Will my boyfriend punch me in the face for a billion dollars?

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  1. HB

    HBПре 26 минута

    If you get punched in a certain part of the head it could easily knock you out or possibly kill you so if you kill somebody you’d be put to prison for murder 🤨

  2. Bezayist

    BezayistПре 35 минута

    Just got to put a punch to the air and we set

  3. Kaden Kinsey

    Kaden KinseyПре 55 минута

    Floyd Mayweather girl is literally ded 😂😂😂

  4. Yamaho Estella

    Yamaho EstellaПре сат

    Okay but we're Lesbians, who punches who?

  5. Niclas Rönpage

    Niclas RönpageПре 2 сата

    My girlfriend might die lol

  6. Traffic cone kid

    Traffic cone kidПре 2 сата

    Yes cos I don't have one and I just be punching air

  7. Brecium

    BreciumПре 3 сата


  8. David Miller

    David MillerПре 3 сата

    Lol, she'll get the billion and you'll be left paying the doctor bills.

  9. Op itemsis

    Op itemsisПре 3 сата

    Bugha say yes siir

  10. Asha Gupta

    Asha GuptaПре 4 сата

    I would 😂

  11. Annabelle

    AnnabelleПре 4 сата

    Yes and then split it 🤦🏼‍♀️

  12. Striche

    StricheПре 5 сати

    I See this as an absolute win I get a girl, a Billion dollars and Hands

  13. PHANT0MiT0 YT

    PHANT0MiT0 YTПре 5 сати


  14. Kevin Joshua Alipan

    Kevin Joshua AlipanПре 5 сати

    When he said no but nodded 🤣💀

  15. Riley Crabb

    Riley CrabbПре 5 сати

    Just use your weak arm


    AYDEN FADEПре 6 сати


  17. jimmy _animation

    jimmy _animationПре 7 сати

    I would punch a girl for 5$

  18. GK Entertainment

    GK EntertainmentПре 7 сати

    its actually nice tho... i mean with that much money with 2 or 3 tooth gone...

  19. 63CBL

    63CBLПре 8 сати

    Him:would you punch your girl for 1B dollars Me:I gotta do it to my future girl friend. Girl: *non existent*

  20. bombza

    bombzaПре 8 сати

    The rock wife: send help

  21. Albert GB

    Albert GBПре 8 сати

    *RIP every girl i saw*

  22. javkhlan enkhbaatar

    javkhlan enkhbaatarПре 8 сати

    Me: girl, We are gonna have 2 dollars.

  23. Too lng

    Too lngПре 8 сати

    I'm weak as shit so yea

  24. Joel Roy

    Joel RoyПре 9 сати


  25. Nassma

    NassmaПре 9 сати


  26. Bobby Walker

    Bobby WalkerПре 9 сати

    Only when I comment yes on things like this will my wife somehow read this. Sure would. Love you best wife!

  27. Catastrophe Girl

    Catastrophe GirlПре 9 сати

    Men said I can gain one million babe 😎

  28. That1Kid

    That1KidПре 9 сати

    I thought as soon as she said it he would succer punch her.

  29. L MURDA

    L MURDAПре 9 сати

    Billion Dollars!!?? To punch my ole lady??? Shit son, that's a win win 👌

  30. Arthur Ferreira

    Arthur FerreiraПре 10 сати

    To me would bê the same as punching the air

  31. L3 K0

    L3 K0Пре 11 сати

    The bigger problem is most people don't know how much a billion actually is

  32. Vandour Xavili

    Vandour XaviliПре 12 сати

    Why the hell not?

  33. Efe_Mert_Bozkurt_2012

    Efe_Mert_Bozkurt_2012Пре 12 сати

    I hate my girl

  34. ph0to

    ph0toПре 12 сати

    I would

  35. goofy guy

    goofy guyПре 13 сати

    Me be like - Keep that money. I'm still gonna punch her even without her consent. Cause I believe in domestic violence supremacy 🛐 💪🏿👋🏿

  36. ciprian _

    ciprian _Пре 13 сати

    Step 1: get a girl

  37. Caleb Whybrow

    Caleb WhybrowПре 13 сати

    It wouldn't be possible for me like if you know why

  38. ml dan

    ml danПре 13 сати

    Plus Ultraaaaaa

  39. Puggy_ Bros

    Puggy_ BrosПре 13 сати

    I woild do ot for free

  40. 張浩然 Cheung Ho Yin 2E 02

    張浩然 Cheung Ho Yin 2E 02Пре 14 сати

    I would do it for 1000000000Q DOLLARS

  41. Carl Joseph Baldemoro

    Carl Joseph BaldemoroПре 18 сати

    i will do it for free



    I can even you give 1 dollar

  43. vzgsxr

    vzgsxrПре 18 сати

    Man the Ryan's toy review kid grew up quick.

  44. Luke Belanger

    Luke BelangerПре 19 сати

    Thought the joke would be like "Yeah, I'd punch you in the face for a billion dollars. Easiest money I ever spent."

  45. Nawaf Alin

    Nawaf AlinПре 20 сати


  46. Juuso Simonen

    Juuso SimonenПре 21 сат

    I'm not bragging or anything. But I'm pretty sure that my girlfriend would die if I punched her in the face as hard as I could.

  47. Charles Voisey

    Charles VoiseyПре 22 сата

    If i had a girl

  48. Gary Shepperson

    Gary SheppersonПре 23 сата


  49. Noemi Cruz

    Noemi CruzПре дан


  50. mohammed gamer 9

    mohammed gamer 9Пре дан

    i would punch my brother for 1bil hes my older brother lol

  51. Destro

    DestroПре дан

    "would you punch you'r girl as hard as you can for 1B dollars?" Me : *Guess we are breaking up*

  52. JMA channel

    JMA channelПре дан

    If she is very mean and didn't like kids and only asked for money then yes I will do it for free

  53. Hikergy 16

    Hikergy 16Пре дан

    I’d punch just about anything for 15k and up

  54. Riley Jein

    Riley JeinПре дан

    Would you punch a girl in the face - Punches sister - For 1B dollars

  55. Daniel Chaves

    Daniel ChavesПре дан


  56. Who_ Leo

    Who_ LeoПре дан

    Pls id do it for a mchicken

  57. Funtime Blossom

    Funtime BlossomПре дан

    I'll punch myself gladly

  58. Jakard Valentine

    Jakard ValentineПре дан

    These losers all act superior etc on the camera but I bet they would kill their girl and half their family for one billion dollars .

  59. Amongpros

    AmongprosПре дан

    1b is more than 1m

  60. Liutauras Revinskas

    Liutauras RevinskasПре дан

    I'd do it for 100 lmao I mean I'd a had a gf

  61. NeonPuro

    NeonPuroПре дан


  62. kritan giri

    kritan giriПре дан

    Me:ok I will Also me: searching for a girl

  63. JBm Abir

    JBm AbirПре дан

    My gal would be like...babe.if u don't punch me I will break up

  64. Nadim Morina

    Nadim MorinaПре дан

    wait *NARUTO PUNCH*

  65. Dalen Stone

    Dalen StoneПре дан

    In a heart beat hell I do it all the time and never get paid

  66. giamakis m

    giamakis mПре дан

    Whoever says no is lying

  67. alFa raNge

    alFa raNgeПре дан

    She will and I don't🥺

  68. MLDanny18

    MLDanny18Пре дан

    1 million seconds is a week, 1 billion seconds is 30 years. Let that sink in.

  69. mrtookyourgirl69

    mrtookyourgirl69Пре 3 сата

    Alright I let the sink in and gave it a cup of coffee. What now?

  70. Kamikaze

    KamikazeПре дан

    Guy: would you punch a girl fo- Me punching random girl in the face Guy:dude i didnt even finish talking yet ...

  71. Weon Choi

    Weon ChoiПре дан

    Trick question I don’t have a girl 😎 😢

  72. Gurbajsinghkalsi Johny

    Gurbajsinghkalsi JohnyПре дан

    No I will not

  73. Z0s1a

    Z0s1aПре дан


  74. Jadentheyoutuber122 020th

    Jadentheyoutuber122 020thПре дан

    I wouldn’t, even if it was a Trillion I wouldn’t cuz I’m not that guy who just wants money

  75. Kaia loved

    Kaia lovedПре дан


  76. Luke Wakim

    Luke WakimПре дан

    Yeah cuz I got no girl haha (crying )

  77. The Ruler

    The RulerПре дан

    I dont have one

  78. LimboGen

    LimboGenПре дан

    My girlfriend would probably be ok with it also I am not that strong so that for sure helps.

  79. Chris Redfield

    Chris RedfieldПре дан

    I'd break a baby's arm for a snickers bar...

  80. Cozeper

    CozeperПре дан

    Me: ORA!

  81. LiL H a M Gaming

    LiL H a M GamingПре дан

    This dude put so much thought into the question

  82. Lucia Brito

    Lucia BritoПре дан

    Dude im actually 11 going to 6th grade so cuz im not gunna get REAL strong till im like 15 YES

  83. Colonel Spirit

    Colonel SpiritПре дан


  84. BWGgy

    BWGgyПре 2 дана

    Sure, but they don’t know how hard you punch, so easy money baby!

  85. Kieran Doolan

    Kieran DoolanПре 2 дана


  86. Orphan

    OrphanПре 2 дана

    I would but I can use the money to refix her face and the rest use it and buy my self a pc and give some to my parents and her and buy a house

  87. Orphan

    OrphanПре 2 дана

    I would but I can use the money to refix her face and the rest use it and buy my self a pc and give some to my parents and her and buy a house

  88. XD

    XDПре 2 дана

    nah I

  89. Za One

    Za OneПре 2 дана

    Im just wondering how I can do this without a girl

  90. Chris Irizarry

    Chris IrizarryПре 2 дана

    She wouldn't survive, so no


    ҜƗŇǤĆŘƗƤVØŇПре 2 дана


  92. GoldenK 2K

    GoldenK 2KПре 2 дана


  93. GoldenK 2K

    GoldenK 2KПре 2 дана

    Question answered

  94. Lily

    LilyПре 2 дана


  95. Lily

    LilyПре 2 дана


  96. Chris Welcome

    Chris WelcomeПре 2 дана

    Videos like this is why I hate people more and more everyday

  97. kohen dicko

    kohen dickoПре 2 дана

    Haha hokes on you i dont have a girl *sad laughter*

  98. CrowN

    CrowNПре 2 дана

    Yes of course I would get a girlfriend and 1 billion dollars

  99. Holly Beckett

    Holly BeckettПре 2 дана

    No I will not and you know why because I am a bloody girl

  100. DEM0N1CAL

    DEM0N1CALПре 2 дана

    I’d do it for 10