Dream's Superpowers for Origin SMP Ideas Explained

Dream's Superpowers for Origin SMP Ideas Explained

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  1. Abby Reid

    Abby ReidПре 19 дана

    The homeless Teletubby has to be homeless

  2. Theo Bithell

    Theo BithellПре 21 дан

    can someone who knows code make the dreamer origin

  3. Red Cyndaquil

    Red CyndaquilПре 24 дана

    I have an idea for skeppys origin Diamond ore +Sturdy You immediately spawn with the protection of full diamond armor but you can break just like diamond you will lose armor points for every piece of armor you break once you lose all of your armor points you will die +Diamond tools You break blocks and hit harder than normal but diamond tools and sturdy work the same your hands can break and once they do you will receive mining fatigue and weakness until death =Block physics Since your a block you work like any other block therefore gravity does not affect you while falling you will freeze in place until you press shift -Friends Diamonds are your friends and you do not want to hurt them so you can't break any diamond ore or blocks and you also can't hurt anymore with diamond armor -mining Pickaxes deal more damage to you and break your armor faster -Diamonds On death you drop diamonds but this doesn't work if you die from the sturdy ability

  4. Agnes Mangahas

    Agnes MangahasПре 25 дана

    How about the nightmare origin for dream

  5. Colton Fricke

    Colton FrickeПре 28 дана

    I love the first one, just I think not being able to trade is to crucial for late game so maybe more like you have to have hero of the village, but prices are 2x more expensive, also you can use gapples but they will not give you absorption and work half as well. Prob a bit op but I personally think it makes it a lot more manageable to play stuff late game

  6. Diamond Spellbound

    Diamond SpellboundПре месец

    TommyInnit:Orgin Idea (because his current one sucks so much) Thief +Thief’s pouch (+9 inventory slots) +Thief’s sense (activate with primary button and you get temporary chest esp also including other storage devices) +Getaway (You are able to climb walls or trees) =(Not sure what to call this) The armor you wear changes your speed (Basically the better armor the slower and the worse it is the faster) -Bad reputation (neutral and hostile mobs will attack you along with tamed mobs) -Blackstone reminds you (-5 speed if near blackstone built by players) -(Unsure what to call it) (You are unable to set your spawn point and you spawn randomly near spawn so you aren’t caught)

  7. Xxn00b1o1xX

    Xxn00b1o1xXПре месец

    I like the darkrai type origins

  8. Dylan Vovan

    Dylan VovanПре месец

    For dream Speed runner You are faster than a normal human If you press g water spawns underneath you You can’t wear much armor If you take too long crafting it exits out automatically

  9. XDrowem

    XDrowemПре месец

    Hi Im A New Subscriber

  10. Evan DaMan

    Evan DaManПре месец

    Quackity: Duckborn

  11. Evan DaMan

    Evan DaManПре месец

    Failboat & Captain Puffy: Pirate Origin

  12. Evan DaMan

    Evan DaManПре месец

    Gogy: Colorblindian

  13. accounts names

    accounts namesПре месец

    Imagine being soulbound and dying to lava

  14. Eduard Peeter Lemming

    Eduard Peeter LemmingПре месец

    Get lost you green teletubbie

  15. theboneisin

    theboneisinПре месец

    dream could be a puppet master

  16. top of the world gaming

    top of the world gamingПре месец

    Hmm debuff when he’s under a roof to keep him homless

  17. mango unit

    mango unitПре месец

    teletubby: pros - knows everybodys location, along with their hp, hunger, and defense. never gets hungry. when near flowers without a weapon in their hand, they get a speed and jump boost. cons - cant sleep or use respawn anchors. no homes for this guy!

  18. FXS Ghost

    FXS GhostПре месец

    I like the first one tbh

  19. Rhett Hirsch

    Rhett HirschПре месец

    Dream won't join

  20. Nazareno Soto

    Nazareno SotoПре месец

    Pray Origin: Introduction: as seen in his manhunts, he is a pray. Pros: Instincts; When hit given speed 1 and jumpboost 1. Like a cow but green; Can eat grass blocks, grass and tall grass. Mole?: Can mine blocks faster. Cons: Vegan; Can only eat plants Nice digestive system: His hunger runs out faster To heavy: He can wear armor until chainmail and be normal, after it becomes heavy and the effects of "Instinct" disapear. Neutral: He is colorblind like george

  21. Jake'sWierdFriend

    Jake'sWierdFriendПре месец

    Blessed These creatures are humans that were blessed by a divine force long ago. Now, their descendants retain their blessings, and can grant boons to those they favor, and deliver harsh retribution on those who are foolish enough to wrong them +Blessing: Always has the luck II potion effect on +Boon: gives a player of your choosing a random positive potion effect for 10 seconds, 2-minute cooldown +Curse: gives a player of your choosing a random negative potion effect for 10 seconds, 2-minute cooldown +Evolved: You are faster and stronger than the average human: speed II and strength increased by half -Metabolism: You receive fewer hunger points and saturation from all foods, sprinting also causes your hunger to drain faster -Antsy: You can't focus when standing still or moving slowly (get nausea effect but not very bad, just slightly) wanted to make an origin that is basically the ultimate speedrunner and had luck, since Dream got accused of being a bit too lucky. Also, curse is there to give him some offense and antsy is cause Dream has ADHD

  22. yukio

    yukioПре месец

    The soulbound is very cool

  23. Arkmiss Kingston

    Arkmiss KingstonПре месец

    Orgin:Ogre Spawns in the Nether or deep in a cave in the over world Powers: [Pig pack]:Piglin and zombie pigmen have a chance of becoming pets if you triade with them enough but their health is havled .If you put a chest by them the gold other players trade with them will become yours Brutal burst:For 5 minutes rage consumes you giving you 5 time the attack speed ,Defense(Equivalent to netherite Armour) and strength but for 1 minute after you are given three hearts only Explosion:5 minute cool down .You are a walking nuke.When you explode it will be like 30 tnt exploding Weaknesses:Your a carnivore so you only eat meat and sense your a orc you can't read because your ancestors focused on brute strength meaning you can't use enchantments and you can have no light Armour meaning no leather chain or gold or iron Pro:Any equipment or weapon you make and name gets plus twenty attack. If another holds the equipment it status will be know as infected and the plus 20 attack and defense disappears

  24. Aidan Sheard

    Aidan SheardПре месец

    Damn I would not pick this dude for popcorn reading he would be stuck mumbling the entire paragraph

  25. Nightmare

    NightmareПре месец

    The Stardust Stone fits with George cuz its all about sleeping

  26. Aric Chavez

    Aric ChavezПре месец

    how about you turn minecraft into a devil may cry type combat game only for one person i would be happy also it needs at least one gun. and it's a origin make it

  27. ylobi

    ylobiПре месец

    Dream origin Mask: your body is just the memory stored in the mask Puppetmaster : you can control any player/mob for 5 minutes ( players will see what you do but wont be able to move or do anything) A Mask can only be shattered: you will take 3 times less damage from axes, swords but pickaxes and shovels will do 2 times more damage Sleep?: your not able to sleep and every night you will ramdonly get blindness and nausea vengefull soul: ''your mask.. you still seek for revenge and it makes you crazy'' if you dont kill a player every 2 days ( in game) you will get nausea, mining fatigue, weakness, poison blindness, slowness , untill you kill a player, killing a player will grant you with permanent strengh and resistance untill you need to kill another player Strings: you can tie a permanet string to a mob or player, you have 5 strings 3 green ones, 1 red one and one black if you tie a green string to player, it will always show the player location to you, and the player cant see the string but everytime that player gets one of the effects : slowness, nausea, hunger you will get it aswell (same goes for mobs) if you tie a red string to a player: it will show the players location, and you will be able to see the items in his inventory (by pressing ; you will open the tied played inventory) you are also able to steal items from that player, But everytime that player takes damage from mobs you will take that damage aswell if you tie a black string to a player: it will show the players location, hp, inventory, and you will be able to control that player everytime you wish to do so, BUT everytime that player dies you will die aswell

  28. Green Man

    Green ManПре месец

    Dream Origin: - Has a book, full of new reddit ideas that renew every week - Can craft stone crafting tables - 100% more damage to Sapnap, George, BBH, awesamdude, and Antfrost origins - Autocraft - 20% more speed Downsides: - People can do more crit chance to you - Unable to eat plants - More fall damage - 3 Lives

  29. miko D. herald

    miko D. heraldПре месец

    Dream Origin is Herobrine!

  30. TMinus BOOM!

    TMinus BOOM!Пре месец

    Dream Origin Concept - Nightmare +Phantoms will not spawn from lack of sleep. +Gain Speed 1, Strength 1, and Jump Boost 2 during the night. +Killing a hostile entity restores 6 hunger and 8 saturation. +Killing a player restores 10 hunger, 10 saturation, and grants Regeneration 1 for 8 seconds. +Moving, falling (unless you take damage from falling), using an Ender Pearl, opening doors, chests, and shulkers, and breaking blocks are all silent. =Attempting to sleep in any dimension causes 'Intentional Game Design'. -While exposed to the sun, you will gradually experience worse symptoms, until eventually dying via lightning. -Non-player entities deal double damage to you. -You cannot eat food.

  31. Lillie _ Love626

    Lillie _ Love626Пре месец

    I like the first one the best

  32. Vincent Han

    Vincent HanПре месец

    Being a mutated teletubby

  33. ramdam

    ramdamПре месец

    Hollowfication powers?

  34. Compass the Hybrid

    Compass the HybridПре месец

    I will riot if he doesn’t get ANYthing thats just: - Homelessness - If under a block within 10 blocks of your head for too long ( think how long drowning would take ) , you get weakness , and soon, you start taking damage slowly.

  35. Thesuperkoolkat YT

    Thesuperkoolkat YTПре месец

    The Soulbinder 1:00 and Living nightmare 7:13 are my personal favs and i think they would fit dream really well

  36. SureNot Bonnie

    SureNot BonnieПре месец

    George could be a mooshroom 😁

  37. MrStar Nation

    MrStar NationПре месец

    Imagine if the origins become sorta heteramorphic. Like they gain a origins however be able to evolve that origin to a new species by spending some level of exp or cost/achievement.

  38. alaa

    alaaПре месец


  39. littleblueclovers

    littlebluecloversПре месец

    I’d love to see an origin based on speedrunning or an extension on the “haha homeless” meme Maybe some buffs that work when he’s constantly on the move? Maybe he can’t sleep in the same bed twice?

  40. Melon_Boi 5

    Melon_Boi 5Пре месец

    I have an idea for a badboyhalo and skeppy origin! BadBoyHalo Origin: Nether Demon! (+) Demon Magic Press the active key to summon a barrage of fireballs (+) Hell portal With a long cooldown, anyone you hit gets transported into the nether (+)Own Territory You have a strength 1 effect applied while in the nether (+)Flaming Skin You don't take lava or fire damage (=)Royale Demon You spawn in the nether fortress (-)Common Enemy Crits deal more damage to you (-)Undead Beast Healing effects damage you instead and you cannot use totems (-)Despised Creature You cannot trade with villagers and iron golems attack on sight Skeppy Origin: Oreling (+) Tough Claws: You can break stone with your bare hands and now deal 1 heart of damage with your fists (+) Underdark: You have permanent night vision (+) Gremlin: When walking on any kind of stone, you gain a speed boost (+) Earthen Knowledge: You can press the active key to apply fortune 1 to your tool. (=) Cave Creature: You willl spawn at Y level 20 (-) Limited Mind: You cannot hold a shield, and cannot enchant items (-) Rocky Body: You take 2x damage from pickaxes (-) Weak Skin: When in sunlight you take 2x damage

  41. Ryujin

    RyujinПре месец

    No offense to those who put in the effort but most of those mechanics are things you'd find in D&D or some other RPG rather than Minecraft. I know it's hard but I think keeping those things simple and giving one *truely* special ability would be enough.

  42. ThirdSplash3426

    ThirdSplash3426Пре месец

    the living nightmare looks like it would work for techno

  43. Bushy MC

    Bushy MCПре месец

    Human would be ok

  44. Res

    ResПре месец

    I personally don't want to see dream on the Origin SMP. IN MY OPINION dream is mostly boring and stale.

  45. Fantasy Universe

    Fantasy UniverseПре месец

    Oh oh i just got an idea hitting my head Technoblade's origin God Positive (+)​ : God Powerful -​god is though so he have 40 hp(20 hearts) Flying God -hold the primary button will make you fly and gain slow falling instantly so if you stop holding it you'll slowly fall(likely a bee)​ What's The Weather -​god have power to control weather so if you press the 2nd primary button the weather from rain to clear from clear to rain Fire From The Sun -​if you hit anyone or any mob those will burn (have 10 seconds cooldown)​(likely a bee)​ Lightning Damage -​if you take damage from any mobs or anyone when its raining they will get lightning strike to their head (have 10 seconds cooldown)​ Not Effect Gameplay (=)​ : Heaven? -​you always got white particals on Negative (-) : Armor? Nah -​we all know that god is naked so you can not wear any armor Hell Is Not My Land -​every mob that spawn in nether deals 2x damage to player Fire Is In Hell Isn't It? -​fire, magma block and lava deals 2x damage to player My Creation -​god create all of the animals so he can not eat that.. Heaven Isn't Real -​if you fly above the cloud, you will start burning (i dont think this will effect game play much but its funny tho)

  46. skullzans

    skullzansПре месец

    The Evolved Pigman and Divineborne are completely done. If you want to try them out, check out the datapacks tab in the origins discord.

  47. Nairolf

    NairolfПре месец

    we've learned something disturbing in this video..Krzair uses light mode on youtube.

  48. Nairolf

    NairolfПре месец

    @Krzair rip

  49. Krzair

    KrzairПре месец

    its youtube studio, there is no dark mode for it yet :/

  50. Dragonmaster36

    Dragonmaster36Пре месец

    Captainpuffy origin: Puffy said she'd want to be able to eat grass in the background of people's streams so: Herbivore: can right click grass to consume it. Has a 5% chance of gaining a block wool when doing so. However, can only eat grass or wheat (which gives no chance of gaining wool). Extra points to make the Sheep origin more interesting: Hooved: deals 1.5% damage with melee weapons, but cannot use bows or crossbows. Wool coated: has a base armour stat of leather armour (not counting any armour put on), but takes twice the damage from fire based sources (fire, lava). But that's just my opinion, so feel free to disagree with me or change aspects if you want. :)

  51. thunderdrae

    thunderdraeПре месец

    Almost all of these are busted as fuck

  52. Lize Nobes

    Lize NobesПре месец

    I got an origin ideas for Lazarbeam 1. Gingerbread Pos: Runs faster, regains half a heart every 5 seconds, gains 2 hearts every 10 seconds if in a hot biome Negs: Half the size of a human, Has 6 hearts, Gets wither effect if in water, take 1.5X damage to foxes, takes double fall damage. 2. Lazar human Pos: does double damage for ranged attacks, starts with the defence of iron armor, can see people through walls. Negs: Takes damage in hot biome, does less melee damage, can only eat cooked food.

  53. BlueJagger

    BlueJaggerПре месец

    Speed runner is immortal hacks insta kill

  54. Andrei Sy

    Andrei SyПре месец

    I was thinking of him being an iron golem is larger than others does more damage and has more defense than normal players can fling players into air Has slowness and mining fatigue

  55. Dragonbornfighterex Taylor

    Dragonbornfighterex TaylorПре месец

    Idea for technoblade Piglin brute blood warrior A piglin that worshipped the blood god and harnessed it's power =neitherborn: Spawns in neither +Piglin brute: gold armour and weapons are as strong as neitherite =omnivore: can eat anything +Blood god and piglin strength: you have a permanent strength 2 -Unfamiler substance: Water makes you take damage -Feared: Villagers will run away from you and iron golems will attack you -Lustful: of you do not kill something in the next 2 minutes your vision will turn red = Tank built: You are slower wearing armour but have 2 natural armour SUBCLASSES (You can choose one of 3 subclasses) Warrior of honor: You get 2+ damage with swords but cannot use shields Warrior of blood: You can duel wield swords making it so you do not have to time your hits Warrior of grace: You get speed 2 and can dodge a fatal attack every 10 minutes

  56. Charles Owens

    Charles OwensПре месец

    origin idea Cyclops pros is 5 blocks tall every hit will lanch a player/mob two blocks can mine ores stone/iron/gold/lapis/redstone with stone/wood pic can launch 10 block in the air with 30 second cool down cons due to cyclops haveing one eye when in first person veiw i will look like you have one eye fire does double damage when in water recives blindness can only eat meat hpoe you like it

  57. jeck jeck

    jeck jeckПре месец

    He already has a super power: Homelessness.

  58. Max MJ

    Max MJПре месец


  59. Art The Master

    Art The MasterПре месец


  60. YeeTes FeeTes

    YeeTes FeeTesПре месец

    @Kayoro he put a wink

  61. heheboi

    heheboiПре месец

    @Kayoro pretty sure that was sarcasm

  62. Fiercezone 23

    Fiercezone 23Пре месец

    Origin: homelessness Strengths You can sleep anywhere You have 9 extra slots for your inventory And you are immune to fire, poison , and wither damage Weakness 2 less hearts You can only sleep under stuff And you are 1 meter tall

  63. Nebula

    NebulaПре месец

    Wait…. So he is joining?? Whatever, I hope you finish your house soon, it looks good!

  64. Nebula

    NebulaПре 29 дана

    @Nacho Average Warden :D Mkay, thought so. Thanks tho.

  65. Nacho Average Warden :D

    Nacho Average Warden :DПре 29 дана

    It was never confirmed he would, these are just ideas fans came up with

  66. mohammad 3saleh

    mohammad 3salehПре месец

    Is there links for some of the origins?

  67. skullzans

    skullzansПре месец

    The Evolved Pigman and Divineborne are Done.

  68. Joshua Goldsmith

    Joshua GoldsmithПре месец

    Thanks for picking my Origin man that made me smile. That being said I thought of a just plain stupid Origin for BadBoyHalo and Skeppy BadBoyHalo Origin: Shadow Walker The Shadow Walkers have lived for eternities unnoticed by the players but upon the more inhabitants their presence is now known +Shadow Speed: Born and living in the shadows you are granted speed 1 in low lit areas and speed 2 in complete darkness. +,- (couldn’t decide wether this was more a positive or negative and I’m to lazy to do two separate things for eyes so I did both.) Enhanced Eyes: Born in darkness their eyes are more adept to seeing in the darkness. Has natural night vision and blindness will work as night vision but night vision will work as blindness. +Fright-less Friends: Enderman and Phantom (mobs only) are passive and will not attack you even if provoked. +Cloaked in Night:(Ability) You don’t like being seen as much as possible to protect against this you can shoot out a smoke screen that causes blindness to everyone in a 5 block radius. Blindness lasts for 15 seconds cool down is 2 minutes you gain benefit as if in low light when this occurs. +High Immunity: You are immune to most effects except for fire, blindness, and hunger. =Tall Boy: You have a slightly longer reach then a typical player and you are slightly taller. =Mineral Cure: You can cure blindness by eating coal (coal consumption will give you slowness regardless of light level) and cure hunger by eating red stone or dirt (I did warn this origin idea was ridiculous) -Language: You don’t like cursing or curses. Witches will deal more damage to you and any “Curse of” will deal a slight bit of damage (cactus/berry fern damage) -Unnatural Eating: You don’t eat like a normal player your diet consist of naturally forming foods (Melons, pumpkin, eggs ect.. You can also eat dirt, coal and leaves (normal hunger and saturation as if eating uncooked meat)) -Unliked: Villagers are frightened by you and will have an extremely high gossip level of you. Golem attack on sight. -Brightpain: Sun light will burn you for 10 seconds but you will have low blindness until you get into lower lighting or eat coal. Skeppy Origin: Advanced Slime (Please note this has the same pros and cons as the slime origin they already on the server I’m just adding in a few things that would make Skeppy a bit different primarily his would have three forms Green which is basics that we already know then blue and red) Advanced through several evolution this slime is well equipped to take on many different environments and many scenarios. Blue Exclusives +Lucky: You are extremely lucky in this state you have fortune 1 naturally when mining ores. This will stack on any fortune you have (you have two pickaxe it will work like a fortune three pickaxe) +Aquatic Lungs: You have slightly better water breathing then others. -Flamable: Take a ton more damage while on fire. Red Exclusive +Battle Hardened: Adapted to extremely tough conditions you have two natural armor and deal slightly more damage. +Resistance: You are resilient to all aliments except hunger and fatigue +Hot Blooded: this state you are immune to all fire damage even allowing you to swim in lava. -Heated: Water and cold environments will hurt you. 1 heart per tick. Both -Unstable: Upon death you will revert to normal green slime at the smallest form. (Blue will drop to second stage but gains slowness while Red immediately dies and catches things on fire around them. =Interchangeably: Can switch forms depending on what they digest (green dye for normal slime Redstone for Red and Lapis for Blue. Can only be used once every 15 minutes). Welp that’s the end of those ones as stated in a previous video you wanted to know whom we thought would be good to see and I mentioned Captain Sparklez if you would like in another video I can create a hypothetical origin for him. I do apologize on the oddities of the two above origins they are honestly the most ridiculous things I could think of and Skeppy’s was a very lazy attempt on my part but y’all enjoy your day.

  69. Red Cyndaquil

    Red CyndaquilПре 25 дана

    I have an idea for skeppy as well Skeppy origin:diamond ore +Sturdy You immediately have the protection of full diamond however you can still break just like regular diamonds your armor points indicate if your armor has broken when all of your armor breaks you will die +Strongest ore You hit harder and mine faster than others but your hands can break just like any tool so by using this power to much your hands will break giving you weakness and mining fatigue until death =Block physics Since your a block other than sand or gravel gravity does not affect you so you can float in midair like a real block -Friends Diamonds are your friends and you do not wish to hurt them so you can't break any diamonds -Mine diamonds Pickaxes have more attack damage since your an ore and break your armor points faster -Couldn't think of name On death you drop diamonds this doesn't work if you lose your armor points

  70. Grape Blade

    Grape BladeПре месец

    I think GrapeBlade should join OriginSMP lol Pros: When you die, become half your height, get half the hearts and mine 50% slower (works twice)[because I'm a literal slime] Diamond Swords have 1.5 x the reach [because of Blade in the name] Leather armour gives you absorption when all pieces are worn [Because of the suit] Slimes and magma cubes do not attack you and attack what attacks you [because slime] Hungers slower [Because slime] Cats act like they're tamed when in a 10 block radius and drop more items for you [because i love cats] Gold Swords do 50% less damage other swords do 5% less damage to you Can walk through iron bars, fence gates and fences (takes half a heart of damage every second in iron bars) Power: When the power key is activated; gain speed 2, jump boost 2, mining fatigue 2, weakness 1, swords do 75% less damage to you, take 1 heart of damage every 3 seconds (can kill you), crouches to one block tall, crawls to half a block tall, takes 2 hearts of damage a second in water, in the nether and end drops a trail of grape slime (like snow) - 9 layers make a grapeslime piece which can be consumed to regain the lost hearts (1 every 9 layers). This is liquid form. Neutrals: All blocks act like slime blocks and honey on the side [Because slime] When in the nether blocks are no longer slimey/honey-like and you gain resistance but you have half your hearts (kills you when entering the nether if on small slime stage - died twice- ) Dogs are harder to tame and run away from you when wild but once tamed gain boosts too hearts and damage Withering drops Grapeslime instead Cons: Has only 8 hearts Foxes can run away with parts of you reducing your hearts until death; if the fox drops the GrapeSlime piece you can eat it to regain that heart) All armour other than gold and leather randomly slips off every now and again Drops 1 piece of Grapeslime every 3 seconds in water (can be consumed to gain heart back restored upon death) Fire deals 50% more damage Gold axes do 50% more damage other axes do 5% more damage to you Can 'slip' on metallic blocks dropping equipped items (at the same rate as armour dropping a 25% chance every minute - metallic blocks include iron blocks, gold block iron bars, iron doors and iron trap doors etc. Can drop any metallic items Ender pearls and eye of enders do not throw straight Pillagers are more aggressive and villagers are scared of you (though are still wiling to trade) This was so fun to make lol.

  71. ximera underspace

    ximera underspaceПре месец

    Nobody thought about eret's origin, but I did :D "Cursed by Dark Thunder" +You have 4 extra hearts. +You immune to thunder and fire. +By pressing "G" while looking on entity you'll summon a thuderbolt, no matter what weather is now. =your eyes glow in the dark. -You are weak against ceatures of the end (aka endermans, shulkers, endermites, ender dragon, elytrians, shulks and enderians.) - you cannot wear/use enchanted stuff. - your natural world spawn underground (near 20 Y) I'm sorry for bad grammar😅

  72. nigelatin

    nigelatinПре месец

    there should ve a dreamon

  73. Silent One

    Silent OneПре месец

    Already wrote this before but: Dreamon. + Sleepless. Doesn't need sleep (players can skip the night if you don't sleep) + Demonic power. Has strength II and speed III in the Nether, but Weakness I and Slowness I in the end. + Speedy. You always have haste I. + Netherborn. You spawn in the Nether. - Imprisonment. Due to a past of being imprisoned, you lose all positives near Obsidian, Creepers and netherite. You also can't wear netherite. - Weaker. Your not proficient with certain items, so they lose durability faster. - Terrified. You get blindness near any phantom (or phantom players) - Unwanted. Villagers, Pillagers, piglins, etc Don't like you, so they attack on sight and won't trade. - Fragile. -3 hearts.

  74. Boogiekid gamer

    Boogiekid gamerПре месец

    Am I the only one that thinks that dream would be a rabbit origin?

  75. Esther Smith

    Esther SmithПре месец

    Derp origin for quakity Pros: Derps rage(primary):when activated you get fueled by the rage that all derps have deep within them getting strength 3,speed 2,and resistance 2 that last for 30 seconds with a 1 minute cooldown Harmless look:due to how you look some mobs won't attack you unless provoked,mainly undead mobs because they are stupid Ugly lover:you have a uncanny love for ugly blocks(dirt,sponge,gravel,ect) and get regeneration 1 when near them Derps vengeance:when killed you won't die but gain strength 5,speed 2,resistance 3,fire resistance,and regeneration 2, until killed or falling asleep In between: You spawn with a stack of dirt,sponge,or gravel Cons: Noob:being Farley new you don't know how to farm crops or breed animals Where am i?:not knowing what most biomes are you get slowness 1 in any biomes your unfamiliar with(sleep in that biome to become familiar with it) Target:while undead mobs will leave you be higher tier mobs(blaze,ghast,endermen,ect) will target you more than others and can see you from farther away This wasn't based on any lore with him more his energetic and odd personality

  76. stuart wilson

    stuart wilsonПре месец

    Shubble would be good member

  77. Quang Trung Lê

    Quang Trung LêПре месец

    They should make a hydra origin for him This is my suggestion : Pro: 9 headed : provide healing I effect when lose more than 3 health Venom: deal posion damage if the venom bar doesnt ran out Stalking hunter : grant invisible and strengh II when sneaking in darkness for 7 second (cost more hunger) Cons : Take x2 damage from fire,the healing ability is aslo disabled Souls related stuff also hurt you Having 1 less heart Only able to eat meat Had to eat more frequently than anormal player Neutral: The vemon bar can be used for 9 times before running out but has really slow recharge (45 min to get full again) but spider eye and poison damage also help heal it You have 2.5 block height

  78. mylife24.7

    mylife24.7Пре месец

    Dream God Pros He gets creative for 5 second like once every month Cons Will have wither if holding obsidian (PTST from pandoas vault)

  79. Eric Misura

    Eric MisuraПре месец

    nightmare Origin: +can curse a friend to control them after they sleep +will always go invisible at night even with armor - when you wake up from sleep you will have slowness 1 weakness 2 -when in sun light for 30s+ will get hunger slowness 1 and will start overheating if wearing armor

  80. Sarthak Chauhan

    Sarthak ChauhanПре месец

    It's not that balanced and dream wouldn't like to sleep at night if he is buffed at night.

  81. Team SHDW

    Team SHDWПре месец

    I really want 5up on the server. It would be fun, and I think he’d enjoy it. I think he’ll choose Floran for his origin if he joins, but if he wants something else, here’s a concept. Naturebound The Naturebound are humans who have grown so close to nature, that they invite plants and animals to live on them. + Natural Medicine : Eating food like carrots and apples gives you regen one for 3 seconds. + Healthy : You have two extra hearts. + Animal Lover : Animals and tamable mobs are always tamed first try. + Advanced Farmer : Crops planted by you grow three times as fast. = Photosynthetic : You gain regen 1 and speed 1 while in the sun, and weakness 1 while not in the sun. - Plant Body : Fire deals double damage to you. - Disease Deficiency : Poison and wither deal more damage to you. - Soil Bound : You gain slowness 2 when not on natural material like dirt, regular stone, leaves, sand, etc.

  82. ThommywithanH

    ThommywithanHПре месец

    IK this isn’t dream but I think techno should get bladeborn; (i didn’t make this and it’s an actual datapack) ```BladeBorn V1.5``` ``BladeBorn Icon: Music Disc Pigstep Description: A descendant of a forgotten anarchist, Bladeborn are incredibly talented warriors, and enjoy a good spud. + Old Ways: There's no limit to your clicking. (Return to 1.8 combat) + Weeee: You always have speed II unless stated otherwise. + Favorite Food: All potatoes types give more food/saturation. Yes even the poisonous kind. + Blood Imbued Totems: Totems have a 5% chance to not break. =/+ Knowledge is Medicine: You will slowly decrease your bloodlust meter whenever holding a written book in your main hand. I recommend you write a book. =/- Blood lust: Passive and Activatable: Blood lust increases at all times (a bar on your screen) when it maxes out you become more powerful - Swindler: You have hero of the villager at all times due to your many exploits but all golems hate you. - 1.8 Tools: You can only use Tools from 1.8 and below. You also don't have shields. And axes don't damage at least not for now. Please don't waste your netherite on tools ok. stick to iron armor and diamond tools. Also tridents don't hurt. - Ill-Informed: You're ill informed on the benefits and disadvantages of the updates so you just don't know about elytras. - Overrated: You decide to not wear diamond armor or higher because it's overrated. - Don't Harm Weaklings: You can't deal damage to passive mobs, `` `Change Log:` - added Swindler power - removed particle effects - added shaking whenever in bloodlust

  83. LilWinterFrost

    LilWinterFrostПре месец

    Nooooo Dreammm!

  84. Necro

    NecroПре месец

    Dream's Origin Puppeteer - Has 9 Hearts - By pressing G when looking at a mob he can control it and use it fully adjusting it's speed to his own and decreasing their Hearts down to 8 Hearts (Unable to control Elder Guardians, Withers or the Ender Dragon) however when controlling a mob is fully vulnerable to damage on the main body This ability is also usable on players but they need to have only 1 Heart or are crouching down with Shift for large ammounts of trolling - Has constant Strenght I (Even when controlling) - Is slightly faster than the average player - Is only able to use up to Iron Armor

  85. Soham Jagtap

    Soham JagtapПре месец

    Dream origin idea- homeless Teletubbie Pros - can appear ominously at anyones house, knows location to everyone, every 10 minutes gets a tnt Cons- cant build proper home

  86. Zachary Hayden

    Zachary HaydenПре дан

    @Deacon Kameron Definitely, been using Instaflixxer for months myself =)

  87. Deacon Kameron

    Deacon KameronПре дан

    you prolly dont give a shit but if you're stoned like me during the covid times you can watch all the latest movies on Instaflixxer. Have been streaming with my brother for the last couple of days xD

  88. izuku Midoriya

    izuku MidoriyaПре 28 дана

    Yes purrfect

  89. Classy

    ClassyПре месец


  90. I can’t come up with a good username

    I can’t come up with a good usernameПре месец


  91. Heath Farmer

    Heath FarmerПре месец

    Ello good job

  92. Otto Sjachrani

    Otto SjachraniПре месец

    Origin idea for dream: dreamer( I wrote a little lore piece of lore after this parentheses ) there are few dreamers left, a dreamer is a shadow or dream of themselves, usually dreamers used to be people of great power dreaming about their former glory and that is how DREAM survived the apocalypse ( but not really he’s kinda a ghost ish ) + sleepy stare: if you press G then for 30 seconds all living things that can move you look at fall asleep (cannot move) until you stop looking at them or the timer runs out + enhanced hearing : if you make sounds ( running jumping attacking blocking etc... ) then you will start to fill up your sound meter, you need to make 35 sounds to activate this power, once the sound meter is filled up then every living thing in a 50 block radius is high lighted ( spectral arrow effect ) for 1 minute + hard head: if someone hits you in the head then it won’t do any damage to you but it will do 4 hearts of damage to them and they get knocked back 10 blocks + former glory: after you sleep the next day some of your former self seeps throw and you get speed 2 strength 1 and jump boost 3 + SLEEP: you can sleep in the nether and end and you can go to sleep on your own without having others go to sleep too = magic resistance : you are immune to all potion affects like poison and slowness but you also can’t have fire resistance effect and regeneration effect =eating issues: if you eat fruits vegetables or meat then you will get nausea for 10 seconds but if you eat rotten flesh and poisonous potatoes then they will feed you even more than steak! ( 4 hunger bars ) =Inner self: you have 3 extra hearts but if someone has a gold sword and hit you with it will get repaired! _weak body: if you swim, run or climb then you will be 1.5 times slower and your jump height is decreased ( I don’t know how much tho ) _12-50 hours: if you don’t go to sleep every 3 days you die and l all your stuff it gets deleted _easy prey: every day you don’t sleep 5 phantoms will spawn that attack you and others so you can have 15 phantoms trying to kill you

  93. Rice but dementia

    Rice but dementiaПре месец

    I think Dream orgin should be A DOG UNDER A TREE

  94. Risyanth Balaji

    Risyanth BalajiПре месец

    A cat based origin for dream. +Night vision +Deal bonus damage to Chicken, parrot , All kinds of fish, Elytran, Avian, Merling , ect. +No fall damage + All cats are your friends. +Roar (Does damage and knockback while also giving nausea and slowness for 10 secs, but the user lose 4 hearts and 4 hunger point nad get slowness for 10 secs) +Creepers avoid you. +Fishing cat(can see underwater and faster but not as fast on land though) =Can teleport player to you - Wolfs are hostile towards you. -Wolf do bonus damage. - 2 less hearts - Cat's diet ( I am lazy so didn't fill it LMAO. Just google 'things that are dangerous to cats 'and 'things that are good to cats' and apply it to Minecraft) - Can only wear iron amour or lower.

  95. Risyanth Balaji

    Risyanth BalajiПре месец

    @Heath Farmer no this is a not feline. Feline fricking sucks.

  96. Heath Farmer

    Heath FarmerПре месец

    Already exists me friend. It is called the feline

  97. Mr. WildLife

    Mr. WildLifeПре месец


  98. tornadix99

    tornadix99Пре месец

    An origin i thought that could fit tecnoblade. But idk. (I don't follow the streams too much, sorry.) (did this because it is "general" more or less.) (The last) Pigman Survivor. Icon: Porkchop or Rotten flesh. Impact 3. Origin: once upon a time, there was an advanced civilization in this world. A civilization made of powerful warriors, and with advanced tecnological prowess. While the other races and tribes were still struggling with stone and spears, they were already amongst the stars, and it was said that it even reached to other dimensions and planets way before them... Yet they always were greedy. Greedy for more. And one day, an experiment that was supposed to grant their wildest dreams, inmortality... went wrong. Thus, the undead curse, was released... As the civilization fell and your ancestors were converted into mindless husks, it is a miracle that you surived, retaining part of your one unparaleled intelligence. Or pheraps, you were given birth, but you knever knew about yoru parents. However, the curse of undead spared no one of your species... Can you fight it? Or will you succumb to it? Positives: -Undead hatred. Any damage you deal to an undead mob or player origin, is 50% stronger. -Rotten eater: Eating rotten flesh gives you a level of strenght and speed (eating more increases the duration). Eating too many however gives you nausea, and a increasing chance of becoming undead. Negatives: -Pig lover?: You cannot harm or eat anything related to pigs. -Scared of thunder: During thunderstorms, you're slower and weak. -Undead conversion: Getting hit by lightning has a chance to transform you into an undead. -Eroded mind: You gain 25% less experience. Powers: -Tinkerer: Your advanced knowlege and survival skills allows you to use any material to make makeshift items on the spot (armors, elytra, pickaxes, axes, etc.) by pressing the power button for 4 seconds. During this time you are slowed. Their durability and tier greatly varies on chance (netherite tier and high durability being the rarest, but possible to happen). Becoming and undead: This race has a chance of becoming undead by eating rotten flesh, being struck by lightning, or by being hit by an undead. When undead: Pros: -No hunger. (Cons: You don't recieve benefits from food. Except golden apples, wich is the cure.) -Life is reset to full. You cannot die unless by sunlight or fire, but at low health you're almost completely unmobile and blinded. Cons: -The powers no longer work. -Weak to sunlight and fire. -Slowness. -unable to see nametags and skins (if it could be implemented somehow). -All weapons and armors regardless of tier are set to gold damage and durability while undead. Idk more. I wonder if it can be implemented.

  99. Balor The Dreamer

    Balor The DreamerПре месец

    You know the drill. Love the vid and love the ideas. Here's one of my own. Sandman Origin: As a being born from the sands of the dreamers, you are attuned to slumber and rest. Harness the sands and live a new dream. + Touch of Hypnosis - when in melee combat you have a small chance (5%) to cause the hit creature to become immensely slowed (slowness 2), very weak (33% normal damage), and blind (blindness 1) all for 6 seconds. + Sand Spirit - you are 10% faster on sand, and you also jump 3 blocks high when jumping from a sand based block (negated if you crouch). + Phantasm - using your primary ability you become invisible and have 100% to activate the Touch of Hypnosis passive. This ability lasts for 10 seconds and has a cooldown of 40 seconds. + Living Nightmare - when you've only got 2 hearts left you deal 50% more damage than normal and have an increased chance to trigger Touch of Hypnosis (10% ). You get very hungry when in this state. This can also be manually activated by eating raw flesh which will make it last 10 seconds (eating more rotten flesh doesn't make the time stack). +/- Morpheus' Body - your body is made of dream sand. Because of this you fall faster but take no fall damage. You also cannot use elytra wings and can wear armor equal to or below the level of iron. In return (using your secondary ability key) you can phase into sand-based blocks and through blocks with gaps, like iron bars and fences (like the Phantom). You also cannot be hit by players while this is active, but you can hit those same players (with 50% attack damage though). This ability taxes your hunger extremely heavily and shouldn't be used for long. +/- Sandy - you lightly emit sand and white ash particles passively, but stop emitting them while using Phantasm and emit more when using the Morpheus' Body ability. - Under Fire - you take double the damage from lighting strikes, and being on fire makes you glass and therefore lose all your Morpheus' Body benefits (only while on fire and includes the ability). - Child of Sleep - you have a meter that slowly depletes. This meter is instantly refilled when you sleep. If the meter becomes empty you get sluggish and have mining fatigue 1 and slowness 1 until you sleep again. While sluggish you also get blindness randomly for 5 seconds. - Vegetarian - you can only eat non-meat foods (except rotten flesh). - Soft Sand - you only have 7 hearts of health and take 50% more damage from explosions. - Dense Frame - you sink quite a bit faster in water than normal, making it relatively difficult to swim. - Pacifist - hitting neutral or passive mobs has a high chance (80%) to give you nausea for 4 seconds. Honestly I don't even know if this is possible to code at all, but I still love the ideas I put down. Hope you like. =)

  100. Fyn Lorwattana

    Fyn LorwattanaПре месец

    I have an origin idea for dream Origin:speed runner Abilities:+run faster +no fall damage (all his mlgs) +does 2x as much damage +3 more hearts -can’t use enderpearls -you can only wear up to iron armor

  101. The Boston terrier dude

    The Boston terrier dudeПре месец

    pretty cool but I think the 2x should be 1.5x

  102. Too Lazy To Add A Profile Name

    Too Lazy To Add A Profile NameПре месец

    technoblade origin idea:technoblade never dies pros (+) you never die

  103. Diamondking of eggs

    Diamondking of eggsПре месец

    Cons (-) you get no other ability

  104. SuperGamingJames653

    SuperGamingJames653Пре месец

    2 op

  105. Mark6O9

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  106. GlitchyGamer Animations

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  107. Woos057

    Woos057Пре месец

    Can't he just be the only guy who stays human. It's not like the guy needs another powerup Or at least give him one that forces him to be Homeless to keep the Meme running

  108. James Gabor

    James GaborПре месец

    This would make sense ig but the origin smp isn’t lore based so the powers are for fun, so idk why anyone would join if they were gonna be human.

  109. thunderdrae

    thunderdraeПре месец

    @Mr. Nobody Two things, 1. I had a stroke reading this 2. That's not really interesting enough of an idea to make an entire origin about, especially since other things already move fast without the pain in the ass of constantly just dying slowly whenever you want to do anything

  110. Mr. Nobody

    Mr. NobodyПре месец

    Idea He can run fast but idle will make him lost health and he quick to hungry.

  111. henrijakforschool bibby

    henrijakforschool bibbyПре месец

    explodes when in a house

  112. thunderdrae

    thunderdraeПре месец

    I mean it basically just makes whoever is the one person who stays human gets to have less fun.

  113. shannu 0409

    shannu 0409Пре месец

    Origin idea for stampy

  114. Ruairi Macdonald

    Ruairi MacdonaldПре месец

    Hey, can you guys rate my Guardian origin: Pros: - Eye Beam (Primary Ability): Shoots a beam of water that deals 2 hearts. (In elder mode it deals 4) - Water Adapted: Can see, swim and breathe 50% better than regular players. - Elder Mode (Secondary Ability): For the next 2 mins: Gains 5 extra hearts, deals double damage with everything (Including Beam and thorns), and hitting and entity gives them Mining Fatigue III and Slowness I. 5 min cool-down. Neutral: - Thorny Body: Thorns III permanently, (double damage is deals in elder mode). This one is neutral because if you don't want a mob to die and it hits you it probably will. - Tyrant of the Sea: All ocean mobs, Both passive and hostile, are scared of you and will run away. (Makes food gathering hard) Cons: - Pescatarian: Can only eat Fish (Salmon, cod, tropical or puffer). - Fins not Legs: On land you have Slowness II. - Home Sweet Home?: You Spawn in the nearest Ocean monument. I understand that there is a lot more pros that cons but if you think about it, its actually quite balanced. Hope you like it. :)

  115. P Rich

    P RichПре месец

    What is ur texture pack

  116. Krzair

    KrzairПре месец

    faithful texture pack

  117. Chew YS

    Chew YSПре месец

    Technoblade origin : Achilles Pros: Battle cry : All physical ability’s like strength or speed or haste will be doubled , has a 5 min or longer cool down Hero : All villager trade price are reduced respected one : Iron golems will attack anyone thats hits you ( like a villager ) Pride : Armour must be diamond or above cons : Recklessness : there is a low chance that the item you are holding will break if you hit something ( putting unbreaking enchantment will lower the chances ) muscular body : you can only eat cooked food and golden apples and golden carrots ( cake will give you slowness ) Achilles heel : if your leggings and boots break there is a 50 percents chance that you will die ( so I suggest you enchant it will unbreaking or mending or just being pairs )

  118. D - Ash

    D - AshПре месец

    The "dream" origin - pressing "G" opens up reddit

  119. Henry Kilroy

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  120. Draconic Infinity

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  121. Joshua Goldsmith

    Joshua GoldsmithПре месец

    Hahahahaha that would be interesting

  122. D - Ash

    D - AshПре месец

    @Ihavenoname Stilldonthaveone it's a meme for whenever dream does something cool in Manhunts he says "I Saw That On Reddit".

  123. Ihavenoname Stilldonthaveone

    Ihavenoname StilldonthaveoneПре месец

    I don't get it


    ENDER KINGПре месец

    This is the only chanel I watch the comment

  125. Krzair

    KrzairПре месец

    Hahaha nice

  126. OMC75

    OMC75Пре месец

    There's a origin I saw would be for dream called demonic dealer. The demonic dealers pros are gits regeneration while in the dark has 2 more hearts theen normal undead and neather mobs do not attack you unless provoct main ability is called deal the dealer can promis a item for a item using a triad system if both parties do not bring what's promissed within the deadline they die. secondary ability dealers secrets while in trading mode the dealer can pickpocit the other trader as we'll as temporarily disguised an item as a nother. Cons villagers do not trust you and will not trad with you .do to you demonic origin if you stay out of the neither for to long you gain weakness and miningfateg. because you we're born in the neither you can not sleep and when in overworld or end you are weaker and take more damage

  127. Endite

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    I'm late

  128. Krzair

    KrzairПре месец

    Never too late

  129. Afonso Almada

    Afonso AlmadaПре месец

    Still waiting for a TechnoPlane Origin. Something like: Neutral -has a fuel bar. Every active pro will consume a bit of the bar. Active Pros -Machine Gun - can shoot arrow like a StarBorn but a bit faster -Flight -Missile - can fire a firework every 3/4 minutes (this ability is the one who consumes the most fuel) (does bonus dmg if shot while flying) Passive Pros -Armored - has bonus armor Cons -Items are heavy - if the player has to many items in the inventory, flying will consume more fuel. -Crash - receives more fall dmg -Armor perforation - received more dmg from projectiles

  130. Krzair

    KrzairПре месец

    From what philza has said in a stream (can't remember which one) they already have a wither based origin for technoblade, they are just waiting for techno to join again to reveal it/give it to him

  131. Afonso Almada

    Afonso AlmadaПре месец

    Can't believe no one made a Teletubby origin Edit: Maybe something like- the person who choses Teletubby has a happy and sad bar. When not fighting and near flowers or in the Plains biome, the happy bar increases and the player gets regen, speed and receives more fall dmg. If there are also 3 or more players near (or maybe near rabbits), the players receives a jump boost and efficiency bonus. If the player is near hostile mobs or has a weapon in hand, the sad bar goes up and gets slowness, strength and receives more dmg from everything

  132. raptir red angel

    raptir red angelПре месец

    :) nice video i hope dream join and his friends because that would be is resting that ant frost will join in choosing a cat origin

  133. raptir red angel

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  134. Cow Person

    Cow PersonПре месец

    This is not dream smp I love the idea for his origin but it is very unrealistic for everyone on dreamsmp to join

  135. RGGecko

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    I like the Korok forest theme in the background

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  139. raptir red angel

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    Was waiting for someone to point it out, good job on being first

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    First 45mins gang