John LПре месец

    Love the humble attitude. I am looking forward to seeing him play for us well into the future!

  56. Mike Razallo

    Mike RazalloПре месец

    Could you have picked a more unflattering picture? 😒

  57. Chase

    ChaseПре месец

    I want to see mac jones vs Zack Wilson

  58. Mickey Freddy

    Mickey FreddyПре месец

    Just watching his demeanor, he's gonna fit right in! Love this pick!!!!

  59. Nicholas Rueckert

    Nicholas RueckertПре месец


  60. Barbara Lovenvirth

    Barbara LovenvirthПре месец

    A 4.0 average??? This is one smart guy..... Good luck for the Pats!

  61. Woozy Witanuzi

    Woozy WitanuziПре месец

    Bad move not to address his son. That's goña get your ass traded 😂😂

  62. Woozy Witanuzi

    Woozy WitanuziПре месец

    @Jamie Mcdonald yeah I saw it in another video but I didn't show it in this one ahahah

  63. Jamie Mcdonald

    Jamie McdonaldПре месец

    What are you talking about? Jonathan was the first person he talked to.

  64. Erick Deveau

    Erick DeveauПре месец

    Mac is Cam spell backwards, which is the direction Cam has been going in for years now. Also get rid of that Dominique guy on the "Get up" sports talk show on espn. He's terrible.

  65. Shannon Pincombe

    Shannon PincombeПре месец

    Why doesn't Bob Craft have another room for storing all that shite in his office?

  66. Jeff Criswell

    Jeff CriswellПре месец

    I am not remotely a Pats fan - but this kid looks like the real deal. Completed 77% in college - best ever, and did it at the highest level of competition. Of course, he had an unreal receiver corps who were always open. Regardless, Pats now part of the Alabama war: Auburn v. Bama at your quarterback position.

  67. Alberto David Jr

    Alberto David JrПре месец

    Everybody in shoes....Robert Kraft in sneakers 😂

  68. RTN MK

    RTN MKПре месец

    0:36 Kraft is so savy, mirroring the body language. Also Mac Jones, keep your hands out of your pockets. No way to present yourself like that. Let alone to the owner of the team! I think I hear remorse in his voice from this meeting. Hope Mac Jones shows wat he's worth on the filed.

  69. Stephen Dorrick

    Stephen DorrickПре месец

    Not to be a total newb... but for the casual football fan who watches zero college football, it might be a good idea to put somewhere in this video, whether saying it, a playing clip, or even a little note on the screen... what position this guy plays? Of course most people would assume quarterback, but to not even say it anywhere is pretty hilarious IMO.

  70. Art Pennesi

    Art PennesiПре месец

    Happy for the Patriots.....shortest rebuild year ever. With all of the new free agents I think Cam goes off and has a great year. If Cam gets banged up late in the season watch out for a Deja Vu moment of Mac Jones coming in and taking them deep into the playoffs. Definitely looking forward to the regular season game with Brady, Gronk Bucs. Go Pats. The Fins, Bills, Jets, Jags all got significantly better ....very exciting games coming up in the AFC next season.

  71. Jive Ass Turkey

    Jive Ass TurkeyПре месец

    With Jalen Hurts starting for Philly, and Tua Tagovailoa starting with Miami... now Mac will probably start for the Pats. Alabama has THREE starting quarterbacks in the NFL... and two are in their 2nd season and one is a rookie... that has to be some kind of record lol.

  72. Jeff Schwartz

    Jeff SchwartzПре месец

    The Krafts are quality people. Robert recounts that he played Lightweight ball at Harvard. For those who are unfamiliar, they and Yale, Penn, Princeton, Army, Navy a couple others had special non-varsity teams with a weight limit of 158 if you were not big enough for varsity. The Krafts' character is big enough for any level.

  73. nik nok

    nik nokПре месец

    i hope he starts and not cam

  74. Johnny Cash

    Johnny CashПре месец

    Take the fucking masks off my god

  75. Subrata Mahata

    Subrata MahataПре месец

    Just cuz he has dad bod doesn't mean he is Tom Brady

  76. Bdawg02

    Bdawg02Пре месец

    How cool is Robert Kraft....Super!💪🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  77. Larry Bruce

    Larry BruceПре месец

    I hope he stays healthy. This kid has a bright future in NE.

  78. Jaden Wilson

    Jaden WilsonПре месец

    "Doing your job" 🙏🙏🙏 Yes we love those words

  79. Tiffany Estabrook

    Tiffany EstabrookПре месец

    If we get 3 rings I’ll be happy lol At I the only one shocked at the messy Kraft office 🤦‍♀️

  80. Devin Walsh

    Devin WalshПре месец


  81. Dadson worldwide

    Dadson worldwideПре месец

    As a titan fan all i asked nfl was not to allow pats have mac. Another freaking 20 yrs its bs is what it is. What we witnessed at espn and in media plus has to be stopped. If we allow this rewarding looks over action its gonna ruin this game like that type of stuff is ruining everything else on usa.

  82. Dadson worldwide

    Dadson worldwideПре месец

    @Jeremy Terry if espn and media can use repression speech and gate campaigns to make san fran hate mac si much that 49ers cant take him then they damn sure can work out denying pats to have him as well.

  83. Dadson worldwide

    Dadson worldwideПре месец

    @Jeremy Terry Miami could've simply found a nfc team like idk Tampa Bay that would take mac and trade equal or less value. Hell all the nfl teams or just jets and Miami could've worked out eqaul trade loss to deny pats mac . Yes nfl do trade block and sign players just to cut off their rivals . The reason bellechek a average coach is so good isn't cause he's a genius its because everyone else is so stupid. Lol Did you not watch the last month leading up to this draft ? You didn't see teams forced to take players they really had no intention of drafting? Surly your not that blind or niave .

  84. Jeremy Terry

    Jeremy TerryПре месец

    Not to allow the pats to have Mac? The nfl does not control a teams pick.

  85. leandro almeida

    leandro almeidaПре месец

    Megan O'brian

  86. the unannointed one

    the unannointed oneПре месец

    I think he'll fit well with Josh mcdaniels offense.

  87. Big Boom

    Big BoomПре месец

    I’m sorry but I still think we should’ve drafted the RB from bama over the QB the risk would be well worth the reward

  88. BigGuapMonte

    BigGuapMonteПре месец

    Mac-10 baby

  89. Steve G.

    Steve G.Пре месец

    Pats got the best qb in the draft!

  90. wil401prov

    wil401provПре месец


  91. Scott Palmer

    Scott PalmerПре месец

    hand out of your pockets dude

  92. Cassandra Westgate

    Cassandra WestgateПре месец

    I went to high school with him so this is WILD to me. So happy for him and I think he's going to have a real bright future. He's an AMAZING player.

  93. Cameron

    CameronПре месец

    lol the 10 supporters at the gate, all fam?

  94. san

    sanПре месец

    he sounds stoned to the gills 😂

  95. Youngboy_uzi_Kodak

    Youngboy_uzi_KodakПре месец

    Great pick Mac jones gonna kill

  96. TheBoomzer00

    TheBoomzer00Пре месец

    There is a Bayern Munich jersey lets gooo!!!

  97. justaguy123_

    justaguy123_Пре месец


  98. Elliott Prater

    Elliott PraterПре месец

    Please outperform Cam in training camp and win the starting job...please...I can’t waste a 48 hours plus of my year again watching Cam skipping stones

  99. Josh Dupee

    Josh DupeeПре месец

    Cam might have some success but I’m hoping Bill goes with this kid ASAP.

  100. Jordan Chuchu Mike

    Jordan Chuchu MikeПре месец

    LFG Marc future QB1 Patriots can low key have 3 amazing QB’s this year, Cam, MC jay , and stiddy great

  101. David Tepper

    David TepperПре месец

    Here's a joke, Question: Why can't Cam Newton use the phone anymore? Answer: Because he can't find the receiver.

  102. Meanjoe Green

    Meanjoe GreenПре месец

    What's a receiver😁

  103. Steven & Tracey Jiles

    Steven & Tracey JilesПре месец

    Excellent pick, Excellent fit.

  104. Cody Vandal

    Cody VandalПре месец

    Lol imagine thinking the pats are making the playoffs this year

  105. Zafir89

    Zafir89Пре месец

    Kraft talkin like a mob boss lol

  106. MrBubyV

    MrBubyVПре месец

    WELCOME HOME MAC!!! 🏆 Next Generation 🏆 Let’s get to work.... Mac!!! Patriot Nation..DO YOUR JOB!!

  107. Hit Me

    Hit MeПре месец

    Behold your future BUST.

  108. MovieIdiot

    MovieIdiotПре месец

    This is the guy I wanted to drop and he fell into our laps. Love it!

  109. Your NewBestFriend

    Your NewBestFriendПре месец

    I love pats

  110. nangraham1

    nangraham1Пре месец

    Have to follow the goat. No pressure for you in boston

  111. Julian Gomez

    Julian GomezПре месец

    He probably start half of season

  112. stephgreen1

    stephgreen1Пре месец

    Apparently Alabama didn’t pay attention to the details of his diet. I’m looking forward to see how Coach Belichick works with him. He better be ready to be dedicated to all details.

  113. t

    tПре месец

    Are you kidding? He added lots of playing weight for the football grind. It’s football, not a pageant. Don’t tell him what he better be ready to do, nobody.

  114. Shawn M

    Shawn MПре месец

    Of course she's wearing a STUPID MASK

  115. Joe Blow

    Joe BlowПре месец

    Thank God the 49ers didn't draft this guy