ranboo's weakness

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  1. Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti

    Komitet Gosudarstvennoy BezopasnostiПре 2 сата

    Tbh thought this was technoblade for a moment cause the thumbnail

  2. infinityHeart TM

    infinityHeart TMПре 7 сати

    Ranboo’s about to be the third worst thing to happen to those orphans

  3. xo angel

    xo angelПре 10 сати


  4. Benny Rina

    Benny RinaПре 17 сати


  5. Marc Alwyn Zafranco

    Marc Alwyn ZafrancoПре 17 сати

    Do not tell Michael

  6. Greedy Dave

    Greedy DaveПре 18 сати

    Poor ranboo😭😭🙁

  7. Lkhizo

    LkhizoПре дан


  8. gudfari340 roblox

    gudfari340 robloxПре дан

    Ranboo: now dont pick it up Baby: apple Ranboo: so you have chosen death

  9. Endlessbattle1

    Endlessbattle1Пре дан

    rip to the guy that gave 100$

  10. IDoNtKnow IDK

    IDoNtKnow IDKПре дан

    How the fk did he drop a the apple???

  11. SBS10

    SBS10Пре 2 дана

    Everyone with tommy be like: 0:18

  12. vcl2000

    vcl2000Пре 2 дана

    aaawwww, just like his sensei

  13. CyborgNoob

    CyborgNoobПре 2 дана


  14. Hubert Pobocan

    Hubert PobocanПре 2 дана

    *Child piglin pick up enchanted apple Ranboo: *Technoblade breathing 10th form, Child obliterator*

  15. Jayda Parker

    Jayda ParkerПре 2 дана

    My reaction at 0:18 - 0:24 to every kid that thinks it's a great idea to go in my room unannounced, touch my stuff and not put it back where it was before 😒😑

  16. Constantin Croitoru

    Constantin CroitoruПре 2 дана

    And u guys say that techno was obbsested with killing orphans

  17. Uchiha Sasuke

    Uchiha SasukeПре 3 дана

    Me when my little sister starts crying

  18. WiiGuy

    WiiGuyПре 3 дана

    "Oh dumb child!" *Congratulations, you just made a Tommhinnit*

  19. Bedwars fan

    Bedwars fanПре 3 дана

    When ranboo littlebrother still God apple be like

  20. Niñolaurence Pacatang

    Niñolaurence PacatangПре 3 дана

    How techno was made


    DAVID PRELICПре 3 дана

    Techno is must be so proud of ranboo

  22. Rose Toussaint

    Rose ToussaintПре 3 дана

    FBI Noises I N T E S I F I E S.

  23. SpaceFlye

    SpaceFlyeПре 3 дана

    What server was this on?


    STRUGGLE ALTПре 4 дана

    He wants to kill his un zombified version of his son. *Understandable*

  25. Timothy _Gamer28

    Timothy _Gamer28Пре 4 дана

    I mean Ranboo can’t UNLESS HE KILLS THE PARENTS

  26. Servilo

    ServiloПре 4 дана

    That is like techno yoinking the gapple while Ranboo is fighting the mobs xD

  27. HNe1roS

    HNe1roSПре 4 дана

    And suddenly the kid throws gravel

  28. roblox gamer into_killr

    roblox gamer into_killrПре 4 дана

    Ranboo stop plsying with techno

  29. mynameisjeff

    mynameisjeffПре 4 дана

    Technoblade when he was a kid

  30. bobux man

    bobux manПре 4 дана

    Funfact: thats techno son

  31. The Reaper

    The ReaperПре 4 дана

    The cursed crown

  32. Just having Fun

    Just having FunПре 4 дана

    Technoblade's frist ever instants TECHNOBLADE NEVA DIES

  33. Angelo Uybubulante

    Angelo UybubulanteПре 4 дана

    Is it just coincidence? But the same thing also happened to me recently hahahahaha My G apple that i found in a bastion chest also got stolen by a piglin Im freaking out.

  34. Zarson

    ZarsonПре 4 дана

    I wanna know what happens next

  35. notacringychannel

    notacringychannelПре 5 дана

    Fun Fact:this a brand new video of a brandnewchannel

  36. turtle

    turtleПре 5 дана


  37. Simon Angelo Villamor

    Simon Angelo VillamorПре 5 дана

    Its a smart child Ranboo!

  38. Simon playz

    Simon playzПре 6 дана

    Technoblade is in that body and yoinked another god apple from ranboo

  39. Agnes Sengco

    Agnes SengcoПре 6 дана

    Purple guy be like #rambo_is_purpleguy

  40. Bladeax03

    Bladeax03Пре 6 дана

    "Grand vizier nappa, what is your adv-" "Stab the baby."

  41. The boys on Wednesdays

    The boys on WednesdaysПре 6 дана

    Techno blade’s about to be summoned

  42. dark entity

    dark entityПре 7 дана

    Technoblade will be proud

  43. OliTronic

    OliTronicПре 7 дана


  44. NightmareWasXD

    NightmareWasXDПре 7 дана

    Thats wasnt a kid that was an orphan

  45. Anikin3279

    Anikin3279Пре 8 дана

    I forgot he is an endnerman and he is killing his brotheren to get pearls

  46. Anikin3279

    Anikin3279Пре 8 дана

    That child got really lucky...

  47. Dashing Intruder

    Dashing IntruderПре 8 дана

    Ranboo: I don’t ever yell Ranboo:

  48. Cheeze Poof

    Cheeze PoofПре 8 дана

    He has learned....

  49. Cool_tech_ Tricks

    Cool_tech_ TricksПре 9 дана

    Techno back story

  50. Zhao fanyu

    Zhao fanyuПре 9 дана

    Technoblade has joines the game Technoblade: A child, perhaps an orphan?


    SIRR_WOLFПре 9 дана

    plot twist: that is the piglin that techno talk to

  52. Chandler Vermillion

    Chandler VermillionПре 9 дана

    it was micheal all along evil laughter*

  53. Irene Arco

    Irene ArcoПре 10 дана

    Ranboo: "Yeah I don't scream" Also Ranboo:

  54. lgd Aiman

    lgd AimanПре 10 дана

    You are so lucky, wait nooo you dumb child. -Ranboo 2021

  55. Galvin Ingold

    Galvin IngoldПре 10 дана

    "I gotta kill that kid!" wtf ranboo

  56. Taim Fallouh

    Taim FallouhПре 10 дана

    Just kill the piglin to drop you the the notch gapple.

  57. Panda Club

    Panda ClubПре 10 дана

    Look inside to find your inner technoblade

  58. Ethan

    EthanПре 11 дана


  59. ThatGuyInTheToilet Torey

    ThatGuyInTheToilet ToreyПре 11 дана

    The kid was trying to help ): so sad. R.I.P kid

  60. Darmawan Setiawan

    Darmawan SetiawanПре 11 дана

    Alternatif title: an enderman dropped a shining Apple on floor on a child and the child stole it

  61. TheRedPanda37

    TheRedPanda37Пре 12 дана

    Did he kill the kid?

  62. Tigersgame 2

    Tigersgame 2Пре 12 дана

    "I gotta kill that kid i gotta kill that kid!"-Ranboo

  63. Nightwing Dark

    Nightwing DarkПре 12 дана

    Mom, dad a player dropped this The parents: good boi

  64. Grass Block

    Grass BlockПре 2 дана

    Nah bc I'm pretty sure Ranboo actually killed him afterwards😂

  65. Taterbug1013

    Taterbug1013Пре 12 дана

    Its his sons family member Ranboo: I have to kill that kid

  66. Pixelfigher87 Official

    Pixelfigher87 OfficialПре 12 дана

    What video is this?

  67. a random person u watch

    a random person u watchПре 13 дана

    When he says he gotta kill that kid you look at my Minecraft skin and I'm sad a kid died

  68. Miguel Amaral

    Miguel AmaralПре 14 дана

    When child murder is allowed

  69. My name is not jeff

    My name is not jeffПре 14 дана

    Tommy be like :👀

  70. BEJAK XD

    BEJAK XDПре 15 дана

    That is micheal brother

  71. Super Dog

    Super DogПре 16 дана

    Listenes to video Me:turns switch on to play Fortnite Ranboo:oh no! You dumb kid! Me:oh...ok Ranboo: I got to kill that kid. Me:wait what!? U gonna kill me!? Also this is not saying ranboo is bad he is great RSfirer 👍🏻

  72. Jude C.J

    Jude C.JПре 16 дана

    The saame scene in the woodland mansion

  73. spaceflight voyager

    spaceflight voyagerПре 16 дана

    "Kids need disciplining" - Philza from tommy's video

  74. Crazy Crew

    Crazy CrewПре 18 дана


  75. Michelle Puzon

    Michelle PuzonПре 21 дан

    Ranboo: killing a child Techno: the student has become the master

  76. Jessica Lee

    Jessica LeeПре 22 дана

    Fun fact: That was Michael's cousin

  77. •Skylar Freecss {cutie Corpuz}•

    •Skylar Freecss {cutie Corpuz}•Пре 22 дана

    --- the fact that he doesnt care that zombies are everywhere but what he cares about is the enchanted golden apple

  78. jus12chat

    jus12chatПре 22 дана

    philza: baby zombie ranboo: baby pigman

  79. Florintudose

    FlorintudoseПре 23 дана

    How do you do the picture??

  80. Scarlett Truffle

    Scarlett TruffleПре 23 дана

    Dont worry guys Ranboo is in his technoblade arc

  81. iivy • rose

    iivy • roseПре 24 дана

    0:18 that must've hurt Tommy's feelings dude 😣✋ 🤡

  82. hailey webster

    hailey websterПре 24 дана

    Lol of when I'm babysitting

  83. Akaza

    AkazaПре 25 дана

    ""DUMB CHILD""

  84. KFC VR

    KFC VRПре 28 дана

    That couldve been micheal's cousin :'(

  85. Space Crafter

    Space CrafterПре месец

    I've never heard Ranboo yell like that.. It's scary somehow.

  86. Myanii

    MyaniiПре месец

    0:17 o_o.....

  87. Kev & Friends

    Kev & FriendsПре месец

    "I need to kill that kid!" -And that's how you get into court these days.

  88. Aloo

    AlooПре месец

    me when my brother made me lose my 7 month hardcore world : 0:21

  89. Roy Boy (Roy Boy)

    Roy Boy (Roy Boy)Пре месец

    the thumbnail is so cursed.

  90. Zheck

    ZheckПре месец

    0:21 every toxic player on every multiplayer game when they get killed

  91. Elnara Browers

    Elnara BrowersПре месец


  92. Dr. Y Elmistekawy

    Dr. Y ElmistekawyПре месец

    Kid: *steps randomly on the street* Me:

  93. Betis Studios

    Betis StudiosПре месец

    Fun fact: Michael is the zombified version of this mob, so Michael Manages to defeat him

  94. Syafi Hamdani

    Syafi HamdaniПре месец

    Me when I saw the baby piglin picking up the GAPPLE: WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Sîlvêrîs-sân

    Sîlvêrîs-sânПре месец

    Ranboo: I gotta kill that kid Me: then call TechnoBlade idiot.

  96. Epic robloxian ✔️

    Epic robloxian ✔️Пре месец

    Why do the zombies have names? Example of a zombie there with a name “cooltommy9999”

  97. Räiny_.childX

    Räiny_.childXПре месец

    Lmao I freaked out when he yelled "DUMB CHILD" cuz I thought he was referring to me Cuz I've always been referred as "dumb [insert any word referring to minor]"

  98. I - WISHELLA - I

    I - WISHELLA - IПре месец

    Ranboo: *I summon Technoblade!*

  99. How Fun

    How FunПре месец

    The first thing I saw on my fyp is this. Hhhh

  100. Just Hilinai

    Just HilinaiПре месец

    He really went “techno mode”

  101. Xavier Krieg

    Xavier KriegПре месец

    No killing Michael's cousin