Sweet cat just realized it's owner is pregnant.

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  1. larry robinson

    larry robinsonПре 2 сата

    I gotta buy stronger condoms

  2. Henry14arsenal2007

    Henry14arsenal2007Пре 3 сата

    0:38 *shakes head* "Are you sure about this, Karen?"

  3. Liv Seibel

    Liv SeibelПре 3 сата

    Nobody Me: singing the karaoke song playing in the back

  4. kim Vuong

    kim VuongПре 4 сата

    Cat: what you're pregnant you didn't tell me huh

  5. Mr.ImNoBear

    Mr.ImNoBearПре 4 сата

    "Are you gonna sell it like you did with mine? "

  6. IK

    IKПре 3 сата

    Awe that was so wrong lol 🤣

  7. Stephen

    StephenПре 4 сата

    I think their belly button just smelled weird.

  8. Who am I?

    Who am I?Пре 5 сати

    Ok, but owner is pretty far along if it’s that big.... why did it take so long for the cat to notice?

  9. IK

    IKПре 3 сата

    You're asking too many questions

  10. Eric luriergo

    Eric luriergoПре 6 сати

    Cats are VERY Intelligent: this Cat knows there’s LIFE in there and he/she is being as gentle and thoughtful as he/she can be: very reverent of her/his charge’s new baby!!!!!! DAMN!! I just LOVE My, and all, Cats 🐈🐈🐈!!

  11. HYDRA

    HYDRAПре 7 сати

    no one: Cat: "sniffs belly button" Video: 92M Viewers.

  12. Carlos Y

    Carlos YПре 7 сати

    Dear Lord, even a cat has more respect for human life than certain people.

  13. Camelia Turda

    Camelia TurdaПре 8 сати


  14. mc_bee

    mc_beeПре 8 сати

    🐈 = it's smell like something my childhood

  15. Hotdog Slayer

    Hotdog SlayerПре 8 сати

    Cat be like: "Together we will conquer the world"

  16. Marc Alva

    Marc AlvaПре 9 сати

    I bet you he can hear and smell the baby

  17. SlytherinAlex

    SlytherinAlexПре 9 сати

    "falling in love with you" awww niceee made me think of the cat loving the baby :)

  18. Mickey kay

    Mickey kayПре 9 сати

    Cat be like:listen there whoever's in there when you come out you better not cause trouble for me

  19. Fenixz Mizi

    Fenixz MiziПре 9 сати

    Yup, this little one gonna pull off my tail one day

  20. Jason Williams

    Jason WilliamsПре 9 сати

    The cat is like,this is a strange development?

  21. SoulfulChaos

    SoulfulChaosПре 10 сати

    Oh please. It saw a hole, sniffed, and scratched it a little. That’s what cats do. The end. 🤣

  22. John117master Baket

    John117master BaketПре 10 сати

    She will now wait to help raise the child as her mama helped her a good kitty

  23. dw put

    dw putПре 10 сати

    Is that male or female cat?

  24. Robert Hensel

    Robert HenselПре 11 сати

    That’s the cat noticing two heartbeats for the first time, awesome.

  25. Vaibhav fr

    Vaibhav frПре 11 сати

    Are you going to sell them too like you did to mine ?? 😂😂

  26. Siddharth Doshi

    Siddharth DoshiПре 11 сати

    Cat scan

  27. Jillian Copeland

    Jillian CopelandПре 11 сати

    I love that even though I can’t hear it I realized that can’t help falling in love with you was playing in the background and I wanna know if it was Elvis or a twenty pilots cover

  28. Big PimPin

    Big PimPinПре 12 сати

    Elvis presley is playing in the back

  29. My Opinion

    My OpinionПре 13 сати

    Old trick, treats in belly button 😉

  30. Mohammad Alihosseini

    Mohammad AlihosseiniПре 13 сати

    Waiting for the baby to come out of the oven.🤤🍽️

  31. ¿Your new gf's a thot?

    ¿Your new gf's a thot?Пре 14 сати

    Cat: damn you're fat.. hey wait a damn minute Owner: yes. I am. :) Cat: *so you add another being in my house?* I DESERVE MORE FOOD PER DAY AS PAYMENT!

  32. shivam verma

    shivam vermaПре 14 сати

    Cat - '' are you gonna sell them like you did mine? ''

  33. Karaz Steel

    Karaz SteelПре 15 сати

    ... Is she watching Karaoke on mute?

  34. Hanzala Ahmed Malik

    Hanzala Ahmed MalikПре 15 сати

    Cat: oH gosh... That's an amazing technology. What era is this? 😂

  35. himalaya ahuja

    himalaya ahujaПре 15 сати


  36. Gaius Marius

    Gaius MariusПре 16 сати

    That, or it smells that dank bellybutton

  37. Peacekeeper

    PeacekeeperПре 16 сати

    Awww so cute! The cat is like : "you know there's a little hooman in there right?"

  38. Mandi Pudding

    Mandi PuddingПре 16 сати

    He/she really is sweet cat.

  39. kippies66

    kippies66Пре 17 сати

    "Ah, good. A new servant. I trust you will train it properly?"

  40. Fletch Keilman

    Fletch KeilmanПре 18 сати

    I think it was just trying to tell her that her bellybutton stinks.

  41. Marley Bengal X Persian

    Marley Bengal X PersianПре 18 сати

    Cats like IT'S NOT FUCKING MINE 🤣🤣🤣

  42. Unboxing Joy

    Unboxing JoyПре 18 сати

    Whoever noticed the song ,"falling in love with you ",on screen😁

  43. Muhammed Yusuf Salojee

    Muhammed Yusuf SalojeeПре 18 сати

    I thought it was all the doughnuts Chrissy

  44. Sam Daniele

    Sam DanieleПре 19 сати


  45. Inciney Inciney

    Inciney IncineyПре 12 сати


  46. Inciney Inciney

    Inciney IncineyПре 12 сати


  47. Inciney Inciney

    Inciney IncineyПре 12 сати

    Pov : your funny and everyone laughed

  48. Sam Daniele

    Sam DanieleПре 19 сати


  49. Lemon

    LemonПре 19 сати

    BVIRAL: Cat realise that her owner is pregnant CAT: What the heck theirs a hole on your belly

  50. Johnny Populus

    Johnny PopulusПре 19 сати

    Can the cat smell some pregnancy chemicals through the belly button, I wonder? That would be incredible.

  51. ericverse에릭버스

    ericverse에릭버스Пре 19 сати

    Me, trying not to laugh: it's a cat scan

  52. L E

    L EПре 19 сати

    I think the cat was just curious at seeing her bellybutton! Justsayin!

  53. Bakugou

    BakugouПре 19 сати

    Imagine a cat punching ur belly while u are pregnant

  54. S N I P

    S N I PПре 19 сати

    Don't be with a cat when you're pregnant the cat's fur is a dangerous teratogen that causes deformation in babies

  55. Rick

    RickПре 20 сати

    He's clearly interested in her baily button

  56. annika

    annikaПре 20 сати

    4.1K Dislikes? I'm a dog person and don't go gaga for babies, but this was a beautiful example of the sensitivity and wisdom of our animal friends with whom we share a bond that requires no spoken language and transcends BS.❤️🐾

  57. Lasajnaè Nae

    Lasajnaè NaeПре 20 сати

    "Girl, you gotta cut the carbs-- wait..."

  58. OrVCiO

    OrVCiOПре 21 сат

    "Wait... You're pregnant"

  59. Midnight Creepypastas & Hörbucher

    Midnight Creepypastas & HörbucherПре 21 сат

    The cat probably already knew before you did.^^

  60. REQ and GET & Review

    REQ and GET & ReviewПре 21 сат

    Question in my head who is the father?

  61. Caleb

    CalebПре 21 сат

    i'm tryna find the comment "are you gonna sell'em like you did mine?"

  62. naufal adami

    naufal adamiПре 21 сат

    Udel bau itu mah

  63. Mlyn Almond

    Mlyn AlmondПре 21 сат

    How are is there dislikes on this video!? 💀

  64. Ryan Olivier

    Ryan OlivierПре 22 сата

    Hooman is pragenatnent?

  65. x.x unique x.x

    x.x unique x.xПре 22 сата

    When my mom was pregnant with my little sister my cats just sat in her belly like it was a chair😑

  66. ッSɑɨSγτɧε

    ッSɑɨSγτɧεПре 22 сата

    Cat:ah i see you gained weight

  67. Banda Magdum

    Banda MagdumПре 23 сата

    Cat - are u ate too much food

  68. mr mr

    mr mrПре 23 сата

    Her belly button stank he tried to cover it

  69. nikosaronim

    nikosaronimПре 23 сата

    I was looking for comments like these 😭😭 The top ones are too wholesome

  70. Let me sleep in peace

    Let me sleep in peaceПре 23 сата

    The TV makes this even more purrfect.

  71. R

    RПре 23 сата

    He was just looking at her belly button



    The cat: “Damn you got fat”

  73. Shadow Unknown

    Shadow UnknownПре дан

    "I smell another heart beating"

  74. Bologna Dogfart

    Bologna DogfartПре дан

    "Clean your belly button. It’s so disgusting it’s infected and is going to burst puss!"- cat

  75. Coach

    CoachПре дан

    I just remembered that I have a belly button

  76. Black Panther

    Black PantherПре дан

    makes you wonder what the cat is thinking

  77. JayDee Q

    JayDee QПре дан

    he smelling that dirty ass bellybutton that's what he's doing

  78. The Presidents Order

    The Presidents OrderПре дан

    It goes up and is so confused and it’s like “sniff, poke.. hmm”

  79. Marcin Kowalski

    Marcin KowalskiПре дан

    Sweet ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  80. John Gogarty

    John GogartyПре дан

    Ahh bless 🙏✝️.The cat knows what it is,..absolutely

  81. OG_Dacs

    OG_DacsПре дан

    Cats are very perceptive.

  82. Adam Harrigan

    Adam HarriganПре дан

    Cat: “When was the last time you cleaned this out?”

  83. Bart Haw

    Bart HawПре дан

    Lady:ends the video Cat: RKO

  84. Lily Collins

    Lily CollinsПре дан

    Cats i feel can sense things.

  85. fetterFisch

    fetterFischПре дан

    Her cat looks like mine

  86. Bas van Dijk

    Bas van DijkПре дан

    "Are you going to sell it like you did with mine Jessica?"

  87. Аліса Коцар

    Аліса КоцарПре дан

    0:38 "it's not mine Susan"

  88. Inciney Inciney

    Inciney IncineyПре 12 сати


  89. Bru Gal

    Bru GalПре дан

    Or the cat was wondering what that smell was and found it in her bellybutton.

  90. Janice Mercier Mercier

    Janice Mercier MercierПре дан

    Sweet Meow!!!

  91. Barney The Dinosaur

    Barney The DinosaurПре дан

    Am I the only one to notice Can't Help Falling in Love is playing in the background?

  92. Oma Sorochi

    Oma SorochiПре дан


  93. Nguyễn Thị Nguyệt Hằng

    Nguyễn Thị Nguyệt HằngПре дан

    wow u re fat. Wait wattt

  94. The Experiment

    The ExperimentПре дан

    Cats smell both life and death

  95. Jumbo_Jimbo1029 9

    Jumbo_Jimbo1029 9Пре дан

    Now draw her giving birth

  96. Baylee Lohrke

    Baylee LohrkeПре дан


  97. T K

    T KПре дан

    This a is wholesome and cute moment.

  98. rhoonah

    rhoonahПре дан

    The cat is like "mom, I just watched Alien and I think you're screwed"

  99. Alexx Baudwhyn

    Alexx BaudwhynПре дан

    He just heard new prey moving around in there

  100. Danielle Terry

    Danielle TerryПре дан

    That looks like my cat! Her name is kitten and she's pregnant 🥺

  101. Pey koshita

    Pey koshitaПре дан

    Falling in love with you

  102. Nishant Singh

    Nishant SinghПре дан

    It seems like cat can see the baby

  103. Michael McGovern

    Michael McGovernПре дан

    The paw taps are so gentle. I literally cried

  104. R.K. T

    R.K. TПре дан

    Cat: Oh now I have a baby slave.

  105. Astro Dan

    Astro DanПре дан

    “Are you gonna sell it like you did mine?”

  106. DABII;;

    DABII;;Пре дан

    I thought that the cat would jump into the belly

  107. Lucyboy

    LucyboyПре дан

    Very reminiscent of the Lion King pride rock scene