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Directed by Petra Collins
Starring Olivia Rodrigo

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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing good 4 u. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records



  1. Douglas S.

    Douglas S.Пре 27 секунди

    Good 4 u

  2. Thainara Pinheiro

    Thainara PinheiroПре минут

    Brasileiros? 🇧🇷

  3. Ludmilla Castelo

    Ludmilla CasteloПре 2 минута


  4. Emelia Bosley

    Emelia BosleyПре 2 минута

    Didnt even realize she was on bizardvark. I'll never look at her the same.

  5. MSK

    MSKПре 3 минута

    Am I the only one who thinks she sounds like paramore?

  6. micii sobia

    micii sobiaПре 4 минута

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  7. Sofia Do Nascimento Andrade

    Sofia Do Nascimento AndradeПре 4 минута

    Ok 👍

  8. Mr Taco Boi

    Mr Taco BoiПре 4 минута

    This song is like a mexican son that dosent accept the breakup but in a relax way and more fifa 19 tone song and a

  9. Hua wu

    Hua wuПре 7 минута

    do you have to say the F word?😅😇

  10. Caleb Alvarez

    Caleb AlvarezПре 10 минута

    Has anyone noticed that her song good 4 u and daja vu are both about lile boys cheatanig and break ups

  11. Zeinaba Youb

    Zeinaba YoubПре 11 минута

    Write about alone

  12. tres marias

    tres mariasПре 15 минута


  13. tres marias

    tres mariasПре 16 минута


  14. tres marias

    tres mariasПре 17 минута


  15. klash

    klashПре 17 минута

    Taylor Swift vide? Just me?



    This alot like misery business by paramore

  17. Frog In A Blender

    Frog In A BlenderПре 19 минута

    I love the way she says “soul”

  18. CaptBerlin

    CaptBerlinПре 21 минут

    I'm just glad that he left her

  19. Alana Martins

    Alana MartinsПре 21 минут


  20. I throw my used car  batteries into the ocean

    I throw my used car batteries into the oceanПре 23 минута


  21. Vanessa vitória Oliveira

    Vanessa vitória OliveiraПре 24 минута

    Brasileiros que estão viciados nessa obra de artes>>>🇧🇷🇧🇷😍😍

  22. JasonJude1

    JasonJude1Пре 25 минута

    Love this! It kind of reminds me of misery business

  23. Purple Crewmate Squad

    Purple Crewmate SquadПре 32 минута

    I accidentally searched up "food for 4" when I was looking for this 😭

  24. JustLarry

    JustLarryПре 33 минута

    Wow I can’t Believe this girl just copied tick tocks songs and remade it 😤😤😤😤😤

  25. Itsmeharper Jacksons

    Itsmeharper JacksonsПре 33 минута

    Olivia put crack in this one

  26. Alexa gallagher

    Alexa gallagherПре 34 минута

    No se que pedo con los comentarios pero me encanta este video ❤

  27. cheater points

    cheater pointsПре 36 минута

    The song is good but the music video could have been better 🙂

  28. Everything Z

    Everything ZПре 37 минута

    0:41 When she says “now you can be a better man” IT SOUNDS LIKE SHE’S SAYING IT THROUGH GRITTED TEETH AND I LOVE IT! You can really feel the emotion in all of Olivia’s songs

  29. RTa mcWolf

    RTa mcWolfПре 38 минута

    Seems like Taylor swift wrote this song

  30. chai jules

    chai julesПре 39 минута

    Olivia: I've lost my mind, I've spent the night cryin' on the floor of my bathroom Ava Max: Oh, she's sweet but a psycho a little bit psycho at night she's crying on the floor in her bathroom

  31. JMads Gaming

    JMads GamingПре 39 минута

    Is it possibly to hate drivers license and love Good 4 U at the same time? 😂

  32. TJ JONES

    TJ JONESПре 40 минута

    She is to Hart Broken from the song lie lie lie

  33. Manuel Guida

    Manuel GuidaПре 43 минута

    Prometo🥵nunca😩hacerme guey🥰con mi 😡palabra🤑yo me 😍apego a 😳la ley😏con el 🙄pueblo estoy🥺conectado😎muchos vales🥴estaremos😈 regalando😳

  34. Alana Martins

    Alana MartinsПре 44 минута


  35. Alana Martins

    Alana MartinsПре 44 минута


  36. Donna Reghelini

    Donna RegheliniПре 48 минута

    Who else loves the part where she shrugs at the cashier?

  37. Marcelo Nunes - Cadelinho da Yeji

    Marcelo Nunes - Cadelinho da YejiПре 49 минута

    eu te amo Olivia

  38. Marcelo Nunes - Cadelinho da Yeji

    Marcelo Nunes - Cadelinho da YejiПре 49 минута

    good for you

  39. Marcelo Nunes - Cadelinho da Yeji

    Marcelo Nunes - Cadelinho da YejiПре 49 минута

    Olivia meu amor

  40. Ren Sellars

    Ren SellarsПре 50 минута

  41. Sassy Biatch

    Sassy BiatchПре 52 минута

    Such a bop

  42. Youv Shak

    Youv ShakПре 52 минута

    Who else came from tiktok?😜

  43. 0mg_Evan

    0mg_EvanПре 53 минута

    I subscribed 😄🎤

  44. Wooden Table

    Wooden TableПре 53 минута

    I have no idea what she’s saying

  45. Lívia Frantz Guilherme

    Lívia Frantz GuilhermeПре 53 минута


  46. somou dugie

    somou dugieПре 58 минута

    The super cinema ordinarily clean because chinese extraorally behave upon a wry single. berserk, dramatic boot

  47. (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*~yoon

    (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*~yoonПре сат

    feliz e saudavel liv??qbom ;3

  48. Jimena FLORENTIN

    Jimena FLORENTINПре сат

    Soy la unica que siente que la sobrevaloran demasiado... No es hate hacia ella ni nada por que canta re lindo pero aveces como que la sobrevaloran demas...

  49. •Angelo TC•

    •Angelo TC•Пре сат

    Yo buscando un comentario latinoamericano por que no entiendo inglés .😢 .xd

  50. Joice Barros

    Joice BarrosПре сат


  51. Paqui Santaella Bellido

    Paqui Santaella BellidoПре сат


  52. Wolf

    WolfПре сат

    Hard pop to Hard rock-interesting

  53. Alpha Omega

    Alpha OmegaПре сат

    Are you really using a personality disorder as in insult?

  54. Leah Playz

    Leah PlayzПре сат


  55. Dr. Kujo

    Dr. KujoПре сат

    da baby

  56. Ginnog

    GinnogПре сат

    You can tell she is young and broke up with her first boyfriend.. like how DARE he have the *audacity* to move on with his life right? 😅 This song just makes me feel like he had a lucky escape 😬🤷🏻‍♀️

  57. Leah Playz

    Leah PlayzПре сат

    Yeah lol

  58. constanj

    constanjПре сат

    im addicted to dis song atleast 18 or 20th time i heard it today or even more

  59. jacob jackson

    jacob jacksonПре сат

    whys this nostalgic when it literally came out this month

  60. Laryssa Nascimento

    Laryssa NascimentoПре сат


  61. Nicole6789

    Nicole6789Пре сат

    Yes ignore the haters u on billboard girl

  62. chaila Almeida leite

    chaila Almeida leiteПре сат

    Manooooo I never thought that Olivia would be able to sing like that, the voice was more beautiful than usual 😆😆😱

  63. Nicole6789

    Nicole6789Пре сат

    Amazing song

  64. Max

    MaxПре сат

    Im not happy or healthy :(

  65. Beez Girl

    Beez GirlПре сат

    *Tell me you're a crazy ex without telling me you're a crazy ex* (Please don't take this srsly btw it's just a joke)

  66. Leah Playz

    Leah PlayzПре сат

    I wont dont worry

  67. Sol Angela♡

    Sol Angela♡Пре сат

    Oliviaaaaa 💜💜💜🥺🥺🥺 i love you

  68. Caramel Bloom

    Caramel BloomПре сат

    Serious vintage vibes from the song, in a great way

  69. Life In Risos

    Life In RisosПре сат

    i love you Olivia Rodrigo ..💖💖

  70. Caramel Bloom

    Caramel BloomПре сат

    Why do I get major glee vibes?

  71. vivi

    viviПре сат

    esto es tan terapéutico

  72. Leticia Oliveira

    Leticia OliveiraПре сат

    Que música chata

  73. silvana Fernández

    silvana FernándezПре сат

    I LOVE 😍😍❤❤❤

  74. zach piper

    zach piperПре сат

    The sloppy bladder corroboratively arrest because condition naturalistically pine out a threatening pilot. shallow, guarded ground

  75. Sarah Martins Pereira

    Sarah Martins PereiraПре сат

    y loveeeeeee

  76. the miraculos and chat noir

    the miraculos and chat noirПре сат

    I'm 18 like her

  77. Levi Smith

    Levi SmithПре сат

    Olivia Rodrigo : young and talented me: liking my own comment ....

  78. Ni N

    Ni NПре сат

    Finally someone other than billie 🤧

  79. the miraculos and chat noir

    the miraculos and chat noirПре сат

    Good 4 you you move really Esily found a new girl in it took cuple weeks

  80. Gavi-Wav Official

    Gavi-Wav OfficialПре сат

    is it just me or is it weird hearing your favorite disney characters dropping f bombs

  81. Frostfire

    FrostfireПре сат


  82. Рома Б

    Рома БПре сат

    Paramore ?????

  83. Willis Intell

    Willis IntellПре сат

    Me too

  84. Willis Intell

    Willis IntellПре сат


  85. Maria Eduarda

    Maria EduardaПре сат


  86. Maria Eduarda

    Maria EduardaПре сат


  87. lowkeyy.marika

    lowkeyy.marikaПре сат

    I’m sorry this might trigger people but driver’s license was not really good but this song SLAPPED

  88. Isabella Linares

    Isabella LinaresПре сат

    I like ir

  89. Diana Bravo

    Diana BravoПре сат


  90. Icarus

    IcarusПре сат

    this has big paramore vibes

  91. David Lausk

    David LauskПре сат

    This feels like one of those good old Late 90s and 2000s pop songs. Man that takes me back.

  92. Colby

    ColbyПре сат

    Idc who you are this is a tune

  93. 001 Desmond

    001 DesmondПре сат

    im sorry but she is waaaaay more talented than bts lol its so obvious and you know it too

  94. Neha

    NehaПре сат

    Bruh. Stop comparing. Both are great and amazingly talented.

  95. bhavya garg

    bhavya gargПре сат

    She should call her fandom olives! Do u agree??

  96. vem ser aquela garota

    vem ser aquela garotaПре сат

    Good for you

  97. UFO planet Sebson

    UFO planet SebsonПре сат

    Who watched bizardvark?

  98. Samar Samara

    Samar SamaraПре сат


  99. Sophia McGinn

    Sophia McGinnПре сат

    Her:singing infont of camera Me:steals all the food from shop and dances at camera

  100. A M

    A MПре сат

    This is a banger

  101. Tue Thao

    Tue ThaoПре 2 сата

    Wow I love this song 🥰🥰🥰

  102. Melinda Millen

    Melinda MillenПре 2 сата

    I thought she was saying “good for u a happy hell for nothin” my friend keeps on asking me the song and I forget lol