Nightblue3 Unranked to challenger mid series #33 ( Viego go GO )
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Edited by: reevop
Thumbnail by: SalahElfi

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  1. Pmon200

    Pmon200Пре 9 дана

    11:07 The Bleach music killed me xDDDD

  2. sleepy

    sleepyПре 26 дана

    1:42 lmaooo sett players

  3. doing63

    doing63Пре месец


  4. Dragutin Moretić

    Dragutin MoretićПре месец

    first 2 minutes of oriana game nb3 is playing jg just roaming

  5. MINI-DiaBlo

    MINI-DiaBloПре месец

    love the sett edits

  6. Stuntas

    StuntasПре месец

    i bet the guys saying it i what it is are the editor and his friends

  7. Orion Milbury

    Orion MilburyПре месец

    First time Ori but use that W to speed u up more will hit a lot more ultie a that way W does a lot of damage but not the level of damage and CC as ultie I also like that it’s a team speed up

  8. Orion Milbury

    Orion MilburyПре месец

    Also these plat games lookin like my silver games

  9. Julien Daguet

    Julien DaguetПре месец

    2:50 buy berserkers, 2:52 doesn't have berserkers

  10. Soy

    SoyПре месец

    get a new editor lol

  11. Sett The Boss

    Sett The BossПре месец

    I'm trying to understand what the Sett was doing and I can't ( Game 1)

  12. MrGreenMan22

    MrGreenMan22Пре месец

    So funny how bronze in euw loos similar in skill to plat in na

  13. András Zahorák

    András ZahorákПре месец

    4:21 - Tekken 6 Music Splashing Casino

  14. E A

    E AПре месец

    NB3 The Great pretender 😂

  15. Derlis Gómez

    Derlis GómezПре месец

    > Lock Sylas, > Game pick Viego > You realize that most creepypastas start out like this The Cursed Viego.exe

  16. Chithira Gamage

    Chithira GamageПре месец

    10,000th like is from me yay !! :-D

  17. Дмитрий Н.

    Дмитрий Н.Пре месец

    nb3 max Q on Orianna :DD Maybe give an eye on probuilds before playing new champion? :D

  18. youness Gm/Inf

    youness Gm/InfПре месец

    respecttt nb3 listens to NF

  19. Mahir Alam

    Mahir AlamПре месец

    I love how no one talk about him but talk about the editor

  20. Matthew Smith

    Matthew SmithПре месец

    my favorite edit is the falcon punch from sett in the second game lol

  21. ibrahem hamdan

    ibrahem hamdanПре месец

    nice man

  22. Star Jack

    Star JackПре месец

    editor: how many memes and effects do you want in the video NB3: pick a random number, then add *INFINITE*

  23. yo yoi

    yo yoiПре месец

    my name is a legend but NB3 Editor is an urban legend

  24. Hubert Bentkowski

    Hubert BentkowskiПре месец

    cappuccino commento of da dey

  25. Kevin Kuli

    Kevin KuliПре месец

    It is what it is

  26. waru waru

    waru waruПре месец

    8:06 Nb dodging his teammate's skill shot

  27. Osama Ahmed

    Osama AhmedПре месец

    pray for palsetine

  28. Đức Lưu

    Đức LưuПре месец

    ông editer k phải người việt thì chặt đầu tôi đi !

  29. Alberto Ardila

    Alberto ArdilaПре месец

    2:48 when the editor trolls nb3 saying it bought boots but actually he didn't

  30. anaelk22

    anaelk22Пре месец

    I want to catch a stream to bully Nightblue before the editor does

  31. Edu Rop

    Edu RopПре месец

    The "Bruno Diferente" in the video make my day!!

  32. Nash Yncierto

    Nash YnciertoПре месец

    they call em sett cuz he gon be upset when i put em to sleep tonight

  33. DuMe Chan

    DuMe ChanПре месец

    The intro we all grew with. It's back

  34. Rainer Lee

    Rainer LeeПре месец

    NB3 youtube channel: 20% Gwen and Viego 30% League and Memes 50% Nightblue getting bullied by Editor

  35. Daryl Lee

    Daryl LeeПре месец

    editor is juiced 🥸

  36. marios8403lol papadimitriou

    marios8403lol papadimitriouПре месец

    Yoooo this editor CARRYING THE VIDEO.

  37. Yuşa KAVAKLI

    Yuşa KAVAKLIПре месец

    Tyler1 is better

  38. Frozxz Frozxz

    Frozxz FrozxzПре месец

    3:53 7u7

  39. BigMoonDawg1

    BigMoonDawg1Пре месец

    3:04 how do u shortkey target champ only on?

  40. Kurisu M

    Kurisu MПре месец

    This editor will only work for NB3 cause everything NB3 does is literally memeable

  41. bronnno

    bronnnoПре месец

    You don't own Kled hum... Well, no more tacos for you mister!

  42. Filip Otruba

    Filip OtrubaПре месец

    Damm 2:48 editors frist mistake

  43. Chrometry

    ChrometryПре месец

    it seems that EditorBlue3 isnt a top lane because everyone in top lane knows that sett is broken

  44. pedro jacinto

    pedro jacintoПре месец

    Can't watch this videos anymore, so many attempts on trying to be funny with memes but 15 memes in 30 seconds. I like nb3 videos but I'm gonna click on "not recommend it" from now on.

  45. PowTev 14

    PowTev 14Пре месец

    If the editor can find anything why doesn't he find nighblue's skills 🤔

  46. Channing0692

    Channing0692Пре месец

    2:48 beserker greaves to no beserker greaves qwq

  47. mozi

    moziПре месец

    I wonder why nb3s editor didnt mention, hes playing a jgler top and thats why hes winning

  48. Yuji Tako (Yujitcr)

    Yuji Tako (Yujitcr)Пре месец

    i count 3 brazilian memes on this video thx editor LOVEs FROM BRAZIL!

  49. Malex97145

    Malex97145Пре месец

    The editor is a main jhin for sure

  50. Artur Tóth

    Artur TóthПре месец

    The main difference between a plat 1 and a challenger is, that they hit the Ori ult and don't run it down 🤷🏼‍♂️

  51. Die Bratpfanne

    Die BratpfanneПре месец

    Imagine playing League with these sounds *.* One shotting someone - " Thats a lot of damage!"

  52. Giyu Tomioka

    Giyu TomiokaПре месец

    I liked the Jhin montange

  53. Jamwamee

    JamwameeПре месец

    the editor using the same sound for every champ and the same memes over and over... its not good

  54. MK LT

    MK LTПре месец

    Nightblue3 editor: mabye I born like a normal guy, but I will die as a f*cking LEGEND

  55. Russel Aljecera

    Russel AljeceraПре месец

    I Love the editor more than him

  56. 森Woods

    森WoodsПре месец

    ha that jungler in the second game was a trash kayn xd please acknowledge this genius pun its not stupid i swear

  57. Koiryu

    KoiryuПре месец

    Iam gonna have a nightmare to night cause of this thumbnail

  58. Fake Shaco

    Fake ShacoПре месец

    2:48 He didn't buy the boots though :(

  59. Nathanael Greene

    Nathanael GreeneПре месец

    that taco bell ding made my night

  60. Neikos Senpai

    Neikos SenpaiПре месец

    As an oriana player this gameplay really hit me hard

  61. Shadow

    ShadowПре месец

    8:04 just nightblue sidestepping his own teammates jhin w

  62. Jojoy World

    Jojoy WorldПре месец

    what if... hear me out, NB3 and the editor is the same person?

  63. Nelson Urzúa

    Nelson UrzúaПре месец

    when always the kappachino comment of the day is about the editor (y)

  64. Babudy

    BabudyПре месец

    Respect for your editor, he is doing an amazing job

  65. ميرو جيمز- mero games

    ميرو جيمز- mero gamesПре месец

    Viego has turned the game by 180° btw ..🙄🙄💯

  66. Raul Gutierrez

    Raul GutierrezПре месец

    EditorBlue bully the kappa out of him and he pays for that xD or is it for the edit skills?

  67. TouchMe

    TouchMeПре месец

    At this point this is just the editors channel or his the boss of there partnership 😂

  68. João Passos

    João PassosПре месец

    2:48 buys boots 2:50 nvm, editor was drunk

  69. GoodShipLolipop

    GoodShipLolipopПре месец

    Wait a minute when did I start watching NB3 for the edits and not the gameplay...

  70. stephen shivery

    stephen shiveryПре месец

    Veeeee eggo my eggo that champ is broke

  71. Aros 10

    Aros 10Пре месец

    Imagine nb3 Editor chooses me for Kappachino comment of the day



    accident became an op thumbnail

  73. Dominic Galarosa

    Dominic GalarosaПре месец

    How to be the kappachino comment of the day? Praise the editor

  74. Justin Suits

    Justin SuitsПре месец

    Pretty good video but no laughing frog so... 6/10

  75. Brandon Vazquez

    Brandon VazquezПре месец

    Broo! That Tom and Jerry sound at 9:40 - 9:45 had me dead🤣

  76. David Nguyen

    David NguyenПре месец

    That great feeling when an NB3 video turns into a mini Jhin montage


    ABDO JEBRILПре месец

    this editor such a bleach fan 😂

  78. Levi Vermeer

    Levi VermeerПре месец

    Anyone know the music at 9:12?

  79. Harley Quinn

    Harley QuinnПре месец

    The editor is so narcissistic that he only gives kapachino comment to the ones who praises him.. dude i love you ❤

  80. Bacon Bitz

    Bacon BitzПре месец

    this dude sucks

  81. Alex Diaz

    Alex DiazПре месец

    Why platinum NA look like silver EUW ?

  82. Timothy Leong

    Timothy LeongПре месец

    Riot: Please play viego, I dont wanna see you in plat anymore

  83. Briccio Alesna

    Briccio AlesnaПре месец

    Poor Ekko

  84. Tomix Ravenloss

    Tomix RavenlossПре месец

    this editor is lit poggers poggers x infinity kappa

  85. Zestee

    ZesteeПре месец

    2:48 buys berserkers. 2:50 no berserkers. MonkaHMMMM

  86. Mark Doben Baylon

    Mark Doben BaylonПре месец

    Whos is this guy 6:18 ?? Someone tell me pls thx

  87. anwar a kader bn abd allah

    anwar a kader bn abd allahПре месец

    is it just me or this editor love jhin players

  88. prestkrage

    prestkrageПре месец

    Kog: can’t you see im legally blind Me: fking died lol

  89. Johnny English

    Johnny EnglishПре месец


  90. whiskeytail

    whiskeytailПре месец

    I love every time the video makes a focus on jhin

  91. Lautaro Biglieri

    Lautaro BiglieriПре месец

    I wish I was an editor so I can flame my boss all day.

  92. Legion

    LegionПре месец

    The editor is the type of guy you don't wanna show how bad you play

  93. Dj BasseM

    Dj BasseMПре месец

    its waririz 😂😂😂😂

  94. Danyllo Roquete

    Danyllo RoqueteПре месец

    br memes xd

  95. M.S * *

    M.S * *Пре месец


  96. The LOLBogoGuy

    The LOLBogoGuyПре месец

    NB3: after 50 games playing Oriana my brian will look like a ball Me Haha now you will have 3 balls

  97. yes sir

    yes sirПре месец

    what happened to sett s r 4:26

  98. Childwolf

    ChildwolfПре месец

    this editors love jhin so much

  99. Kenneth Dano

    Kenneth DanoПре месец

    Ok Nb3's disrespecting jokes are back.

  100. Bad Bilbo

    Bad BilboПре месец

    2:48 invisible boots

  101. Bjorn van der meer

    Bjorn van der meerПре месец

    I swear this editor is a jhin main always the voice lines and it’s fire