Just put an egg in a tomato and you will be amazed! Breakfast recipe # 35

Not sure what to cook for breakfast? I propose an interesting recipe for breakfast, a simple egg recipe that is very easy to make. Easy egg recipe, everyone will love it. A delicious egg recipe that will delight your loved ones. Even a novice cook can cook a quick egg recipe. The original egg recipe is a simple quick breakfast recipe. Watch the video on how to easily prepare a delicious egg breakfast. Just do not forget - the main thing is to cook with love!
How to cook eggs:
Cut off the top of the tomato stem
remove a cent of seeds.
Chop the spring onions
50 g mozzarella.
3 chicken eggs.
Season with salt, pepper and mayonnaise.
Grate 50 g of cheese
Grease the form with olive oil
Bake for 25 minutes at 200 ° C.
Good Appetite!
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